The 9 Best Family Photographers in Cleveland

Photographs are often listed as one of the most important possessions a person has. When asked what one would save in a natural disaster, it’s usually photos or the devices they are stored on. Pictures are a window to days past, full of fleeting moments that we never wanted to end. When you find yourself in the midst of those times, let one of the following Cleveland family photographers transpose your life into pixels (or gorgeous celluloid). That way, you can have treasures to cherish for generations. 

1. Jules White Photography

A self-described light chaser, Jules White is sure to portray you in your best light, figuratively and literally. Studio newborn shots are well-lit and simple, with the focus being on your baby in all its newness. In-home lifestyle sessions perfectly tell the story of what it’s like to live your life, moment by moment, frame by beautiful frame. Her outdoors shoots are where both she, and the sun, shine radiantly — full of warmth and happiness, accentuated by her editing. Take a look at her work and you will agree that everything she shoots is superb.

2. Juliana Kaderbek Photography

Juliana Kaderbek specializes in-home newborn sessions, but it’s her particular flair that we love — neutral colors, glowing white, with a bright accent color? Fresh flowers? Yes, please! Her maternity work has the same fresh feeling; there is just so much magic in white, and when florals are added, beauty is guaranteed. Add in her use of creative frames and clean styling, and beauty transforms into modern yet timeless art. Choose Juliana when you want to work with a Cleveland family photographer that will stun you with her elegance — or when you want your flower-child side on full display.

3. Lauren Grayson Photography

With her award-winning portraiture, Lauren Grayson is a national treasure. Bringing the soul of her subjects through the camera lens, her work is sweet and intimate —highlighted by her close cropping and warm editing tones. She is a storyteller in images — even hands and hair have tales to tell in her photos. Her almost bohemian style — flower fields, freely dancing subjects combined with the toning of our own beloved childhood snaps — has the nostalgic feel of film. Lauren is simply one of the best portrait and family photographers in Ohio, no doubt about it. 

4. Katie Durkalski Photography

Scroll through Katie Durkalski’s Instagram feed and you can’t help but smile — there are so many genuine laughs on display, so much happiness, and so much love! She is as talented with her editing as she is with her camera — displaying beautiful contrast, shadows conforming to body shapes, and warm hues, which are all oh-so-gorgeous. With specialties covering maternity, birth, and the various stages of your family’s journey, Katie is your gal if you’re looking for a Cleveland family photographer to grow with your family. 

5. Ashleigh Whitt Photography

Ashleigh Whitt shows a genuine passion for photography in her work. Not just perfectly posed (although there is that, too), her newborn shots are stylistically gorgeous — rich sets, soft textures, and natural soft lighting. When she turns her lens towards children and their families, she focuses on authentic emotions, creating emotional and fun keepsakes you will treasure for life. Whether you want vibrant studio sets or natural outdoor shoots, Ashleigh always rises to the occasion with her multi-faceted talent.

6. Michelle Babets of Ella Rose Photography

A 2017 Cleveland Hot List winner for her portrait photography, Michelle Babets is an obvious choice for this list. Her portraits are elegantly simple —with the focus on the subject. Sometimes she uses a beautiful setting just for an added layer of dimension, but she doesn’t rely on a spectacular setting to make a spectacular photo. High-contrast and high-saturation contribute to her signature style, with gorgeous vignetting drawing the eye to the subject. Michelle is the photographer for you if you want to look like a model for the day. but with an authentic layer of who you are imprinted on each portrait. Her work is truly stunning — check her out! 

7. Katherine Chambers Photography

Katherine Chambers stands out for her whimsical portraits. Brightly styled sets are creative and perfect for accentuating the playful nature of childhood. Her years of experience show up in every frame, from her design to posing to editing — it seems everything she does is just so perfect. An amazing choice whether you want studio shots or outdoors frames showcasing family bonds, Katherine is the real deal.

8. Erin Davison Photography

With a clean and classic style, Erin Davison edits her shots in an ultra-high key, creating glowing portraits of families and brides. With a feather-light, minimalist touch to each of her shots, her photos are simple and stunning, and we cannot get enough of them! If you like the timeless, fine-art aesthetic of white as a design element, Erin is the Cleveland family photographer for you! 

9. Kalyn Mann Photography

Kalyn Mann has an instantly identifiable aesthetic — classic and nostalgic in feel with a whimsical twist in framing and cropping. In-home or on-location, her shots are full of feeling — the wonder on parents’ faces as they gaze at their new little ones or the pure joy in a toddlers smile. Kalyn has a true talent for capturing the feel of bygone moments as they are happening. In addition, her high-contrast, slightly desaturated editing style adds to the sentimental and sweet feeling of each of her shoots. Full of authenticity, Kalyn never fails to delight! 

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