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The 8 Best Event Photographers in Las Vegas

If there’s one thing the Sin City is never short on, it’s events. This makes the event photography game in Las Vegas one of the most competitive in the entire world. Fortune 500 companies, national brands, trade shows, and private events convene in Vegas on a daily basis, and it takes a talented eye to not only work challenging lighting and ever-changing schedules, but stand out from the hundreds of other photographers trying to make a name for themselves. That’s why we’ve taken the time to curate this list of the top event photographers in Las Vegas for your next function!

1. Christian Purdie

Covering portraits, events, headshots, families, and more in the valley and beyond, Christian Purdie is one of the top event photographers in Las Vegas for your next get-together. As a full-time event photographer, Christian employs a mobile studio to bring complete lighting and compositional control to your event. Covering both corporate and special events, he effortlessly balances professional and casual angles in his event photography.

Looking through his portfolio, we’re especially impressed by how well he handles diverse light situations, working with colored and white indoor and natural light to create true-to-life, well-exposed images with rich contrast and sharp details. With such a well-rounded kit, we’ve no doubt Christian can handle any situation he comes across at your next event.

2. Zoltan Redl Nagy

Destination wedding, boudoir, fashion, and event photographer Zoltan Redl Nagy brings a master’s in design and two decades of photography experience to each event he’s a part of. Formerly working in Hungary, Germany, and Switzerland, Zoltan calls Las Vegas his home now, bringing out the best side of all of his clients.

Thanks to his years of experience working venues like the Hotel Vitznauerhof in Switzerland and the Las Vegas hospitality scene, Zoltan is adept at showcasing the destination angle, giving viewers a taste of the glamorous backdrop. His approach for event photography is to combine the best of all of his genres; he provides headshots for business use, showcases the venue, documents the story, and captures candid portraits all in one go!

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3. Glitter Lens Photography

This team of four photographers, run by lead photographer Michael Hewitt, provides event coverage across Las Vegas. Weddings, trade shows, nightclub promotions, fundraisers, and conferences are just a small sampling of what’s in their portfolio! Having honed his experience as the resident photographer for the Palms Casino Resort, as well as through years of freelance wedding and event photography, Michael knows exactly what combination of artistry, professionalism, and compositional style exemplifies Vegas event photography. Numerous national and international brands have recognized his skill as well, including Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, and InStyle, among others.

4. Robb Cohen Photography & Video

Robb Cohen Photography & Video has over 20 years of expertise and experience covering conventions, trade shows, conferences, and corporate and private events in Las Vegas and nationwide. He boasts a huge list of distinguished and satisfied clients, including Comcast, Adobe, Wells Fargo, and Verizon. In addition, his work has been featured in dozens of publications, including The New York Times, People magazine, and ABC News.

While corporate clients are a major focus, Robb and his team also cover family and private functions, including commencements, graduations, weddings, religious ceremonies, and more. Best of all, he offers on-site green screen photography and portrait shoots complete with framed prints available for guests as keepsakes. Check out Robb’s event photography today!

5. Kim Dung Ho of Kim Photography LLC

As an ambassador of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, Kim Photography is well-integrated into the corporate and private event photography ecosystem of Las Vegas. Grand openings, ribbon cuttings, award ceremonies, individual headshots, and business lunches are just some of the avenues Kim covers.

Clients satisfied with her work include Trend Micro, the Nevada Corporate Headquarters, OP3 Global, Qatar Development Bank, and many other national and international entities. What makes Kim’s work stand out is her focus on bringing the best images to your attention over the number of images. As she puts it, “I focus on QUALITY, not quantity. I deliver high-quality images, that will represent the quality image your business wants to convey.”

6. Olga Minkevich and Ken Proto of Proto Images

Olga Minkevich and Ken Proto are the two talented creatives in charge of Proto Images. With clients like Alibaba, Reebok, and Yahoo giving their stamp of approval, there’s little doubt Olga and Ken are some of the best event photographers in Las Vegas in 2019! Their portfolio coverage of trade shows, corporate events, and hospitality work impresses us in how well they convey the story of each event from multiple angles and perspectives. There’s never stale coverage, and their constant movement gives a dynamic cast that makes them a top choice.

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7. Jab Buhay of Life in Las Vegas Photography

Jab Buhay covers weddings, as well as trade shows, international conventions, corporate and private events, and nightclubs. Plus, he freelances for The Reno News & Review. His satisfied corporate clients include such distinguished brands as Huawei, LaSalle Solutions, and Sears. Going through his portfolio, we find ourselves impressed by his available light coverage, with clean, punchy results despite the uneven, challenging lighting used in indoor events. Jab deftly showcasing the venue, using environmental portraiture to show us not just happy couples and business meetings but giving us context and a sense of place.

8. Jacob Kepler

Editorial, event, commercial, and advertising photographer Jason Kepler is undoubtedly one of the most skilled event photographers in Las Vegas. His years of editorial and photojournalism experience with several East Coast newspapers gives his images a documentary character that stands out from other event photographers. His unique angle has been recognized by several recent clients, including Rolling Stone, The Guardian, and Southwest Airlines.

We genuinely enjoy the intimacy of his work, event and otherwise. Jacob’s clearly interacting with his subjects to portray their best side, and his passion for storytelling really comes across in his work. As he describes it, “I have always been interested in meeting people and telling their stories. That is what initially drew me to photography. I also enjoy challenging situations and working with a team.”

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