The 11 Best Family Photographers in Des Moines

Hoping to work with one of the best Des Moines family photographers for your portraits? At Peerspace, we get it! In fact, family photography is one of our favorite genres to explore because there is so much possibility. From gently guided posing sessions to documentary family images, there are endless ways to tell the story of your loved ones.

And as it turns out, the top 11 Des Moines family photographers are some of the best in the entire country. Don’t believe us? Take a look and see for yourself!

1. Raelyn Ramey

Iowa families looking for images that speak to what makes them special should get to know Raelyn Ramey! We think what makes her photography so magical is how much emphasis she places on the unique qualities of her subjects. How you tend to laugh, hug, smile, and so on.

As Raelyn shares in her own words: “Paying attention to the smaller details of everyday connections of people and nature are what I seek out. I am drawn to figuring out the very things that make us different. The little quirks we ALL do.”

2. Jenna LeighB

Jenna LeighB describes her approach as ” bright, colorful, and timeless.” Words we agree 100% with! She coaches each of her subjects into postures that perfectly portray the cheerful qualities of family and senior photography. Plus, the backgrounds she favors frame her subjects while adding story to the scene.

The complete narrative Jenna captures is one of picture-perfect memories and intimate connections with the ones you love!

3. Rachel White

Photos that make you feel along with her subjects are what Rachel White does best! That includes not just family images — but also her senior, wedding, and branding photography.

She always seeks to inspire emotion in her viewers. Rachel’s particular style of color grading plays a major role in this process as well. Golden lighting, lifted shadows, and bright whites all give her work a warm, happy ambiance!

4. Kayla Pontier

Kayla Pontier is not only a Des Moines family photographer; she is herself a mother. She understands the necessity of documenting memories of children since they only get larger over time.

As engaging as all her images are, we really loved her newborn photography. Parents relating to a newborn coming home for the first time as well as newborns in baskets with lovely props. Kayla is able to capture moods ranging from celebratory to innocent in her images. She can even get these difficult subjects smiling radiantly!

5. Chelsea Edgington

Chelsea Edgington brings a lifestyle perspective to her family, individuals, couples, and wedding photography. Lifestyle elements like apparel choices, settings, and poses all add elements that hint to viewers about what it’s like to be her subjects. And thanks to Chelsea’s expert guidance the end result is a picture-perfect scene ideal for family photo albums and print work.

Her use of toned-down colors, sepia shades, and warm lighting add to the nostalgic quality of her photography.

6. Aly Carroll

Aly Carroll has spent 12 years capturing memories for hundreds of Iowa households. From the arrival of newborns to outdoor photo sessions as a group, her engaging and emotional images must be seen to be believed.

As a top Des Moines family photographer, Aly’s work has also been recognized by The Knot, The White Wren, Ruffled Blog, and other publications. Her approach is cheerful and soft, with bright whites, pastel tones, and radiant exposure. These artistic elements all heighten the emotional quality of each family moment!

7. Jamie Lynne

Family and children’s sessions are what Jamie Lynn specializes in. Taking your family outdoors and allowing people enough space to play and explore. She’s also talented at working with color-coordinated and posed sessions or more individualistic ones as well. Even if your kids hate posing and end up eagerly running about, Jamie is able to capture them in an artistic way!

And if you love her photography take a moment to explore Jamie’s family films. Her documentary-oriented films highlight a seemingly ordinary day in the life of your family. Except in Jamie’s perspective, it’s one full of moments of fine art and connections.

8. Kara Vorwald

Kara Vorwald describes her style as “emotive,” a word we entirely agree with! Emotive photography stirs up deep feelings when viewed, helping you remember what it was like to be present in that moment.

Her family photography, from the rich color profiles to its adventurous character, all fit the emotive theme! Kara tends to work outdoors as well, where the endless grassy meadows and sunshine of Iowa gives her images a signature look.

9. Natalia O’Hara

Families, seniors, couples, and individual portraiture sessions all find their place in Natalia O’Hara’s portfolio. What makes her images so special is how well she balances the guided expressions with spontaneous family moments.

Natalia’s work includes both, so you get images that idealize the nostalgic character of family photography. It’s also one that speaks truth to the authentic, even messy, ways your family engages with each other!

10. Kelsey Karaidos

Weddings and families are the subjects Kelsey Karaidos loves best. It’s all about people and the connections that bring them together.

While her background is in human resources, the arts would not be denied. And once she delved into the world of photography, Kelsey found an immense passion for expressing emotion, light, and beauty through the visual arts. She’s been recognized not only by us but also by Wedding Choice Awards as Des Moines Best Photographer for 2018!

11. Kirby Ales

Kirby Ales is a Des Moines family photographer who is unafraid to get close and intimate with her subjects. By bringing viewers within an arm’s reach of each family, Kirby allows us to feel deeply the love and connection of her subjects. Plus, she has an amazing talent for helping them feel entirely at ease during her shoots. This translates into authentic expressions of emotion.

Kirby’s client feedback is also super positive! Here is what one family had to say about their experience with her: “Kirby is absolutely amazing at everything she does with her photography expertise!…It was the greatest experience we could’ve asked for and she provided us memories that we will cherish forever!”

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