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The 9 Best Family Photographers in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is well-known for being unique, featuring lots of cowboys, “spook lights,” and electric guitars. But did you also know that some of the most talented photographers in the nation call “The 405” home? If you’re in the market for a photoshoot for your family or newest addition, look no further than this guide of the top Oklahoma City family photographers!

1. Kara Cheek Photography

Kara Cheek is a lifelong photographer who figured out her passion at an early age. Straight out of high school, she knew what she was meant to do: tell people’s stories! Unsurprisingly, she’s one of the most esteemed family photographers in Oklahoma City right now, with compositions artfully arranged to showcase not just faces but dramatic lighting, hair streaming in the wind, all accented by stunning outdoor scenery. Kara’s work often has a playful character as well, with clients finding candid expressions that show us who they really are at heart.

2. Corrie Graybill Photography

An adept photographer who covers newborns and families, Corrie Graybill focuses her lens on the first few instants of a child’s life. Her photography showcases fleeting moments that parents rarely have time to capture in their own obligations to a newborn, which are easily forgotten as the child quickly matures. This recognition shows in the detailed, considered way Corrie presents newborns in her images. When shooting in studio, she employs adorable outfits, props, and delightful colors without adding or taking away too much in terms of realism. Her work is soft and honest, showing newborns messily eating cake or curiously taking in the camera. She inspires us to wonder what’s really going on behind the catch lights in their eyes!

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3. Courtney DeSpain Photography

One of the many aspects of Courtney DeSpain’s work we love is her willingness to let kids be kids. While we love guided poses, her way of showcasing silly faces and authentic moments demonstrating children as they are shows her appreciation for everything childhood has to offer us. Courtney’s work is punchy and contrasty, both in color and monochrome. She also tends to use wide-angle views more often than other family photographers, which we love for the sense of place, as well as the dramatically enhanced features and settings that work well for children’s photography.

4. Tavia Redburn Photography

If capturing the very first moments of your child’s life is essential to you, Oklahoma City family photographer Tavia Redburn is the creative for you. She specializes in newborn and birth photography. For the former, she offers studio and on-location options using props, natural poses, and your collaboration as guides for her work. Tavia’s birth photography showcases the miracle in ways few photographers manage, with an honest, photojournalistic approach that honors the sacred connections being born in that instant.

5. Haley Kinzie Photography

As one of the top Oklahoma City family photographers, Haley Kinzie keenly recognizes that her captures are of moments you’ll never get back. In her own words, “Time is a thief, and our babies change every day right before our eyes… Each time you look back at your images, I want you to remember the details and moments that made this season so special.” Her work is earth-toned yet natural, with unrecovered shadows and dramatic natural lighting that gives her photography a photojournalistic quality. We’re also struck by the warm, tangled embraces her clients give; the intimacy and importance of touch really speaks to us through Haley’s vision.

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6. Lauren Beauregard Photography

Lauren Beauregard uses punchy, vibrant white highlights reminiscent of modern wedding and editorial photography that grabs your attention and keeps it here. Her color choices range from a brilliant pastel to a toned-down yet natural profile. Mixing classic and candid portraiture, she tells the story of OKC families through moments guided and captured without premeditation. We also love how she tends to crop in close for images that let us savor the intricacies of the poses and expressions of her subjects! 

7. Ashley Votaw of Avenue Photography

Ashley Votaw’s portraiture style is a mixture of both natural guided poses that showcase clients at their best, as well as perfectly timed candid moments of authentic connectivity and emotion. She uses a lovely matte profile with a low color intensity that gives her work a timeless feel while allowing texture and form to speak loudly. Ashley also boasts a knack for capturing overflowing golden-hour highlights and dramatic studio lights that create beautiful, contrasting shadows.

8. Ore Adesina Photography

An ever-versatile creative, Ore Adesina uses a shadow-loving, high-contrast style that’s a treat to the eyes. She covers not only families but newborns, couples, and boudoir photography across the region. We found her Storytelling Sessions to be especially noteworthy. As a documentary family photographer, Ore spends hours with her clients seeking out moments of true connection and intimacy in a non-structured manner. Through her breathtaking photography, Ore helps you appreciate little moments that usually go unappreciated, uncovering art within your daily life.

9. Amy Rau Photography

Amy Rau’s photography career has its roots in a single class taken over a decade ago. In that magical moment, she realized that showcasing bonds through the lenses of families and weddings was what she was meant to be doing! Since then, Amy has developed a bright style with soft tonal gradations and pure whites, lending an air of peace and joy to her photography. Coupled with her mixture of classic posed and documentary-style images, Amy Rau’s style is perfect if you’re looking for a more fine art approach to your images.

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