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The 9 Best Family Photographers in Milwaukee

As Henri Cartier Bresson once said, “You just have to live and life will give you pictures.” We have to agree with this sentiment; there is something beautiful about looking through the family album and remembering what those days from yesterday were like. Thankfully, photography has evolved from stoic portraiture to the authentic documentary family photography we see today. If you’re looking for someone to help you document a day in your life, or even an hour in your life, contact one of the following fabulous Milwaukee family photographers.

1. Katie Bingen Photography

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These summer days are flying by.✨❤️

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A mix of playful childhood shots and tender moments power Katie Bingen’s portfolio — a little girl is thrilled with her balloons, siblings run freely down a forest path, parents lovingly glance at their little ones — each shot is emotional. Her signature editing style adds to the nostalgic feeling: beautifully contrasted and slightly warm hues are reminiscent of film. Don’t let the sentimental touches fool you, however, as Katie is ultra-modern in her documentary approach, capturing only the authentic moments from her subjects. She is one of our top Milwaukee family photographers for a reason — her portraits transcend portraits and become art.

2. Codi Shandel Photography

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Just finished up this sweet gallery. 💕

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A highly-developed sentimental eye is perfect when you need a photographer to document the moments and details you want to remember forever, and Codi Shandel is delightfully sentimental. Her family portraits are non-traditional twists — you don’t see families standing in lines, smiling broadly. Instead, her portraits are filled with real emotion. She uses depth of field in a creative way, as sometimes what is out of focus that allows you to feel the photo instead of merely view it. Codi Shandel’s up-close and personal style ensures that the face fills the frame and contributes to the feeling in the viewer that they are witnessing something unique and beautiful.

3. Talia Laird Photography

By her own admission, Talia Laird would drape the whole world in white if she could, and since she is a photographer, she essentially can. Her signature high-key-almost-overexposed editing is perfect for fine art style photos, and the elegance and simplicity of white backdrops makes her subjects pop. Besides, what is more dreamy and romantic than glowing white? Participating in the styling of her models also allows Talia to create the perfect bright, angelic look that is her signature — beautiful, soft, and always perfect.

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4. Blimie T Photography

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Portrait of a four year old.

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Blimie has an unmatched authenticity: her in-home sessions truly capture the full breadth of a day in your life. Her use of a wide angle lens allows for beautiful environmental portraits with a photojournalist flair. A true visual storyteller, Blimie is our top pick for a documentary-style Milwaukee family photographer.

5. Melissa Steinseifer of Little x Little Photography

Melissa uses her keen eye for unique, endearing moments and combines it with a particularly nostalgic, almost-retro editing style to make timeless photographs. Slightly desaturated colors, perfect high contrast — all overlaid with warm tones — create the perfect visual representation of a childhood summer. Browsing through her portfolio you feel emotion for her subjects: a child happily playing in the grass, parents so in love with their newborn that you can feel it, and so forth. Evoking emotion through a photograph is the highest form of art, and Melissa does it every time.

6. Erika Ehley

A film photographer, Erika Ehley’s work has the timeless sharpness that only film can bring. Working with film allows her to play with the medium itself — light leaks create impressionist style portraits, original double exposures appear that simply can’t be beat by digital, and the various colors of the film itself allow for endless variation and creativity. Her experimentation shows her comfort with an element of photography that is almost gone. We admire Erika’s devotion to creating with this always-interesting format.

7. Katrice of K Battle Photography

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summer nights are the best.

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Katrice is a body positive and human positive photographer — perfect for when you want to work with someone that knows what angles work for all bodies. Passionate about making her subjects feel comfortable as well as beautiful, she captures shots that are full of natural smiles and easy poses. A slightly retro, vignetted editing style is her signature, and it suits her quirky photos perfectly. Choose Katrice when you want to authentically celebrate yourself and your family in all your true beauty, as her expertise will astound you.

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8. Tia Brindel of Little Giant Photography

With a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Photography, Tia knows exactly what she’s doing behind the lens and can give expert advice on what to do in front of it. She specializes in fine art portraiture and it’s her refined eye that makes her work something to behold. Simple does not mean plain — it means elegant — and Tia knows that instinctively. Her perfect cropping tells exactly the story she wants told in just one frame.

9. Katie Fromstein Photography

Katie Fromstein was ranked as the Milwaukee area’s best portrait photographer three years in a row and it’s obvious why — her work is simply stunning! From her Sussex studio (it’s worth the drive, we promise), she perfectly styles your newborn to deliver personality-packed portraits. Looking through her work, you can feel the soul of each subject — kooky, fun, and even sleepy. Katie’s immense talent makes the intangible visible, which is one of the hardest things for a portrait photographer to accomplish. 

There you are, Milwaukee. Now go, live life, and document it along the way with one of the exceptional professionals on this list!

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