The 10 Best Family Photographers in Tucson, AZ

Home to the University of Arizona, Tucson is an eclectic city brimming with diverse landscape and even more diverse residents. Keeping in mind the high demand for talented family photographers in Tucson, we scoured the internet to find the area’s most outstanding shutterbugs. Check them out!

1. Jennifer B Photography

With a fully equipped studio and a dazzling array of props, Jennifer creates custom portraits of your newest family members. She specializes in producing beautifully and delicately posed newborn shots. At her core, she is an artist — carefully crafting the set for the exact look you are going for, full of colors, textures, and accessories to highlight your little one. If you are looking for a Tucson family photographer and your children are far from the newborn stage, you can still trust Jennifer to deliver amazing photos — in-studio or outdoors, she is one talented photographer! 

2. Jen Schrantz of Jen Bee Photography

Jen Schrantz uses her painter’s eye to create artistic photographs — rich colors, dramatic light, and precise composition all add to her renderings of family life. As creative as her work can be — using light and shadow in ways that keep the eye moving throughout the photograph — it is also touching in its portrayal of real childhood memories. Under her gaze, a child eating ice cream is a child having the best day of their life; a mother is smitten by the details of her babe; and people are free to be seen exactly how they are — beautiful.

3. Rhonda of 2 Sisters Photography

The name “2 Sisters” is apt — the owners of this studio are two sisters, but they each operate in a different state! Luckily, one of the states is beautiful Arizona, and so Rhonda is easily one of our favorite Tucson family photographers. Her style is somewhere between fantasy and reality — adding whimsical elements like glowing reindeer noses to her holiday shots while creating her portraits. She is a photographer for all stages of family life — from blossoming baby bumps, to newborn shoots, to senior portraits. So, whatever stage you’re in, choose Rhonda!

4. Emily Jayne Photography

Emily Jayne is an artist with a particular aesthetic — somewhere between sunshine romance and a moody atmosphere. Her work is full of authentic moments and the feeling you are peeking in on a transcendental moment; the overwhelming feeling of nostalgia for a moment that you never had overlays all of her shots. She is a true storyteller, a genuine artist, and her emotive portfolio is the kind that makes us hit the follow button on Instagram. Work with Emily if you want stunningly gorgeous photos of your real life.

5. Priscila Matei Photography

Priscila Matei is the kind of artist to explore the beings of her subjects, likely aided by her background as a therapist. Her photos are poignant — capturing moments as they happen and leaving the viewer with a sense they know the people in the photo — as well as artfully edited to bring out the beauty of the light or shadows. Priscila is a storyteller of the first order; let her tell the story of your family in her documentary style, and you will have both beautiful memories of your time together and stunning photographs. 

6. Kristi Harris Photography

Kristi Harris creates simple and compelling images — a laugh shared between lovers or the way a newborn tucks her hand under her chin. Her photography is completely devoid of pretense — she just tells your story as she sees it, and it is a charming way to go about in the world. Kristi is the kind of photographer you head to when you want an album full of unforgettable moments, beautiful in their simplicity. 

7. Heather Davis of Belle Vie Photography

Heather Davis is half Tucson family photographer and half artist. She takes the raw ore of your photo session with her and turns it into indelible pieces of art, sometimes adding a touch of whimsy in the form of fantastical creatures with her Photoshop skills. She can make your dreams of playful, quirky photos come true, resulting in a set of prints that is unique to you and your family. 

8. Jessica McElfresh Photography

Jessica McElfresh exudes a photojournalist vibe, which nicely reflects in her incredible work — documenting moments in a way that looks authentic and ready to print in the paper. Her inimitable editing style lends itself to said documentary vibe — deep contrast, rich coloring, and lots of glowing sunset light make for endlessly emotional photographs. Her work isn’t posed or styled — it is a representation of the scene in front of her in all of its messy and marvelous beauty.

9. Liv Lawler Photography

What makes multi-talented Liv Lawler one of our favorite Tucson family photographers is the exact thing that makes her an artistic visionary — her eye for loving moments, as well as the creative way she tells the story of those moments. She plays with the camera, using novel angles and surrounding elements to frame the subjects and enhance the mood of the photo. We adore her refreshing world view, and you will, too!

10. Katie of Morning Peach Photography

With her emphasis on simple, organic studio shots of newborns, Katie’s portfolio charms. With her talent, a detail such as eyelashes become a painterly stroke across brand-new skin, and the ethereal nature of newborns becomes strikingly apparent. Her focus on the subject and not the scenery is stunning in its uncomplicated beauty — we cannot recommend her highly enough! 

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