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The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in St. Louis

If you’ve just found your forever love, congratulations! We know there’s so much to plan between now and your wedding day. But don’t forget there are tons of incredible resources out there for couples planning their weddings. In that vein, we hope we can help you as you look for talented St. Louis engagement photographers to capture gorgeous snaps to commemorate your engagement. These photos will hold a special place in the photo album of your relationship — and they also make great invitations for your engagement shower. Whatever style or mood you’re after, these photographers will do their best to make your dreams come true.

1. Ashley Fisher

Ashley Fisher is a thoughtful photographer who takes romantic, sincere, and cinematic engagement and wedding photos in a style that’s both crisp and luscious. Couples rave about her hands-on approach to engagement photography, as well as her gift for getting to know the couples she works with. One thing that makes her work stand out among the other top St. Louis engagement photographers on this list is her attention to detail, not just to the small gestures of love, but to the objects we surrounded ourselves with during our life. Her composition highlights the way those objects take on the personality of our relationships. This is striking, subtle work.

2. Kelly Pratt

Kelly Pratt has been a St. Louis engagement photographer and wedding photographer for over a decade. She’s a well-trained photographer with a degree in photography from Webster University. She draws from a wide range of influences –– classic photography, film, editorial fashion photography, and more — to create sophisticated, one-of-a-kind fine art engagement photos. Her style is both remarkably subtle and impressively stylish, with close attention paid to every level of composition. These are photos made with care.

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3. Chad Keffer of Niche Photography

Niche Photography owner and lead photographer Chad Keffer is known for his high-quality work in a variety of fields, including event photography, senior photos, editorial fashion photos, portraits, and, of course, engagement photos. After all, he’s one of the best St. Louis engagement photographers out there. Chad is an emotionally attuned storyteller who crafts stylish, iconic images for couples with modern tastes.

4. Ray Prop

Ray Prop is a creative who sees photography as a medium for telling the truth, for teaching, learning, and helping future generations connect with the past. Every photograph is full of opportunity for deep connections. His photos are so carefully observed and attuned to the small details that your kids one day will reflect on the engagement photographs and feel as if they know you better, as if they understand your marriage — and their life — better for having viewed Ray’s work. His photos are that special.

5. Brea Youngblood

Brea Youngblood is another stylish narrative St. Louis engagement photographer. Her photos emphasize the positive, the romantic, and the intimate, overflowing with both texture and atmosphere. Each photograph is a scene, a story unto itself, and what makes each photo really work is how clearly the character of her photographic subjects shine through. She does not miss anything. These are photos that the people you’re closest to will genuinely connect with, as she’ll capture your essence. We can’t say enough about her elegant, natural style, as well as how evocative her photos are.

6. TJ and Nichole of Oldani Photography

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TJ and Nichole Oldani are a husband-and-wife photography team whose own unlikely love story fills them with faith in the power of love. They understand that everyone’s love comes with a story. It did not just happen in an instant, or if it did, it certainly wasn’t sustained without connection, without adventure. This is why they get to know the couples they work with and learn their stories. They have a natural talent for turning these tales into romantic, beautiful, poetic photographs.

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7. Andy Carretto

With almost a decade of experience photographing weddings and engagements, as well as a complete dedication to creating art when he gets behind the camera, Andy Carretto is one of the premier wedding and engagement photographers in St. Louis. One thing that sets Andy apart from many other wedding and engagement photographers is that he’s not afraid to shoot on film when the situation calls for it. And this pays dividends, as there’s a clarity, warmth, and texture to film that’s difficult to recreate digitally.

8. Raquita Henderson of Pinxit Photography & Cinematography

Raquita and her team at Pinxit Photography and Cinematography have built their name on providing excellent photographs, offering impeccable customer service and being honest and upfront about every step of the process. Their photographs are classic, well-styled and conceived, and make both the couples and locations they photograph absolutely shine. We appreciate their commitment to natural light and color, and how they’re able to create stylish, cohesive, and well-balanced images without heavy editing. Everything they do, they do with a high degree of competence and an extreme dedication to their craft.

9. A Sweet Focus

A Sweet Focus has built a reputation for taking romantic, classic engagement and wedding photos with a storybook sheen. They’re obsessed with creating photos that will last a lifetime. Photos that take the most important memories you’ll have about these times, then distill those memories into images that capture exactly the way they felt. One thing we love about A Sweet Focus is their willingness to experiment, allowing couples to showcase their creative side and personality.

These St. Louis engagement photographers are eagerly awaiting your call. So take a thorough look at each of their portfolios (with you partner at your side, of course), and see if one of them might be the person you’re looking for. You found your perfect partner, so you might as well find the perfect photographer, too.

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