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The 11 Best Family Photographers in Charlotte

Hello, Charlotte families! We assume you are here looking for the right photographer to take snapshots of you and your loved ones. Well, you came to the right place — we’ve scoured Instagram, read countless reviews, and found the 11 best Charlotte family photographers. Stick with us to see some lovely pictures and meet the most interesting people in the city. Let’s get started, shall we? 

1. Kelly Hill

Kelly Hill of Grace Hill Photography is a family and couple photographer working in the Charlotte area. She’s clearly connected enough with her own inner child that she’s able to bring out the magic and humor of your own children. Her photos are sweet, humorous, pure, and classic. They run the full gamut of everything we love in family photography, all while being among the most gorgeously textured and naturally shot family photos around. 

2. Chrissy Winchester

Chrissy Winchester takes bright, light-drenched lifestyle and brand photographs as well as some of the sweetest, purest family photos around. She has an eye for the sweetest moments of childhood and knows how to distill those moments into timeless, brilliant photographs. If you work with Chrissy, you’ll be getting an artist who can capture what makes your family special. 

3. Staci Noel

Staci Noel is a generous, skilled fine art photographer, specializing in maternity, newborn, family, and senior portraits. Based out of Harrisburg, she’s just a short drive from Charlotte. With her 10 years of experience and certification from the Professional Photographers of America, you can trust that Staci has the experience and skill to do the job right. She is a conscientious, kind, and artful photographer, and you’ll love working with her.

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4. Krista Gantt

Krista Gantt is a nationally published photographer specializing in photographing newborns, children, and families. She has one of the most natural and yet elegant skill sets of any Charlotte family photographer. Whether she shoots in studio or on location, she captures the magic of family life, and she’s the perfect photographer to commemorate your growing family. Time is only going to keep marching on, so make sure to capture these moments while your kids are still young.

5. Piper Warlick

Piper Warlick is known both for her incredible family photography and ability to build deep bonds with her clients, such that they come back to her for future family photos. Not to mention, they sometimes even keep in touch with her long after their photo sessions together. She sees her photographic sessions not only as chances for her to make art, but also as opportunities for you and your family to celebrate life together. These years go by so quickly, and it is such a blessing to have someone who can just remind you to take a moment to be grateful for all the love you have in your life.

6. Tiffani Evans

Tiffani Evans has had a lifelong love affair with photography, and she relishes the challenge of capturing candid, real moments both in her life and in the lives of others. She’s long been documenting her own life this way, and enjoys the impact she can make on the lives of families with her photographic skills. Her natural, light-filled images capture the joy of family, the fleeting magic of youth, and the rituals that mark the growth and change in our lives. You will love the way she makes you look and the care she takes in capturing your family perfectly. 

7. Cassie Marsh

Cassie Marsh is a talented storytelling family photographer who creates whimsical in-studio moments. She captures gorgeous candid moments on location, documenting the lives of couples and families. Plus, she’s one of the more creative photographers on this list, able to build scenes that are both playful and evocative. She’s also a post-production wizard, pulling off some of the most breathtaking artistic feats, and creating some of the most richly colored and textured family photographs of anyone on this list.

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8. Kristen Montgomery

Award-winning family photographer Kristen Montgomery is a flexible portrait artist who is able to capture and distill the personality of even the smallest members of your family. She is the perfect photographer for capturing your baby laughing or your family enjoying each other’s company. Her portfolio is full of creatively composed photographs that are loving celebrations of the lives of Charlotte families. 

9. Love & Light Photography

Genevieve Boulanger and Christopher Mendrala are the talented photographers behind Love & Light Photography. Serving Charlotte and Savannah, GA, Love & Light Photography takes adventurous, playful photographs that always capture something amazing about the magic of childhood and the purity and curiosity of children. We guarantee you will be in awe of the photographs they take of you and your family. 

10. Madison Lane

Charlotte family photographer Erin Jackson is the mind and eye behind Madison Lane Photography. She’s well-known as both an incredible artist and a giving and patient mentor to other up-and-coming photographers in the area. As a photographer, she’s made a name for herself capturing the legacies of families living their lives well. She takes dynamic, heartwarming, and natural photographs. She is the ideal choice for anyone who might need a little hand-holding to get through their session, as she is personable and generous. 

11. Meredith June

A champion of Charlotte families and an impeccable artist, Meredith June takes some of the most interesting family photographs of anyone on this list. She has a special talent for shooting in studio. Whereas some other photographers have a tendency to use their studio setting to create scenes or elaborate stories, Meredith is extremely adept at stripping everything down to its barest, most elemental pieces, and then capturing the truth of family life. Like everyone else on this list, working with Meredith guarantees you photographs that you will want to show off constantly.

Charlotte, it’s been an absolute pleasure meeting your best family photographers, and we hope you have had as much fun enjoying their work as we had scouting it out for you. If you’re looking for the ideal artist to capture your family, there’s no way you could do better than the 11 Charlotte family photographers on this list.

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