The 10 Best Event Photographers in Brisbane

Brisbane event photographers have all sorts of subjects to cover. From birthdays and family outings to corporate events, these talented creatives manage to balance their creative visions and a faithful representation of the day. And some of them even specialize in particular events, making them ideally suited for plans you may have this year!

1. Brisbane Event Photographers

Tim and Anna Osetroff of Brisbane Event Photographers love immortalizing fleeting moments with photography. The energy, movement, and continual need for thinking on your toes is something that appeals to this duo, as you can see by viewing their portfolio. From corporate events to wedding afterparties, Brisbane Event Photographers always manage to find those moments of spontaneous joy and levity that elevate their work beyond mere documentation. It’s the human connection that we find speaking clearly, time and time again, through their event images.

2. Loysh Photography & Video

Loysh Photography & Video works with brands, corporate events, families, and individuals looking for coverage for events of all sizes. The natural color grading and well-recovered highlights and shadows lend themselves to a style that’s widely appealing and perfectly suited to Loysh’s work. Since Loysh Photography also provides business headshots and family photography alongside their event work, this style gives their portfolio remarkable consistency.

3. We Just Click Photography

Kate Anderson has been in love with photography for almost as long as she can remember; in fact, she still has her first film SLR. While her work as a Brisbane event photographer caught our eye, Kate is also a talented real estate, lifestyle, and family photographer.

Kate’s event work covers family holiday photoshoots for Easter, Christmas, and other events. And she’s also a corporate photographer who uses a mixture of planned portraits and a documentary approach that conveys what each business brand she partners up with has to offer prospective clients. Her compositions are clean and highly intentional, even in cluttered factory settings.

4. Wild Heart Images

Ariana is a Brisbane event photographer with a background in journalism and photojournalism. We love this approach to event photography because it results in much of Ariana’s work taking on a candid, spontaneous flavor. Viewers feel like part of the scene alongside the subjects rather than seeing posed portraits on display. She uses this approach in everything from Valentine’s Day couple’s photoshoots to proposals and corporate events.

5. Elohim Studios

Oscar Chan is a videographer, portrait shooter, and Brisbane event photographer who loves intimate compositions and authentic expressions of emotion. We love how closely he works with his subjects, which speaks to his talent for helping them feel at ease and natural around his camera. His compositions tend to highlight the celebratory emotions portrayed, immersing viewers into the scene that much more easily. Elohim Studios covers business and personal events, including birthdays, friend’s outings, and fundraising events.

6. Kirsten Cox

If you’re looking for someone to cover your professional events, there are few better Brisbane event photographers than Kirsten Cox. She works with clients in the corporate and private sectors and counts major brands like eHarmony and Brigidine College as some of her satisfied customers. Kirsten uses a mixture of wide-angle and closely cropped telephoto captures to highlight the day’s events perfectly. Her work also has intentionality that’s ideally suited for the mood of each event, from dramatic perspectives on concerts to business presentations where a more polished presentation works better.

7. Glenn Hunt

Glenn Hunt is a professional event, editorial, and commercial photographer whose work has its roots in encouraging an uncle who worked as a wedding and portrait shooter. Glenn has also worked with major organizations like The Australian Financial Review Magazine and Fairfax Media before starting his own freelance Brisbane business. His work and talent have also won him dozens of awards, including the Brisbane Portrait Prize and the Clayton Utz Award.

8. Kirstine Hanlon

Newborns and toddler events, anyone? That’s what Kirstine Hanlon specializes in. From newly arriving home to cake smashes, these are events that should never be without a photographer! Children’s Cinderella parties are also featured in her portfolio, allowing kids to take their creativity to new heights. Kirstine’s photography showcases your children as they enjoy living out their fantasies for your enjoyment for decades to come! But her love for spontaneity and authentic, unposed moments leads her to favor messy play and nature shoots where we can see kids engaging their environment in the utmost innocence.

9. Toni Woods

Family milestones are important events because while they may occur again, each one is unique and unrepeatable. Each birthday and cake smash will result in your kids being a little larger the next go around. So why not start while they are still young? The birth of Toni Woods’ son, Eden, helped her realize this fact.

Toni typically works with children and families as they celebrate life milestones. But her work also reminds us that no one is ever too old to enjoy a good cake smash. Her adult cake smash sessions are something we never see and elevates her portfolio to even more enjoyable heights.

10. Mark Powell

As a Brisbane photographer and videographer, Mark Powell’s work covers a broad range. We found his event photography to be especially noteworthy but he’s also a talented food, product, architecture, wedding, and portrait shooter. Drone aerial images and retouching are also services he provides, completing his appeal as a one-stop-shop for any Brisbane resident or business’s photography needs. The rich contrast, vibrant colors, and nicely recovered highlights and shadows that Mark favors create a sense of being present in the scene that’s hard to match.

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