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The 9 Best Family Photographers in San Jose

As one of the most populated areas of the country, San Jose and the Bay Area are teeming with talented creatives who can expertly photograph your entire family. But what if mere documentation isn’t enough? What if you’re seeking a fine art, photojournalistic, or whimsical approach to your family’s portraiture? In that case, you really need to take a look at the top family photographers in San Jose for your next photoshoot!

1. Jenna Christina Photography

If you’re looking for a holistic approach to family photography that includes bedhead and spilled cheerios as much as the smiles and emotional side, Jenna Christina is the photographer for you! Employing her signature photojournalistic approach, she spends the day with you and your loved ones, showcasing spontaneous moments of wonder that often go missed in the blur of daily life. With her intimate compositions and normal lens focal lengths, Jenna produces startlingly real photography in its simplicity, focusing on families as they are.

2. Mary Okner of Mary Bea Photography

As a self-described people person, Mary Okner is a vibrant creative with an easygoing personality, allowing her to put clients entirely at ease during a photoshoot. This shows up not only in the close-up intimacy of many of her portraits, but also in her candid, playful images of families, children, and newborns exploring, capturing exactly who they are sans direction or guided posing. Mary uses both a bright yet natural color profile, as well as a soft monochrome style, that creates a vintage character to select photographs.

3. Christine Miao of Two Leaf Photography

Christine Miao uses both studio and natural light photography to wonderful effect. Plus, she employs both classic posed portraiture, as well as a candid documentary approach, to capture the most authentic moments of emotion. Her impressive work takes advantage of complex lighting environments, from silhouettes at sunset to flare-filled golden-hour moments. Even in the studio, Christine’s endless selection of backgrounds, clothing choices, and props allows you to co-create precisely the artistic vision you have in mind!

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4. Laura Pope Photography

Family photographer extraordinaire Laura Pope maintains an excellent balance between guided poses and finding spontaneous moments that highlight the unique character of her clients. Those in-between moments that sometimes go unnoticed, yet are where authenticity shines most brightly. Each gesture, embrace, laugh, and look takes on a sacredness that’s unmistakable when color leaves the room and composition is allowed to take center stage! As a mother herself, Laura is inspired by documenting her own family’s life milestones.

5. Ozlem of Twin Dragonflies Photography Studio

Ozlem of Twin Dragonflies Photography Studio provides world-class photography for families, newborns, children, and maternity clients across the Bay Area. We love that Ozlem fluently covers such a broad range of not just subjects and clients but styles. Her gorgeous portfolio includes classic posed portraiture, documentary coverage of families, and environmental portraits set both in the outdoors and in studio. Ozlem employs a brilliant color profile that is warm and almost pastel in tone. Pinks, whites, oranges, and reds hold sway and nicely complements skin tones and soft lighting. 

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6. Aline Dorso of Aline Designs Photography

Aline Dorso’s 1,100-sq.ft. studio in San Jose provides not just the perfect lighting space, but an array of professional props, clothes, toys, baskets, and other elements to create fine art with your newborn as the star. Her indelible work is bright and airy, with glowing highlights and well-controlled lighting of a more modern style. Aline’s family photography sessions take place in outdoor locations across the Bay Area and feature guided poses ranging from classic to playful!

7. Michelle Tibbils of Bugs and Butterflies Photography

Michelle Tibbils of Bugs and Butterflies Photography is one of the most experienced photographers in the Bay Area, providing San Jose residents with quality artwork for over 14 years and counting. Her work is passionate, not only in the moments she captures, but the way she crops closely within the frame to bring viewers face-to-face with joyful families and newborns. Michelle’s photography has a strong emotional quality that goes beyond background blur and serves as a testament to her talent as one of the best family photographers in San Jose.

8. Shailee Connolly Photography

A fine art photographer who covers newborns, maternities, and children, Shailee Connolly has established an enviable portfolio. She combines her expertise in finding the innate beauty of her clients with her personal artistic vision, creating photographs that have a lasting impact. When it comes to newborn images, her style ranges from classic posed portraiture to whimsical, artistic expressions. The sheer amount of attention Shailee pays to every element from light flares to background textures is remarkable — as are her color choices, which range from a natural earth tonality to punchy, modern colors that captivate.

9. Maryam of Limoo Photography

Maryam’s unforgettable photography centers around artfully posed outdoor and studio portraits featuring families, maternity, and newborns in San Jose and the Bay Area at large. We’re especially impressed by the variety of outfits she provides for her clients — her maternity gowns are as elegant as they come, and newborn outfits ranging from classic to charming and whimsical. Maryam also does in-studio flower and milk-bath photos with mothers looking for a more fine art approach to maternity photography!

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