The 10 Best Family Photographers in Providence

From gorgeous seaside towns to secluded forest glades, the scenery of New England is just begging for families to come and explore. And during your exploration, what could be better than photography that lets you remember just how small your kids used to be? The following talented Providence family photographers are conscious of the fleeting nature of childhood. That’s why they use all of their creativity to leave you smiling for the rest of your life!

1. Kristen Roome Photography

Kristen Roome’s images are the epitome of the studio photographer’s art. Her lighting is perfectly controlled to bring out all of the subtle tones in your newborn or toddler’s delicate skin. And her family maternity images use ideal props to ensure both parents and children get to take part in these once-in-a-lifetime shots. However, she’s no stranger to working outdoors either, using shooting locations that provide ideal backdrops for smiling parents and children.

2. Mary B Photography

Mary B’s photography journey started out with photos of her nephews and her own children. Seeing how quickly children grow inspired her to become a family photographer because it’s simply impossible to wind back the clock. Relationships, families, and young children are what she specializes in. And Mary uses soft, pastel colors that perfectly match dress apparel, abundant lighting, and skin tones!

3. Samantha M. Garlington of Miranda Photo & Co.

Samantha M. Garlington is a Providence family photographer with a strong documentary element to her work! She does provide posed portraiture for clients who prefer this style. But we were really amazed by how well she translates seemingly everyday moments into fine artwork. Teaching the kids to cook, breastfeeding, listening to the newborn gurgle away—all of these beautiful, fleeting moments are just as worthy of remembrance as any planned photoshoot. Perhaps even more so!

4. Barbara of Focus Designs & Photos

Barbara is the creative talent behind Focus Designs & Photos. Serving all of New England, she works as a “natural light on-location” photographer, capturing the precise mood of a scene for future appreciation. To make the most of her style, she provides guided poses to ensure families and kids glow within golden-hour tones, window lighting, and other sources of natural ambiance. In addition, by working at home, she ensures that all of her subjects are at their most comfortable and willing—particularly important when working with children!

5. Danielle of Salty Raven Studio

Danielle of Salty Raven Studio studied studio art with a concentration in photography—small wonder she found her way back to photography after some time spent working as an ESL instructor and park ranger! As a wedding and family photographer, Danielle has an eye for color, contrast, and authentic moments where her subjects are interacting with each other rather than posing for the camera. She boasts a talent for using dramatic backgrounds as well, which provides emphasis for her subjects while adding context for the venue.

6. Taylor Kuttner Photography

Relationship-oriented images with a lifestyle element are what Taylor Kuttner offers New England families. We get to see not only you or your family but you in a storytelling setting that tells the viewer more about yourselves. From wrestling in the snow to downtown shopping tales, Taylor’s photography is as much about the story as it is the family. And if a newborn has joined your family, her baby images cover an extraordinary range of creative themes!

7. Annie and Jackie of Two Mums Photography

Annie and Jackie are two full-time mums who also work as Providence family photographers! In addition, they provide boudoir, maternity, wedding, and engagement shoots for New England customers.

We adore the up-close and intimate style Annie and Jackie prefer, with gently blurred backgrounds to keep the focus where it belongs: on intimate moments and fleeting yet precious expressions. They also masterfully use both color and monochrome to allow both textures and hues their chance to shine for a complete vision of a family photoshoot.

8. Kelsey Sheehan Photography

Kelsey Sheehan’s sole focus is on weddings and families! She channels her love for helping people through capturing relationships and their expressions via the visual medium. Kelsey’s passion for pastel tones, vibrant natural light, and storytelling poses results in family photos that are of fine-art quality and worthy of mounting on a wall.

However, she’s also talented at photojournalistic documentary-style captures, finding those unguarded moments where her subjects are interacting with each other and expressing emotions impossible to pose.

9. Serena Burroughs

As a family photographer, Serena Burroughs serves not only Rhode Island, but most of the New England area. Relationships and life milestones are the focus of her work; families, weddings, seniors, maternities, and more.

Serena uses both the film and digital mediums in her work, with film providing even more gentle highlights and subtle colors in the right settings. Especially where she can make the most of natural backlighting to add a free-spirited sense of joy in her family images!

10. Leah Jayne Productions

Leah Jayne is a Boston and Providence family photographer with an ethos that’s perfect for her work! In her own words, “I want to take snapshots of love, laughter, silliness, and tears of joy. I want you to remember important moments in your life for years to come and the relationships you have created along the way.”

Her images are remembrances of not only times in the past but relationships you have now. And the rich colors on display add flavor to memories of a distant time that you can treasure forever.

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