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The 7 Best Event Photographers in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, AKA the Crossroads of America, home to the Indy 500, Hoosier hospitality, and the late American author Kurt Vonnegut. As a city with so many fast cars, get-togethers, and events, it also features some of the best event photographers America has to offer. If you’re in need of a talented creative for your next event, take a look at our list of the top event photographers in Indianapolis. Enjoy!

1. Chris Bergin Photography

From breaking news to visits from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Chris Bergin is an experienced, capable photographer in Indy ready for local and worldwide event coverage. Several of his clients include such notable names as Amazon, The New York Times, Reuters, Duke Energy, and The Daily Mail. One thing we love about his work is his dedication to capturing the event from diverse angles, focal lengths, and compositions.

He hustles to find a unique take and goes way beyond simple reportage. Chris also always manages to be in precisely the right spot to capture authentic emotional moments: expressions of surprise, delight, exhaustion — none of it escapes his lens!

2. Stacy Able Photography

Local and destination wedding photographer Stacy Able has over 300 celebrations covered and counting. Based in Indianapolis, she’s also worked across the United States, as well as worldwide, including Guatemala, Italy, Canada, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

Employing a modern, romantic take to her images, Stacy uses a mixture of color casts, from bright and punchy to a classic, desaturated take, depending on each client’s aesthetics. She also uses a high-contrast monochrome style that really catches our attention! Stacy’s work has a strong documentary element to it; while she does use posed captures, much of her work is candid, treating us to unstaged moments that tell the story of each wedding day.

3. Nate Crouch Photography

Full-time wedding and corporate event photographer Nate Crouch covers the Indy metro area, working on trade shows, corporate parties, sporting events, celebrity signings, and much more! Nate’s work has a true-to-life yet punchy color character that’s consistent across his event and wedding photography. That’s the sign of a master photographer who’s found a style that works for him.

We also love how thorough Nate’s coverage is. His portfolio shows us not only wide-angle takes of the stage and portraits of speakers, but candid moments with guests, views of the entrees served, and other important elements that tie the entire story together. 

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4. Kristeen Marie Photography

As a corporate and event shooter, Kristeen Marie boasts event coverage that is especially diverse, photographing not just weddings and corporate functions but births, family gatherings, infant birthdays, and other intimate events as well! Kristeen has a very nuanced eye for event coverage, and she specifically looks for the best angles on the keynote speakers, as well as background elements that took hours to prepare but shouldn’t be forgotten, images of spellbound guests, and more to tie together the story of your event.

5. Adam Pintar of AjPintar Sports Photo

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Sports photographer Adam Pintar works with marketing staff, social media teams, and sponsorship departments to develop the best possible images for sports business. As he puts it, “I’m not a pro athlete. I just make them look good!” As an official photographer for the Indianapolis Indians, there’s little doubt Adam is one of the best event photographers in Indianapolis.

With his journalism background, he works to tell the story of an event as much as showcase athletes in all their skill and grace. And through his full-time work as a creative director in the sports industry, Adam knows exactly the kind of images folks who hire sports photographers are looking for. What better sporting event photographer could you ask for than one with so much insider knowledge?

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6. Nate and Tiffany of Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

Brother-sister photography duo Nate and Tiffany have been working together in Indianapolis since 2001 to provide quality wedding, portrait, and corporate event photography. Their wedding images mix classic posed portraiture and candid documentary-style moments of emotions, intimacy, laughter, and other snippets the bride and groom might be too busy to notice. And with nearly two decades of experience, they bring a professional’s eye to each event they’re a part of.

Here’s how they describe their approach to commercial photography, “Our approach to corporate and non-profit events is primarily from a marketing perspective. We understand we are hired for the purpose of the images being used for public relations, marketing, and social media announcement.  Keeping that forefront in our minds, we capture these events knowing that key decision-makers and customers will be viewing the images. We recognize the importance of reflecting our clients’ brands appropriately as well.”

7. AJ Mast

With over 30 years of photography experience, AJ Mast exemplifies what it means to be a natural-born photographer. From his first experiences with a film 1959 Petri rangefinder at age 9, he launched right into photography in his teens before eventually graduating from the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies.

AJ has been working as a freelance photographer/photojournalist since 2001, providing stellar documentary images for WWE, the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, and several other local, national, and international publications. Whether you need coverage for a sporting event, corporate party, concert, or interview, AJ Mast is without a doubt one of the best event photographers in Indianapolis.

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