The 8 Best Family Photographers in Orange County, CA

We love Southern California for both its sunshine and the depth of its talent pool, especially when it comes to family photographers who specialize in capturing families with little ones. From the peaceful parks of Irvine to the coastal towns of San Clemente, Huntington Beach, and more, OC has no shortage of picturesque locations. Without further ado, check out the most noteworthy Orange County family photographers.

1. Bryan and Cherise Marsh of Native Heart Photography

Bryan and Cherise Marsh are the two self-taught and wildly talented creatives at Native Heart Photography. Their style is natural — authentic moments captured as they happen with just enough editing to make everyone look their best — and totally without gimmicks.

Of course, they bundle up newborns, but in a sweet and organic way. They produce gorgeous, candid maternity portraits, allowing you to remember how it felt to be you in that exact moment, full of hope and joy. All of their work is done in natural light, so you are virtually guaranteed a true and glowing representation of you and your family.

2. Sasha of Life Now Photography

Sasha is the kind of artist who loves the boldness of color — the richness of it comes through in every one of her photos. Each of her shots has a splash of color, whether it’s the bright turquoise of a baby blanket or the endlessly variable sunsets, with just enough saturation to make the colors pop. One of the most talented Orange County family photographers, she boasts an eye honed for tiny details like sandy hands and crooked grins, as well as a knack for using the landscape create her sweet portraits.

3. Alison Bernier Photography

Alison Bernier has a lifestyle photography style — blending the reality of the moment with just enough polish to give it a lovely finish. She uses a combination of unposed and unprompted moments alongside her editorial eye to develop the narrative of your family pictures. Her editing is light and bright — perfect for posting all over social media or printing to display in your home for years to come.

We love her combination of playful moments alongside those serious, in-between moments, as both are true representations of her subjects. If you are looking for a photographer who will tell your story in its entirety, Alison is a perfect choice. 

4. Bethany Jean Photography

There is a remarkable team of women at Bethany Jean Photography — all have a cohesive aesthetic and are amazing photographers on their own but when combined, wow! Their styles tend to be rich and full of emotion, sometimes with a vintage vibe in the editing — a little low contrast and orange hues go a long way in making a photograph feel reminiscent of film. Whatever the occasion, from a newborn lifestyle shoot to an outdoors family session, let these ladies make unforgettable memories with you as they capture the moments that matter. 

5. Sonja Hammad Photography

An all-around talented photographer, Sonja Hammad takes certain aspects from each of her genres of photography and blends them to create an awe-inspiring body of work. Her experience as a portrait artist means that you will look your best when she clicks the shutter, as she always has an eye out for genuine moments.

Her flexibility in different lighting conditions means she’s equally comfortable shooting in glowing natural sunlight or using a bright window to help sculpt her subjects during an in-home session. Sonja is one of our favorite Orange County family photographers for her diverse skill set, as well as the gorgeous results! 

6. Kristin Karkoska of Blue Sky’s Studio

Laguna Beach-dwelling photographer Kristin Karkoska has won us over, alongside countless families. It’s no wonder she’s considered one of the premier Orange County family photographers. Her aesthetic is magazine-ready — with compositions effectively drawing the eye, paired with a light-filled and airy high-key editing style, as well as plenty of candid and sweet moments. Carefully cropping a frame to maximize impact and focusing on capturing moments packed with genuine emotion, her portfolio is truly a winner! 

7. Jenny Mason Photography

Jenny Mason is among the top Orange County family photographers with a fine-art sensibility — perfectly framing and composing each frame. Her work is carefully planned and beautifully executed to tell the story as it unfolds — new parents welcome their baby home, a baby stares quizzically into the camera, and all smiles are completely genuine. If you are just beginning your family, Jenny is there to capture it all, with her signature artistic sensibilities and an added dose of dreaminess. 

8. Lin & Jirsa of Line and Roots

If you love breathtaking, organic shots of families enjoying themselves in the great outdoors of OC, you will love the work of Line and Roots’s Lin and Jirsa. Their portraits can be deeply shadowed, adding a sense of moodiness and drama, or slightly contrasted to increase depth and an emotional quality. They often use the abundant Southern California sun as a design element — either using it to rim light the subject or allow the flare to create a whole other dimension to the photograph. We just think their work is fabulous.

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