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The 9 Best Family Photographers in Colorado Springs

When you live in Colorado Springs, the majestic scenery of the great outdoors is only a hop, skip, and jump away. Colorado is a fantastic location to be in if you’re in the market for outdoor portraits of you and your family. While the area is home to an endless number of creative individuals, we took it upon ourselves to find the top family photographers in Colorado Springs for your convenience. Hopefully, this guide will help you determine which shutterbug’s style best meshes with your own vision.

1. Winni Carter of Salt Tree Photography

Winni Carter is all about the perfect moments of imperfection that dot the lives of her children, as well as that of her clients: bedhead, crumby faces, and expressions of curiosity and delight that children put on without needing to pose or be guided. As a result, Winni has developed her own signature documentary style that uses your own home as a setting. Her photojournalism-inspired approach mixes both color and monochrome in a punchy, high-contrast tonality that draws the eye to the beauty in your ordinary life. What better way to show the individuality of the ones you love than with truly candid images?

2. Trig & Char of Trystan Photography

The photographer duo behind Trystan Photography, Trig and Charlotte Bundgaard, prove that everyone is photogenic regardless of your comfort in front of a lens! As family and wedding photographers, the Bundgaards use classic portraiture styles, often in the stunning outdoors of Colorado, to showcase the playfulness, connections, and delight of families enjoying each other. Their work expertly employs a variety of color profiles, ranging from monochrome to natural, vivid to desaturated — whichever best fits the need of their clients.

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3. Kristi Williams Photography

Kristi Williams works fluently both in the outdoors, showing us backdrops of mountains and grass, as well as in studio with classic backgrounds and perfectly controlled lighting. Her work is intimate and warm, with attention paid to every single element within the frame for strong compositions. Kristi’s studio newborn photography is some of the best we’ve seen! Cake smashes and other milestones, as well as the simple joy of youth are displayed in a whimsical way, thanks to adorable outfit and background choices.

4. Waldrons Family Studio

The staff of Waldrons Family Studio are the photographers we highly recommend if you’re looking for a classic portraiture style for your next family photoshoot. Mixing studio and on-location photography, they collaborate with families for color-matched clothing choices, considered locations, and well-controlled lighting. Waldrons Family Studio’s photography is definitely of the heirloom fine-art style, suitable for wall mounts as well as photo albums.

5. Life Photography By Melissa

Melissa of Life Photography is one of the top family photographers in Colorado Springs, especially if you’re wanting breathtaking images captured in a classic portraiture fashion. By working both in studio as well as out in beautiful outdoor settings in your best outfits, Melissa’s work combines guided poses with your innate charm to create images with lasting impact. She has an especially good eye for dramatic lighting: sun flares, golden-hour tones, and hazy fill lighting all play a part in her often dreamy outdoor portraits.

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6. Alysia Loerch Photography

After documenting her newborn’s growth through life milestones and her own motherhood, Alysia Loerch decided to turn her camera onto clients. In her own words, “My style can be described as emotive, candid and fun… I’m drawn to golden light authentic connection, mountains and real moments filled with love and laughter. ” Looking through her impressive portfolio, we see the truth of this in warm, golden natural highlights; distant mountains; autumn grasses; and smiling kids sitting in the grass. It’s no wonder she’s among the most talented family photographers in Colorado Springs.

7. Colie James Photography

What we love most about Colie James’s photography is the startling beauty she showcases in the ordinary wonders of family life. As a documentary family and newborn photographer, she eschews poses in favor of candid moments of intimacy, connection, and expression. It takes a talented, emotionally attuned photographer to spend the entire day with her clients while unobtrusively documenting the countless moments of beauty that often go unappreciated. Her photojournalistic style is indelible.

8. Erica Tipton of Puddles & Pearls Photography

Erica Tipton’s artwork covers not only families, but newborns, maternity shoots, and whimsical children’s portraiture. If you’re looking for something a bit more artistic, Erica’s photography encompasses flower and milk baths; mermaid and fairy photography sessions for kids; and family sessions both in studio and carefully chosen outdoor environments. Between her attention to detail and her warm, earth-toned color profiles, Erica co-creates images with your family that turn into lasting works of fine art.

9. Alicia Poreda Photography

An experienced newborn and maternity photographer, Alicia finds the beginning stages of life to be the most rewarding to capture. Of all the photography one will undergo in a lifetime, these moments are perhaps the most fleeting of all, and they perfectly highlight the quiet innocence of newborns. We’re especially captivated by the range of professional styling options she offers. Her work makes excellent use of heavy vignettes, subtle, classic color casts, and studio props of all shapes and themes to create exactly the look you’re wanting for your newborn’s photoshoot. 

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