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The 10 Best Family Photographers in Boise

Boise residents have a lot to look forward to when photography sessions are booked. Access to some of the finest outdoors in the country means plenty of opportunities for stunning family photography. And if you’re looking for in-studio or on-location coverage, your local photographers have got you covered as well. Check out the most talented Boise family photographers!

1. Tiffany Hix

Boise family photographer Tiffany Hix appreciates everything motherhood and family has to offer. She loves bedheads and mischievous smiles as much as the posed moments, and her work is full of great examples of both classic posed and more documentary styles of family photography. Tiffany’s love of glowing highlights that render a soft tonality across the image, combined with gentle rather than punchy colors, gives her work an indelible character.

2. Tamara Kenyon Photography

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Sweetest boys.

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Among the top Boise family photographers, Tamara Kenyon also covers maternities, newborns, and boudoir imagery for clients across the region. Eye contact, embraces, and poses both traditional and playful are hallmarks of her work. Tamara’s monochrome photography has a film-like grain and high-contrast element you’ll love as much as we do! In addition, she shoots birth photography for existing clients, and her coverage is incredible from both an artistic and documentary standpoint.

3. Tara Lindley Photography

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Precious girl! She loved being swaddled.

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A talented fine art newborn and baby photographer, Tara Lindley takes the genre to a whole new level. Her images are subdued in color without negatively impacting the soft skin tones of her subjects nor the brightness of their eyes. Tara’s newborn poses are artful even before taking in the clothes, blankets, baskets, and other props for each session. And somehow she manages to coax out the most delightful expressions in her tiny subjects!

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4. Lauren Giuffré

As a natural storyteller, Lauren Guiffé seeks to capture life milestones and people as they are now, before Time inevitably alters them for good. That’s why her photography leans more towards the unplanned moments where subjects are just expressing themselves in front of her lens rather than taking direction. Lauren’s photography is contrasty with a slightly subdued color tone. She also has a great eye for dramatic outdoor natural lighting, with glowing golden-hour rays and streaking lens flare playing a major role in her artistic vision.

5. Snapshots by Jolene

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So stinkin’ cute!

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Jolene’s own words best describe her photography style, “I’m totally and completely into natural. Natural light, and natural you.” Looking through her portfolio, “natural you” expresses itself in candid moments gently encouraged by Jolene as families go about being playfully joyous. The most advantageous way to showcase connection is to not get in its way! Her color palette is delightfully subtle, with a slightly desaturated tonality that brings out complex lighting and skin tones while contrasting wonderfully with the bright highlights from the sun and sky.

6. Kim Starkey Photography

Boise photographer Kim Starkey covers families, weddings, and children’s photography across the region. While we love all of her work, Kim’s eye for background and foreground composition gives her photography even more impact in the outdoors. Bringing in sunlight radiating between kisses, as well as driftwood framing families outside, Kim creates artful complements that make her work simply breathtaking.

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7. Valerie Clement Photography

We love the subdued color palette and embrace of shadows that Valerie Clement uses in her work. Her photography brings in lighter blues, oranges, browns, and greens that help skin tones and textures in clothes leap off the screen. With studio newborn sessions, she uses the above but just as often introduces soft pastel tones of pinks, blues, and whites for the classic baby colors we all love! Her compositions are also noteworthy, featuring parent and newborn hands clasped, as well as infant poses that we rarely see.

8. Brandy of Huckleberry Cloud Photography

Of all the Boise family photographers out there, Brandy of Huckleberry Cloud Photography is one of the very best at producing emotionally compelling newborn and birth photography. As a birth doula, she has witnessed the miracle of birth far more often than most people ever will. We believe it gives her photography a nuance that even other newborn specialists might miss. Little moments like how an infant grips the blanket or the catch-lights in the vivid eyes of a young one are a few examples of the simple, attentive details Brandy employs.

9. Glean + Co

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We’re Back, Boise!⁠ .⁠ It simultaneously feels like I’ve been away from my computer forever but also not quite long enough.⁠ .⁠ We returned home from South Africa a week ago and I’m still getting through all my images….all 12,427 of them. (No, that’s not an exaggeration) ⁠ .⁠ I’m excited to start July with a newborn shoot this afternoon and numerous babies in their last few days of gestation. I’m thrilled to be penciling in fall family shoots and working on this brand new rainbow of outdoor newborns for the @BoiseRainbowProject benefitting @bundledblessingsfertility⁠ .⁠ And I’m working on a blog post all about traveling internationally with kids, so stay tuned for that! (It really wasn’t bad!)⁠ .⁠ Thank you to all my clients who gave me this breathing room to truly enjoy a once of a lifetime trip with my family and ease back into real life this week. You guys are the absolute best.⁠ .⁠ Cheers, Paige⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #napcp #letthembelittle #let_there_be_delight #motherhoodintheraw #inspired_by_colour #clickinmoms #clickmagazine #hellostoryteller #theheartcaptured #motherhoodiscolorful #rememberingthesedays #Thisisboise #boisemoms #idahome #boiseid #sunvalleyid #boiselifestyle #the_sugar_jar #cameramama #momtogs #holdthemoments #thehonestlens #thefamilynarrative #featurememozi #boisenewbornphotographer #boisephotography #boiseartist⁠

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One aspect of Glean + Co’s photography that we adore is how they capture families doing things together! We love posed portraiture as well, but the storytelling element of seeing children help mom in the kitchen or laughter while playing has a natural wonder to it that’s hard to replicate. This photography outfit’s documentary approach also extends into their newborn coverage; seeing mom’s thrilled expression at tiny yawns and warding off doggy kisses is just part of the fun, playful style that Glean + Co has to offer.

10. Natalie Tromburg Photography

After learning film development and portraiture from her father, Natalie Tromburg came to realize that photography called to her just as strongly! Freezing moments of beauty, intimacy, and connection through her lens is what she does best, using a mixture of brilliantly lit highlights and vibrant color tones. We particularly enjoy how children are allowed to play, make faces, and be as they are in her images, showing Natalie loves candid documentary photography as much as classic portraiture. From maternities and newborns to senior and couples photography, she covers every life milestone you could ask for.

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