The 10 Best Event Photographers in Boston

Hoping to work with the best of the best Boston event photographers? Makes sense to us at Peerspace! From its educational and research institutions to the legal and medical industries, Boston is home to many amazing organizations. And these groups know how to put on some great events. However, no event is complete without breathtaking photography to go along with it.

The best Boston event photographers have a wide range of experience, and they’re completely at home covering a small gathering or large conference. Best of all, they’re energetic, creative, and professional, knowing exactly how to capture the spirit of your event in their work. Whether you’re putting together something as personal as a mitzvah or as varied as a symposium, check out these event photographers and make sure your hard work is documented for all to see.

1. Jill Person Photography

Jill Person specializes in documentary-style photography that’s highly narrative-driven. Her images are honest, unposed, and focus on capturing the emotional energy of the events she photographs. Each image is well-framed and has great color toning.

The widespread recognition her work has earned is well-deserved. To us, her event photos are authentic and nicely composed, capturing the full range of details that make every event unique. It’s a great style that easily makes her one of the best Boston event photographers you could hire.

2. An Original Photography

The team members at An Original Photography are no strangers to event photography. In fact, they have a ton of experience capturing moments with corporations, nonprofits, and educational institutions. They always keep branding in mind while making any event look amazing and authentic.

From their skillful capturing of events to their quick turnaround time, you’ll love An Original’s professionalism and creativity. They’re perfectly capable of covering any event, regardless of scope.

3. Robert Leger Foto

Robert Leger has plenty of photography experience, yet he primarily works with corporate events. He’s covered nonprofit galas, conferences, and symposiums, as well as photographed his fair share of weddings and mitzvahs, too. He’ll be sure to document the aesthetic details of your event while building a series of images that focus on the event’s narrative.

We think Robert’s creativity and skill are evident in his portfolio — perfectly lit and thoughtfully composed every time, regardless of the setting.

4. Dan Busler Photography

Dan Busler sees event photography as an opportunity to capture the energy and resilience of his clients. His work focuses on documenting memories, capturing more than simply the details of an event. In fact. Dan wants the images to reflect the experience of being there.

His work is highly effective, and plenty of clients agree. His impressive client list includes Liberty Mutual, Dell, the Wounded Warrior Project, and the Alzheimer’s Association. With a list like that, you know he has the experience to cover a variety of different events.

5. David Fox

David Fox and his team know how to make your event look great. By building an experienced team of photography professionals, they ensure that every event is covered with professionalism and creativity. In fact, this is a team that will always do whatever it takes to tell your story.

How so? Well, they tailor their coverage to your exact needs, ensuring that their final set of images is on message and encapsulates the spirit of your event. David Fox Photography is definitely one of the best Boston event photographers you could work with.

6. Allegro Photography

For nearly 20 years, Dave and Jo of Allegro Photography have been a team of narrative-driven photographers telling their clients’ stories. Their images are captivating, holding your attention while clearly adhering to their client’s identity.

Allegro Photography’s professionalism is well-also established by past clients who share rave reviews. To us, their ability to create images that capture real moments, as well as a company’s identity, makes their work stand out in the world of event photography.

7. Leise Jones

We love how Leise Jones is always on the lookout for authentic moments to photograph. Emotion and energy fill her work, which then breathes life into her event photography. Always focusing on what’s genuine, Leise avoids stuffy posing and forced expressions. Instead, her images capture real memories.

Not only that, but she always keeps your organization’s mission in mind when telling stories. Her documentary style is fresh and unique, so it’s no surprise that her work has won plenty of awards.

8. Tom Godfrey

Tom Godfrey’s focus in photography is all about narrative. With a background in photojournalism, he has a strong sense of story and a well-developed documentary style of shooting. He knows that every event is unique and that documenting it requires a practiced eye and a careful approach.

Thanks to his editorial photography training, Tom is quick with the camera and never misses a moment when covering your event. This way, you’ll get some amazing photos of people making memories. His work is a great fit for both brand and personal events.

9. Adriana Arguijo

Adriana is one of the top rising talents in Boston, and her portfolio is proof of her creative eye and skill with a camera. She approaches each job with curiosity and is always looking for the most interesting shot. We also love how she draws inspiration from the places and people around her, which may explain her portrait photography expertise.

Adriana’s event photography is people-focused and documents their experiences as they interact with others. Her images are emotive, well-composed, and filled with rich colors. We think she’s easily one of the best Boston event photographers working today.

10. Rachel Gianatasio

Rachel Gianatasio has a BFA in digital art and interactive media and the talent to produce incredible photography. And she does. She’s passionate about photography, boasting a great eye for capturing the spirit of the events she photographs.

Rachel focuses her work on the people at the events she documents. But she also captures the story of the day and the engagement of the attendees as an event unfolds. Her professional style and eye for detail are sure to make any event you put together look amazing in her images.

Bonus: Jeff Pinette Photography

We think Jeff Pinette is a natural fit for this list of top event photographers in Boston. Not only is he a Boston-based photographer, but events are his area of professional focus. He documents corporate events like conventions as well as more glitzy soirees, like awards shows and galas.

No matter where your event falls in that spectrum, you can rely on Jeff’s talent to capture the event perfectly. In fact, by looking through his portfolio, you’ll feel like you were there with him, too. This is the type of talent most people will dream to have at their event.

Boston event photographers: conclusion

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We hope this list of Boston’s finest event photographers has excited your senses as much as it has ours. With so many cool events going on around the city, we hope you never miss an opportunity to partner with a serious event photographer. They work hard to ensure they capture all of the event’s excitement. That way, your event impacts even more people, but it also lets us fawn over the awesome work you’re doing.

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