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The 6 Best Event Photographers in Tampa

Tampa residents have moderate weather year-round, white sands, gentle surf, and a scenic downtown to play in. What better city could there be for your next event photography shoot? Whether you’re planning a birthday party, professional networking event, or corporate conference, the so-called Big Guava’s talented creatives have you covered! Take a look at the top Tampa event photographers, listed in no particular order, who can capture your event from all angles.

1. Earl Speid of Photo Magique

Photographer Earl Speid’s philosophy follows the immortal words of artist Edgar Degas: “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Fitting, considering Earl also works with paint as another visual medium, teaches art, and has a master’s degree in fine arts. His event photography goes beyond simple documentation, resulting in images that invite you to see the occasion in a different way. As an artist, Earl uses his personal vision to cover all sorts of events, from birthday parties and fashion shows to corporate meetings and more across the Tampa area. Finding your best side goes hand in hand with his work, and Earl’s preference for a natural color tone and thoughtful composition in favor of vibrantly toned snapshots are further indicators of a master photographer at work.

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2. Jose Isabel De Leon

A dynamic filmmaker and photographer, Jose Isabel De Leon works tirelessly to provide the highest quality of service to his clients in the Tampa metro area. Weddings are a major part of his portfolio, with occasional concerts, maternities, and portrait photoshoots booked. Jose uses a vibrant style that incorporates lifestyle elements, well-suited to beachside events, club atmospheres, and outdoor event photography. In addition, he makes great use of dramatic lighting for stunning silhouettes and even lens flare for creative captures. His photography is nothing short of excellent, with compositions that emphasize emotion and expression.

3. Tyree Bell of First Class Fox Media

Self-taught freelance photographer Tyree Bell aims to create visuals that not only portray a statement but also have a standalone style. He applies this philosophy to his portraiture, as well as concert, fashion, real estate, and even product images. Tyree’s artistic statement is one of bold confidence. His work is vibrant, intimately cropped, and carries all of the energy from the event he’s a part of. His expertise with dramatic lighting and composition holds true across all photography genres. First Class Fox Media is a relatively fresh company in the Tampa area, working closely with several local organizations and nonprofits, including the University of South Florida and Autism Speaks.

4. Kyle Fleming Photography

St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay event photographer Kyle Fleming professionally covers a variety of events, from car races and corporate events to weddings and runway fashion shoots. We’re impressed by his expertise in so many diverse fields; he brings incredible talent and a creative eye to every project he’s a part of. Kyle boasts an eye for both documentary and classic portraits of people enjoying events. He prefers angling for a spontaneous style that shows us people doing their thing in what Kyle calls an “unscripted portrait.”

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5. Scott Kelby

Freelance sports photographer Scott Kelby’s portfolio showcases his complete coverage of the athletic world. As a Tampa events photographer, he covers NFL and college football games, as well as hockey, tennis, car racing, and other sports. His work takes us directly onto the arena with telephoto views that pick out the decisive kick, emotional embraces, and all of the intensity on the field or court. As a self-diagnosed football freak, Scott also teaches workshops, runs classes on sports photography, and has even written a book on digital post-processing! His eye for behind-the-scenes images is impressive, with wide-angle views and intimate looks at what goes on before and after an event.

6. Donald Stokely of Event Heroes of Tampa Bay

With over a dozen years of experience as a Tampa event photographer, Donald Stokely brings a natural passion and enthusiasm for the creative arts. His photography career initially started off with him working at a local Tampa portrait studio, but Donald eventually discovered the joys of self-employment. Covering all sorts of occasions, including bat/bar mitzvahs, conferences, weddings, and beyond, Donald proves he’s the real deal when it comes to event photography. His style is close cropped and intimate, often taking us into the thick of the scene to create a sense of being there with the subjects. Together with his three assistant photographers — Kiecia Boles, Anthony Galvez, and Olivia Bradley — the Event Heroes of Tampa come together to provide total coverage and a consistent vision for clients across the region.

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