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The 10 Best Fashion Photographers in Cleveland

If you want to know who is setting the pace for creative photographers in Cleveland, you’ve come to the right spot. These 10 Cleveland fashion photographers build models’ portfolios, take epic editorial shots, and lead the way in spotting and capturing new trends. Their work is to usher in the future just as much as it is to capture the best of today. We’ve done our best to provide you with a diverse look at the city’s fashion photography scene. Sit back and enjoy the ride. 

1. Dani of The Editorial Style

Dani of The Editorial Style is a Cleveland editorial fashion photographer with years of experience taking natural, playful portraits of Clevelanders. She especially excels at capturing light-filled editorial photos. Her style ranges from dramatic and empathetic to whimsical and startlingly beautiful. In every photo, she gives you something relatable, which draws you deeper into her work. If you are a fan of artists who play with light, color, and reflection without excessive filters and presets, you will love Dani’s work. 

2. Eduardo of Edofcle

Eduardo is a visual artist who’s also the content manager for the fashion brand Ilthy. He takes cutting-edge, sensual, and playful fashion shots that make use of the light and backdrops of the city. His photos are approachable and yet full of attitude, stunning and yet earthy. Our favorite thing about Eduardo’s work is its variety. In photo after photo, he takes you on a journey through the heart of Cleveland.

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3. David Chopcinski of ECI Photography

David Chopcinski of ECI Photography is a Cleveland fashion photographer with a side hustle in event and portrait photography. His style is quite varied, ranging from dark and moody to bright, natural and almost photojournalistic and its presentation. What makes David’s work stand out in the crowd is its dramatic juxtaposition of light and shadow, which makes for cinematic photos filled with a sense of struggle. We’re a big fan of this combination.

4. Angela D. Photography

Angela takes glamorous, classically composed editorial photographs. She has a thriving business taking maternity and children’s photography. Angela’s work is clear and pays close attention to detail, especially light, reflection, and saturated colors. She’s also extremely talented at capturing evocative expressions and gestures, as well as little movements and looks that tell a deeper story.

5. Hannah Dexter

Cleveland fashion photographer Hannah Dexter probably takes the most straightforwardly glamorous photos of any of the 10 photographers on this list. She captures looks. In her photos, the makeup, styling, and wardrobe really get a chance to be front and center. She’s not telling the same old story you’ve come to expect in editorial photography. There’s a rebelliousness and an undercurrent of rebellion against the status quo in her work, making even her most straightforward photos ring with mystery. 

6. Marc & Tony Photography and Design

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Mark and Tony’s photos have been featured in many publications, including People, US Weekly, and Hello! They are renowned for being the premier professional headshot team in all of Cleveland, but they also take exquisite fashion photos. What makes their photos stand out is their ability to reach down into their subjects to bring their heart and soul to the surface. In every photo, their model’s eyes are filled with thoughtfulness and wonder, which makes them seem both extremely human and absurdly beautiful. In short, their models glow. 

7. Leah Nelsen of LJN Photos

We really enjoyed checking out Leah Nelsen’s work. Her photos show up again and again in the hashtags we follow for Cleveland fashion. And her work stands out among other Cleveland fashion photographers for its consistency and commitment to an idiosyncratic idea of beauty — as well as for its playfulness and unwillingness to feign seriousness just to seem “artistic.” She’s an absolute genius with color and lighting. And we’re convinced that she could make any model — or, heck, just about any average, everyday person — seem worthy of a magazine spread.

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8. Anderson Rush of Misrae Media

Founded by Anderson Rush, Misrae Media takes technically proficient, futuristic, and cinematic fashion photos that tell the story of our connection to the past. They also paint a picture of the future that portends even greater interpersonal connection. This future is sometimes seen as one that’s full of communication and empathy, and other times is filled with loneliness and longing. And yet in Anderson’s images, both possibilities are truly beautiful. Check out Misrae Media’s romantic and haunting work.

9. Pics by Charlie

Charlie is a Cleveland fashion photographer, as well as a renowned portrait artist and videographer. He takes photos that are lovingly composed odes to the multitude of possibilities inherent in the models who trust him to craft their image. He is not a one-note photographer; his style is so varied — not just technically, but in emotional content as well. It would be almost impossible to get tired perusing his amazing portfolio.

10. Tyler Wick of Wick Images

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Tyler Wick of Wick Images is a Cleveland fashion photographer, wedding photographer, and sports photographer. He turns the same curious eye to each of his varied subjects. His photos are remarkably devoid of judgment or preconceptions. When they are romantic, they never seem forced or playacted. He’s got a remarkably natural style, and that’s just part of what makes him one of the very best.

The job of a fashion photographer is to tell the story of peoples’ hearts, and what they want from their lives — not just what they want today, but what they want out of their futures. Cleveland fashion photographers are purveyors of cultural values, of possibilities. They see into the secret heart of our culture in a manner that few of us will ever be prescient or clearheaded enough to do. They tell us important stories that it would behoove us to listen to.  

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