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The 10 Best Fashion Photographers in Cincinnati

Cincinnati’s not Los Angeles, Milan, or NYC — but for our money, this fact is a strength. The fashion photographers in Cincinnati are free of pretension and, being geographically outside of the major fashion echo chambers, these creatives keep fads from being endlessly reinforced. What you’re left with is good, solid work — fashion photography that we’d put up against any other city in the world. Our list of the top Cincinnati fashion photographers has something for everyone — check them out.

1. Bernadette Newberry

Bernadette Newberry is a Cincinnati fashion photographer whose work is oftentimes surreal and magical, both shot and edited in a way that lends it a beautiful otherworldly quality. It blurs the boundary between fashion photography and fine art. When you check out Bernadette’s work, it’s obvious that she has the eye and creative impulses of a true artist, and if you let her apply her imagination to your shoot, you’ll be thrilled by the results.

2. Claudia Hershner

Claudia Hershner’s elegant, clean style is a perfect fit for the fashion world. She puts the style ahead of anything else, demonstrates an excellent command of studio lighting, and produces images that are a perfect fit for things like clothing label lookbooks and Instagram feeds. While her portfolio shows how stunning photos don’t need to be complicated ones, there’s also a little mystery to a lot of her images, a hit of something below the surface on the expressions of the models she works with. It’s that little something extra that elevates the work.

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3. Brooke Shanesy

Influenced by vintage color palettes and the styles of the 1960s and ’70s, Brooke Shanesy’s work has an analog, retro feel that’s infectious. It’s moody, imaginative, and playful all at once, meaning it’s never boring. Brooke’s versatility is clear when you dig into her portfolio and see the variety of work and the scope of technical knowledge on display.

4. Thomas Nguyen

Thomas Nguyen’s bread and butter is shooting high-glamour, ultra-stylish high school senior photos. And he’s certainly developed a strong online following for it. When you see the fashion-forward, expertly posed and edited work he does with seniors, you’ll see that his talent’s a great fit for fashion brands as well.

5. Jeremy Kramer

Jeremy Kramer works with brands of all types, and he’s got a deep background with commercial photography outside of fashion. His fashion work is just a slick as anything else he does, complete with a magazine-ready sheen. He really shines in the studio, where he’s able to combine striking, creative lighting setups with a special skill for getting just the right expressions out of his subjects. The results speak for themselves.

6. Paige Pederzani

Paige Pederzani is a Cincinnati event and portrait photographer whose fashion work is eye-catching, colorful, and bold. Her shots are often very close on the model, cropped tightly, fearlessly filling the frame with the model. And that creates an intimacy, ramping up the sense of connection between the viewer and the subject. Paige creates powerful images this way, and we look forward to seeing what she does in the future.

7. OMS Photo

OMS Photo is a team of multi-talented commercial photographers working out of a renovated turn-of-the-century firehouse. If clients want it, they’ve done it, from food photography to adventure shots and architectural coverage. Their fashion photography also reflects their skill as consummate professionals, and it’s gorgeously executed. Any brand would benefit from tapping into their commercial know-how.

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8. Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan keeps in mind that imagery is a mode of communication with many potential purposes. The goal isn’t just to create images that look nice, after all — it may be to create a particular first impression on a customer, to drive a brand identity, or to faithfully document a slice of a client’s life. Whatever the goal, Brian gets to know the client’s preferences and personal style, then works to bring their vision to life. We appreciate that while his photos are eye-catching, they’re also understated and authentic, as if they’re never trying overly hard to be cool — they just are.

9. Andrea Sabugo

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Andrea Sabugo makes hyper-hip, truly stylish work. It’s often closer to fine art than something explicitly commercial, but she does do editorial and brand-centered work, infusing it with her sharp sense of style and distinctive concepts. Experiments in mixed media and unique compositions round out the package. If you want to collaborate to make the kind of thing you don’t see every day — to make something special — Andrea should be on your shortlist of go-to Cincinnati fashion photographers.

10. Tom Bove

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Tom Bove’s fashion photography tends to be evenly lit, neatly composed, and cleanly edited. His style is natural, without much post-processing, relying a little more heavily on the hair and makeup to do the heavy lifting in creating that glamorous look that his clients are looking for. If it’s a glamour style you’re looking for, check him out.

Cincinnati has a little of everything, and the town’s “big small-town” vibe means a lot of extraordinarily talented creatives fly under the radar on the national scene. These Cincinnati fashion photographers are top-notch.

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