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The 12 Best Family Photographers in El Paso

The most talented El Paso family photographers are all helping to capture cherished family moments. You’ll see when you look through these 12 amazing portfolios why these creatives are the cream of the crop. Though family photoshoots may have changed over the decades, one thing that has stayed the same is how fondly you and your kids will look back on this adventure one day.

1. Angi V Photography

Angie is an El Paso family photographer with a natural style with a slight vintage bent. She takes lively photographs with an eye towards capturing the abiding emotions that make family life so special, both to the children who will grow up and reflect on these as their formative years, as well as to the adults for whom these days are something of a culmination of many plans and dreams. She’s a tremendously talented natural-light photographer who you can trust to tell your family’s story.

2. Mayra Razo

Mayra is something of a do-it-all photographer with a thriving trade in infant photography, portraiture, and family photography. Her infant photography is inspiring and often imitated, and she is sought out by families all over El Paso for her gorgeous, modern family photography work. Her portfolio comprises images that are both traditional and quite elegant — always perfectly lit, with gorgeous uses of natural light and color. She never does less than the very best, which is why her reputation here in El Paso is spotless.

3. Ed Louis

Known primarily for his wedding and portraiture work, Ed Louis also produces unique family photos in El Paso. And even when he’s going for simple — that is, just you, the kids, and the family pet — he’s always able to capture the story of your family’s love and loyalty for each other. That’s the common thread running through all of his portraits — an attention to character and the important narratives that we tell about ourselves, our loved ones, and the life we share together.

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4. Lydia Orozco of L&R Photography

Lydia of L&R Photography offers a full range of photographic services — family photos, portraits, newborns, etc. — both in studio and on location. Her work really shines in natural light, especially at golden hour. We know that all photographers are “chasers of light,” but Lydia is especially skilled at finding that exact moment when everyone is bathed in light — radiating a healthy glow — to capture that perfect picture. We love her style, her subtle sense of humor, and the sweetness that exudes from just about every photo in her portfolio.

5. Caitlin Tirro

El Paso family photographer Caitlin is a college-trained media professional and military wife. She loves how being a professional photographer allows her to connect with others and capture the most important moments in their lives. That desire for connection and capturing the truth is so obvious to anyone looking through her work. We love her modern style with its little vintage touches. And we’re positive you will appreciate being in the hands of such a conscientious artist.

6. Delilah Alva

Delilah is one of the premier maternity and family photographers in the area. Her photos brim with love, childish joy, and an attention to the little things that make family life so special. She composes with some of the purest color palettes we’ve come across — with attractive pinks, blues, and snowy whites. These images have a real intelligence behind them, clearly indicating the family values that she herself must have. It did our hearts good to look through all her pictures of smiling babies, laughing families, and fathers and mothers with their eyes filled with love.

7. Kristine Garcia

Kristine takes natural-light lifestyle and documentary family photos. She clearly takes joy in capturing the candid moments that we see every day as part of our family life, but that rarely get captured by professional photographers. Among El Paso family photographers, she is known for her kind and caring approach. Her modus operandi is to take care of the families she photographs as though they are members of her own extended family. You won’t find a kinder, more talented photographer no matter where you look.

8. Leanne Hammons

Leanne Hammons takes some super-creative lifestyle photographs, making use of the gorgeous landscapes and sunsets of El Paso to capture families as though they were in heaven. Her photos of children and expectant mothers really do have something angelic about them. We know that family life can be stressful, but one day when you look back on your life, these years will likely be the most important, with the memories you return to again and again. Leanne understands this, and she goes the extra mile to create gorgeous, heirloom-quality photographs.

9. Chrisinda Vargas-Treadwell

Chrisinda has a passion for photography and strives to turn every family she photographs into a work of art. She’s well-known in the area, not just for her family photography, but for her wedding photography and portraits as well. She shoots both in studio and on location, capturing the personalities of the individuals that make up your family, as well as that special something that happens when you and your family all get together.

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10. Amanda O’Neill

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Unless you’re a close friend, you probably don’t have a clue what is on my plate – just like I may not know what you have on yours. While I think having a private life separate from social media is important, sometimes it feels unfair that I only give the highlight reels. So here’s my Sunday dose of real for you – life is a little hard right now. I work a full-time day job, run my photography business, and am a full-time student online on top of running a household while the hubs is gone for training. Normally, this is totally manageable for me – but when I throw two flaring chronic illnesses in the mix, sometimes my cup runneth over in all the wrong ways. It is hard to explain to others that while I may be posting on social media (because it is part of my job), I don’t have the energy to socialize, or answer texts, or even get out of bed, on the bad days. It doesn’t mean I don’t care – and I’ve struggled for so long to communicate this to the people I love. I’m learning every day how to do better so I don’t sacrifice my business or my relationships. Some people don’t understand and aren’t willing to empathize, and I’ve learned that no amount of money in the world is worth having to care for or work with people like that. So I’m here to say that if you’re struggling to manage what’s on your plate – I see you. You aren’t defined by the number of boxes you check in a day. You are valued and loved and if you’re struggling and need a friend, I’m here. Yesterday I had SO much I ‘needed’ to do, but instead I did what my mind and soul needed and had a picnic with this angel baby and her momma. Life is too short and Jesus loves me (and you) either way.

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Amanda takes bright, light-filled photographs of couples, families, and individuals. Her photos are traditional yet stylish, perfect for sharing on Instagram or for hanging over your mantel. We love her laughter-filled narrative photos, which show El Paso families at their best, leaning into each other’s comforting love. If your family works with Amanda, you’re guaranteed to get shot after shot of you and your family exactly the way you’ll want to remember yourselves — and, perhaps more importantly, the way you want to be remembered.

11. Jeanette Fryer

Jeanette Fryer is a skilled composer of memories. Her photographs are natural and joy-filled — capturing something hard to explain about the passing of youth, as well as the joys and sweet pains of parenthood. Her in-studio work especially shines, hearkening back to earlier and more traditional days of family photographs, while capturing all the attention to color, careful contrast, and balance that are the hallmark of contemporary photos. If you want photos like the ones your parents once took with you and your siblings — but with a modern twist — Jeanette’s among the best El Paso family photographers that we’ve come across.

12. Sonia Boukaia

Sonia is a renowned and extremely well-respected newborn photographer, in addition to an excellent portrait and family photographer. In her newborn work, she’s honed her composition skills to the level of a master — putting color, light, and shadow to work to create pure, angelic photographs that are so lovingly composed it’s hard to stop scrolling through her Instagram feed. She’s a patient, humble, and hugely skilled photographer, able to wait for and work for the perfect shot without ever diminishing the fun she’s able to create with her photoshoots. You and your kids will love working with her.

The perfect family photoshoot is one of the greatest American traditions. Is today the day for you and your family to contact one of these amazing El Paso family photographers? If not today, when?

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