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The 9 Best Family Photographers in St. Louis

Esteemed British fashion photographer Tim Walker said, “Only photograph what you love.” This is apt advice because what do we love more than our families? When you are looking for skilled St. Louis family photographers to capture the essence of the people you love most, let this list guide you. These shutterbugs are the best for a reason, as each one is a professional and creative delight to work with. 

1. Angie Wynne Photography

Angie Wynne combines multiple elements to create her stunning work: a nostalgic vibe, a keen documentary eye, and a friendliness with her subjects. That last phrase is key; looking through her portfolio, we get the sense that each family she photographs is a group of intimate friends. How else would she be able to capture such real moments? Angie’s photojournalistic style honestly captures what a day in the life of your family looks like in all its raw authenticity. It’s no surprise she’s among the most talented St. Louis family photographers.

2. Jodie Allen of Fresh Art Photography

Jodie Allen creates ultra-minimalist family portraits in her beautiful studio. The white environment serves two purposes in the creation of stunning portraits — it acts as a reflector, making the subjects shadowless and gorgeous, and it’s also a clean background upon which the subjects are the true focus of the photo. Using props on the backdrop adds much personality to an otherwise refined locale. The same clean simplicity shows up in Jodie’s outdoor portraits as well, with the highlight being the love your family displays.

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3. Brian Rickey

Brian Rickey is a multi-faceted talent who’s combining editorial, family, and travel photography into his own special style. His editorial work shows up in his family portraits — fine art composition, with ample room for the subject, as well as an eye for the perfect moment, and beautiful tones throughout. His black-and-white editing is reminiscent of film, as it’s low-contrast and romantic. Plus, his color prints are rich, with a bit of a retro flair. Brian is one of our top St. Louis family photographers for a very simple reason — his portraits combine fun with polish, an irresistible combination.

4. Kristie Cromie of L Photographie

Kristie Cromie is the family photographer in this powerhouse studio of four women. Her work is timeless and fun. Kristie has earned her spot among the best St. Louis family photographers with her personal and emotional portraits. Documenting everything from in-home lifestyle sessions to families playing in the park, her style is fully nontraditional but always beautiful — angles give the feeling that the viewer is in the scene itself. Kristie’s eye for detail is extraordinary. 

5. Irene Kinghorn of Four Fireflies Photography

With a specialty and finesse in newborn photography, Irene Kinghorn is the mastermind behind Four Fireflies. Irene delights with her particularly whimsical paper cutout backgrounds — the sky is literally the limit with paper clouds and cityscapes. Using her artistic eye for set design, each frame in the Four Fireflies portfolio is beguiling and fun-loving. If you’re in the market for a unique and ideal session to capture the individuality and remarkable personality of your newborn, give Irene of Four Fireflies Photography a look!

6. Jaclyn Jezik of One Twenty Two Photography

Jaclyn Jezik describes herself as artistically offbeat. Her intuitive understanding of light results in always amazing pics — sunny or cloudy, she works with the light to create breathtaking portraits. She captures real moments and makes the viewer feel it — whether it’s children laughing in the grass or heart-touching photos of parents and their newborns, the emotions seep through in every image. She forms lasting relationships with the people she works with, and this genuine care surfaces in every frame produced. Jaclyn should be your go-to for beautiful mementos of your life.

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7. Kelly Laramore

With her expertise in creating films, Kelly Laramore brings that same ability to tell stories into her print work. Documenting your family’s entire journey, beginning with maternity and birth photography through milestone moments throughout your lives, she tells your story in its entirety. Her photography has the feel of film, employing desaturated colors with warm tones. It’s her studio work that landed Kelly on our list of the best St. Louis family photographers — her images display real emotion captured in an elegant setting! 

8. Emily Southerland Photography

Emily Southerland has a knack with newborns — she is able to capture the tiniest expressions on the tiniest people, filling her frames with endless personality. She uses natural light to highlight the smooth newness of skin, as well as shadows to add depth to her frames. The combination of traditional portrait photography with her modern touch — adding textures, fresh settings, and up-close-and personal angles — produces keepsakes to treasure forever. Scroll through Emily’s portfolio and enjoy her creations.

9. Kathleen Mortland Photography

With six years spent modeling in front of the camera, Kathleen Mortland knows what makes a beautiful photograph. She brings her expertise from the fashion world into your family’s photoshoots to create magical and endearing shots that capture the true nature of your loved ones. Her editorial eye is always on the lookout for timeless moments among her subjects, masterfully securing those moments on her camera. Kathleen combines her artistic eye for fleeting special moments with her skills in fine art aesthetic, and it’s pure photographic perfection. 

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