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The 8 Best Family Photographers in Grand Rapids

Are you looking for a portrait session for your family? We’ve spent considerable time browsing portfolios of Midwestern creatives, and we are constantly amazed by the range and talent of the photographers in Grand Rapids. The creatives here boast a wide range of approaches: classic portraiture, environmental portraits, and documentary styles. That said, this list of Grand Rapids family photographers has a little something for everyone’s tastes!

1. Brooke Collier Family Photojournalism + Films

If you think bedhead hair along with pajamas and cheeky, troublemaking smiles are just as magical as posed portraits, you need to connect with Brooke Collier. She boasts a special brand of family photojournalism. Through her incredible work, she aims to showcase you in your home with your loved ones, figuring out a new normal with your newborn, doing ordinary things, and all of the other common miracles that unfold on a daily basis. Her unscripted moments with normal focal lengths and natural color palettes expose the authentic you, which can be even more breathtaking than who you wish to present! So it comes as no surprise that she’s among the most noteworthy family photographers in Grand Rapids.

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2. Dionel Fisher of The MittenTog

With nearly 11 years of experience as a photographer, Dionel Fisher has had the chance to partake in nearly every photography genre available, from products to event images. With time, however, she’s come to realize that capturing people’s most intimate moments is what most excites her as an artist, which is why families and weddings are now the focus of her photography. Whether it’s welcoming a newborn into their lives or a family photo session that even includes the dog, there is a celebration of life throughout Dionel’s robust family photography portfolio. She also has a great eye for dramatic lighting! Glowing golden-hour rays, natural light lens flare, and white overflowing highlights all lend a free, wonderous flavor to her photography.

3. Taylor J. Photography

Grand Rapids family photographer Taylor J. is a full-time creative with a talent for producing captivating on-location family images. Her style is contemporary with an embrace of shadows and high-contrast lighting and colors. One aspect of Taylor’s images we particularly enjoy is her willingness to offer completely different perspectives. She brings in wide-angle lenses, so we see photographs of parents and kids playing on the floor, from above, from a shoulder view — so much of her work is a fresh take that we can’t help but suggest you have a look at what she has to offer!

4. Studio Phrené

Even after the nest is empty and your babies have grown up, photographs remain of those moments of quiet innocence. Studio Phrené’s work is an homage to those memories that last for generations to come. She particularly loves photoshoots in the outdoors, finding meadows and forests for families and children to play with one another and whimsically discover their natural expression. We especially enjoy her in-studio newborn photography. Phrené avoids overly edited styles in favor of a natural expression of color and light that allows the viewer to appreciate the subject — adorable outfits and all! 

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5. Annica Quakenbush of Sprout and Blossom

Birth doula and photographer Annica Quakenbush is with you at one of the most memorable milestones any family will undergo together: maternities and childbirth. Through her own personal experience, she came to realize just how much her own birth images meant to her. Annica seeks to create lasting memories in the form of personal treasures for families across Grand Rapids. Her documentary take on maternity and childbirth photography will have you amazed by the raw honesty and transcendent beauty of these initial moments in a new life.

6. Chrystin Melanie Photography

As a family and wedding photographer, Chrystin Melanie seeks to share not only the beauty of a scene or planned pose but what makes you truly unique. She’s after moments of passion shared between subject and photographer, co-creating works of art through her visual medium. The close-cropped intimate portraits she shoots, as well as her color palette, which runs the gamut from natural to timeless and matte, come together to tell compelling stories. Looking at her family photography portfolio, we’re constantly impressed by her ability to put her subjects at ease and find authentic expressions of joy and even playfulness.

7. Kristi Schultz Photography

Lifelong photographer Kristi Schultz earned her place among the top Grand Rapids family photographers after the birth of her daughters. As she watched them grow and change, Kristi realized how important documenting their milestones was, and thus she wanted to offer others this simple joy. That’s why her photography centers on families and the milestones they share together: weddings, maternities, birth, high school senior graduations, and much more. By seeking authentic moments of connection, she helps families recognize and appreciate the wonder and beauty of their own everyday lives! Plus, we love the natural color cast coupled with bright highlights that gives Kristi’s work a soft, radiant glow.

8. JenQPhotography

Few photographers have the love for natural expression and emotion that the creative genius behind JenQPhotography does. As she puts it, “I don’t really have a style because my style is you guys… I can’t wait to really show you what you look like.” Her portfolio is the truth of these words. Families are gently encouraged to explore, love, and just live their best life in front of her lens. Coupled with her vibrant, high-contrast color and monochrome style, Jen’s photography is captivating, with colors, vignettes, and lighting choices that match the moods invoked by her subjects.

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