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The 8 Best Engagement Photographers in Tucson

It’s always a pleasure looking through the portfolios of the numerous talented artists in the Southwest — after all, the region does exude a special vibe with its richly colored landscapes and almost otherworldly cacti forests. Whether you recently got engaged or are planning to propose to a loved one sometime soon, there are plentiful Tucson engagement photographers who’d be thrilled to capture your love story on camera. We combed through dozens of artists to find the crème de la crème — check out their fabulous work!

1. Jon and Georgina of Something Blue Wedding Photography

Jon and Georgina are the vibrant creative masterminds behind Something Blue. Their years of experience in the photography business ensure you’ll get high-quality, professional photos, with some refreshing twists (hello, sparklers!). Their images are classically inspired, so you’ll come away with a timeless piece of artwork to treasure for your whole life. Their enviable work is ever-evolving with the times as they play with new techniques and genuinely enjoy making their art. If you’re in the market for real-deal Tucson engagement and wedding photographers, look to these two!

2. Lucy B. Photography

A long-standing love affair with documenting people is what drives our next choice, Lucy B. (her last name is Bouman, but she playfully abbreviates it). She is a proud and self-proclaimed weirdo, but it’s her individuality that draws the viewer into her photographs. She has been going back and forth between Arizona and her hometown of Chicago, but she is making the move to Tucson full time. Lucy is adept at imbuing big-city flavor or Arizona charm to her work, and the Southwest is lucky to have her caliber of talent in its midst.

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3. Meagan Getz Photography

With her focus on classic and timeless portraits, Meagan Getz is an easy choice for this list. Her indelible images of you and your loved ones will still look great 10 — and even 50 — years from now. Plus, her photographs always have the key elements — perfect focus on the couple in love, a thoughtful composition to draw the eye, great natural colors — and she keeps her editing simple to enhance the photo. No matter your want or style, Meagan’s incredible work will suit your every need.

4. Melissa Holland Photography

Driven by the desire to tell stories through her camera — stories of laughter, of love, of life — Melissa Holland is the ideal Tucson engagement photographer for those with a classic and elegant style who also want a bit of play incorporated into their session. Her photos are always perfectly composed to communicate exactly the part of the story that needs to be told — a lock of hair blowing across a lover’s lips, hands joyfully clasped together, a couple snuggling and enjoying the sunset.

5. Hannie Lynch Photography

With a side passion that involves neuroscience, Hannie Lynch is acutely aware that the brain has a tendency to forget, and that piece of information inspires her primary passion — photography. Her style is genuine and warm — true love, tenderness, and the ever-present sense of wonder at the beauty of life — all overlaid with warm tones and a sense of nostalgia. Hannie secures the enchanting emotions of your precious moments via photographs, and these heirlooms will transcend time, bringing back the magic and memory of your session.

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6. Breana of B Kensey Photos

Breana (or you can call her Bre) is all about youthful, playful vibes. She is adept at capturing real moments and presenting them in a polished way — combining lifestyle photography with her portraits of lovers. Throughout her photos, the Southwestern sunshine infuses its warmth onto the faces of her subjects, which only enhances the carefree vibe of her work. We adore Breana’s modern style and know you will, too! Take a look at her portfolio and fall in love with what you see.

7. Torey Photo

Valuing authenticity and connection, Torey attracts vibrant clients with a free spirit and wild heart. Her work is a celebration of being human — of bodies, of faces, of emotions, of a bonding force, of vitality. Each image is more than the sum of its parts, as it is a ticket into the moment, into the soul of the subjects viewed through her lens. She is a master at capturing all those sweet feelings you have for each other, so if you are madly in love, caught in a whirlwind of romance, and want it displayed for all to see, Torey has got you covered.

8. Stephanie and Ryan of In Bloom Images

Stephanie and Ryan are the married duo behind In Bloom Images — the former is the group’s photographer, while the latter is the dynamic videographer. Together, they make sure that you remember as many details as possible about your special day in the most beautiful way. A talented photographer with a lifestyle approach, Stephanie boasts an easygoing vibe to her photographs. Most of her shots are organic, captured as they happen, but when poses are guided, the results still retain the same organic feel — as if you just happened to place your ring down on a flawless bloom. Her editing is as light and natural as the rest of her style.

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