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The 7 Best Family Photographers in Lake Tahoe

If you’re in the Lake Tahoe region, be it California or Nevada, you’re in luck! The beautiful countryside draws people in from across the nation, which means there are tons of talented photographers in the area ready to showcase your family on vacation in the outdoors. That said, we’ve curated this list of the most talented family photographers in Lake Tahoe for your next photoshoot.

1. Brandi Caskey of Indigo Photography

Family photographer Brandi Caskey regularly brings her clients into the great outdoors surrounding Lake Tahoe. Brandi’s talent for showcasing genuine connection with nature as a backdrop is enviable. Among her portfolio are adorable babies and belles, as well as expectant mothers in sweeping maternity gowns that flatter the curves. She also excels at producing documentary and studio portraits of newborns, employing both pleasing color and classic monochrome. Brandi seamlessly moves from posed to documentary portraiture to tell the unforgettable story of each client. 

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2. Nicky Byrnes of Nemus Photography

Nicky Byrnes brings us a sentimental take on family photography. She also offers solid tips on how to plan a family photoshoot. Rather than expecting you to show up blind, she outlines her approach as a professional photographer, allowing you to feel more like a collaborator and less like an awkward subject to be directed. Her down-to-earth way of working with subjects makes her one of the most noteworthy family photographers in Lake Tahoe.

3. Anita Martin Photography

Covering Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, and the Bay Area, Anita Martin is a published, award-winning professional photographer who thrives on capturing the bonds between people. Among the most talented family photographers in Lake Tahoe, Anita previously worked as an instructor for aspiring family and couples photographers at the Click Away Conference and the Reset Conference. We sincerely appreciate her preference for outdoor portraits with endless blue skies, warm golden-hour tones, and joyful families expressing their love through touch.

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4. Autumn Noel Photography

Autumn Noel’s newborn and maternity images are refreshing. Forgoing the more time-consuming yet popular styles of fantasy-type props and clothing, she prefers the outfits couples wear daily and intimate guided poses with a documentary angle. Her work feels more like a glimpse into the everyday life of couples as they celebrate their newest family addition — a photojournalistic style we love seeing! Her color palette ranges from subdued yet natural to an almost pastel profile that lends an ethereal cast similar to modern wedding photography. In short: we’re big fans of her work!

5. Courtney Aaron

Ever the versatile photographer, Courtney Aaron mixes in guided poses with a lovely documentary style of capture that brings out genuine smiles and moments of candid joy. She tends to fill the frame with her portraits in a way that heightens the intimacy. Combined with the monochrome style she sometimes uses, her images do away with distracting color and other elements in favor of pure composition and emotion.

6. Lauren Lindley Photography

Lauren Lindley is an incredibly talented classic portrait photographer, and it’s evident she knows how to take advantage of the infinite number of picturesque scenes the Lake Tahoe region provides to showcase her clients. Warm halos of sunlight, ancient trees, and far-off clouds all give weight to the environmental outdoor portraits she creates. The diversity of locations combined with her eye for dramatic lighting gives her work an indelible fine art quality.

7. Danny & Shelley of Lemaire Photo

Husband-and-wife photography duo Danny and Shelley Lemaire use their complementary sensibilities to create art with real impact. Their polished portfolio of family photography showcases their “documentary yet playful” vision in a fresh way. Even head and shoulders portraits of mother and daughter don’t feel stiff and posed; we see people engaged in nurturing their bonds with each other in ways few photographers accurately capture.

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