The 8 Best Event Photographers in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale is home to plenty of great events — from corporate retreats to concerts to cozy weddings. So it’s no surprise that it is also home to amazing photographers to capture them. The following event photographers in Scottsdale are all standouts in their field but you will have to read on to find out what makes each one so special.

1. Carrie Evans

Some photographic artists specialize in one kind of photography, not Carrie Evans. She uses her diverse skillset to serve a diverse array of clients, including couples who want a versatile photographer, bands who want someone to capture the energy of their performances, and corporate clients who want someone to showcase their carefully planned conventions. 

With a background in art direction, Carrie has a knack for knowing what qualities give an image power. Whether its emotion, light, or styling, she instinctively knows when to click the shutter to capture the scene she wishes to portray. Her style is adaptable to fit both the clients and the mood of the shoot. Her work is light and bright for some brides, moody to suit some band’s ethics, or timeless for her corporate work.

If you want event photographers in Scottsdale who can cover it all and who will portray your event exactly how you want it to be shown, give Carrie’s portfolio a look.

2. Haute Media

Since 2008, this studio has been wowing clients and winning awards and they show no signs of stopping any time soon! Offering a full suite of event photography and videography services, as well as event production, Haute Media is one of the most trusted photography businesses in Arizona. Each and every branch of this media team is absolute fire. In fact, they’re known for the high quality of their final products as well as their customer service.

Their photographers are known for their adaptability. They can easily blend into the background while capturing dynamic shots of celebrity events, concerts, and product launches. Their videographers have won awards for their artistry and technical excellence. Plus, their digital event production team is perfect for when you want to broadcast your event for those who can’t be there in person.

Whatever your event, if you are in Northern Arizona and want to work with some of the most talented and hardworking event production artists in the area, you want to work with Haute Media.

3. Scottsdale Event Photography

Trusted by Williams Sonoma, GoDaddy, and Yelp, amongst other Fortune 500 companies, Barret Elengold is one of our favorite Scottsdale event photographers for corporate clients. His timeless style is perfect for capturing the fun of your event as well as showing off that fun side of your company in marketing materials.

A lifelong learner, Barret is constantly mastering the latest techniques and trends to add to his work for freshness. He’s not only a great photographer, he is a consummate professional. He prides himself on his ability to make his clients happy as much as he does the high quality of his photographs.

4. LIV Photography

Jennifer Marie has over 16 years of experience photographing a variety of subjects including weddings and events. During that time, she discovered her love of business photography. She helps businesses translate their ethos into photography, capturing the people who drive their operations, and showcasing offerings as well as documenting the events that help make them great.

No matter what kind of business event you are having, Jennifer is there to make it look great — from groundbreaking ceremonies to conventions. Her style is both up to date and timeless. She uses fresh angles and techniques to make your company stand out while remaining true to the feeling of the event.

5. Studio No.5

If you need a Scottsdale event photographer to help you create attention grabbing images, look no further than the team at Studio No.5. In business together for 15 years, Tina Celle and Melissa Mulera have complementary styles. Tina worked as a fashion magazine editor and photo stylist before she brought her love of making people look good into her photography. Her experience as an editor gives her an edge when it comes to finding that perfect moment to click the shutter for a unique image and her work has a documentary flair.

Melissa, on the other hand, has a background in graphic design so she is all about how the individual elements of a photograph come together to create a unique shot. Between the two of them, they can capture and create the kinds of images that help you preserve the memories of your event in the most beautiful and artistic way.

6. Xperience Entertainment

Xperience Entertainment is a one stop shop for event production. It offers photography, video, DJ’s, and light production for memorable events that look amazing. As the head photographer, Arlo Dizon’s main goal is to preserve your memories of the epic events that his teammates help you create.

And his style is well suited to this goal — mixed candids and posed portraits help document the full range of your event. This is the company to call when you’re planning a large corporate event. They will help you create it and document it!

7. Lindsey Birchfield

Lindsey Birchfield has a fresh style for fun events like bachelorette parties since she focuses not only on capturing the candid fun moments but some beautifully posed group shots as well. After beginning her career while graduating from the University of Arizona, Lindsey decided that she loves documenting the special moments life has to offer and decided to focus on events.

She has an editorial style. It lets the personalities of her subjects shine through while adding some serious polish and you can’t help but love it. If you are having a small event and want someone to be there to capture all of the fun, trust Lindsey for the job.

8. Dan Webb

Dan Webb specializes is one of the top event photographers in Scottsdale for making people and things look good. His style is perfect for when you want the event you spent so much time planning to be shown in its best light. With is love of portrait photography you can be sure that your attendees will look amazing but he is also an expert at capturing the details that others may miss.

You’ll see delicious food layouts, the connections of party goers among them. His work has a current feel to it while keeping an air of timelessness. It’s polished without feeling posed without excessive editing gimmicks that may date the photos easily.

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