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The 10 Best Fashion Photographers in Kansas City

The best fashion photographers are those creatives who are out on the cutting edge, blending art and popular culture into something unique. The best Kansas City fashion photographers serve as the creative inspiration for a whole diverse group of artists, including musicians, models, actors, and other photographers. They often do their work behind the scenes, and yet their work is crucial for the careers of so many other creatives: models, makeup artists, magazine editors, just to name a few. The top Kansas City fashion photographers are doing truly important work that will make or break more than just their own careers. We appreciate everything they give to the game.

1. Dom Visions

Dominick –– known by most people as Dom –– is an innovative Kansas City fashion photographer with a gorgeous cinematic style. Each of his shots is carefully built around layers of emotion, attitude, and vulnerability. Though he has years and years of experience at this point, he still demonstrates a strong instinct to experiment and play with light, color, and composition, in such a way that it is clear he has not lost even one iota of love for the work that he does. 

2. Samantha Levi

Samantha Levi is a daring Kansas City fashion and branding photographer who takes evocative, colorful, and glamorous shots and portraits. She has built her name for her ability to play with framing, color, and repetition to take shots that would otherwise be straightforward, and turn them on their head into rebellious, confident works of art. Her work helps people and brands get recognized, burrowing their distinct image into a part of people’s memories.

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3. Ryan Strong

Kansas City fashion photographer Ryan Strong is an artist with many, many talents. In addition to being a photographer, he is a composer and brand designer with a strong ability to create meaning and harmony with a very light touch and few elements. His fashion photography is at its most stunning when it is at its most minimalistic. It shines through as thoughtful and extremely advanced. Plus, it boasts psychological acuity, as well as careful attention to human gesture and expression. He understands what moves audiences, and his work masterfully plays on these responses and expectations. 

4. Corey Dean

Cory Dean is extremely playful in his compositions and very democratic in his photographic subject matter. His photos cover a ton of ground: streetwear, boudoir, family, country scenes, cityscapes, wildlife. And yet everything shares a common nobility. His work simply stands for itself; it does not need to be explained or defended. His ability to play with light and shadow is second to none, and his ability to draw out vulnerability from his photographic subjects is equally tremendous. 

5. Justin R. Downing of Lightrayart Photography

Justin R. Downing’s first love — and the main character of all of his photos — is clearly light. He seems fascinated by the way that light can illuminate and occlude depending upon its placement, and the way that the world’s natural beauty casts itself upon us in the form of light and shadow. These are the ingredients that bind us to everything here on Earth. We love an artist who stays true to his obsessions and succeeds in doing so.

6. Denise Jambor

Denise Jambor’s photos are sly, engaging, and possess a strikingly optimistic message about how happiness might not need to be achieved but accepted from moment to moment. It’s something that is always around us in our lives. Her fashion photos are impeccably styled, and her scenes evocatively designed. She is able to create connection and tell vivid stories without ever sacrificing a sense of mystery or artfulness. And that’s just what we’re looking for in our fashion photographers. 

7. Ben McBee of Middleman Creative

Ben McBee of Middleman Creative is a Kansas City fashion photographer and content creator with an undeniable talent for creating dark, moody editorial photos that tell human stories of desire, individuality, and the search for something new. He’s a well-rounded photographer whose skill for fashion photography is matched by his skill for shooting dramatic landscapes, portraits, and candids. Every shot suggests a wide range of inspirations — and yet they all seem so natural, almost effortless.

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8. Molly C. Photo

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Molly C. Kephart takes natural, light-filled photographs. Her main lane is shooting wedding photography, where she captures photos that are both classic and yet play with modern techniques. Put simply: photos that look equally good in a photobook or on Instagram. Her fashion photos are where she really lets herself experiment, playing with frame, shadow, reflection, and color to create engaging photos that allow the eye to experience the familiar in novel forms. You can trust her to photograph you, your wedding, or your latest fashion line.

9. Rebecca Lassiter

Rebecca Lassiter is a Kansas City fashion photographer with thriving side trades in portraiture, boudoir, and wedding photography. Her style is contemporary and absolutely built to capture eyes on social media. She takes moody, love-filled, and often surprising photographs that both allure and comfort her viewers. Her portraiture is filled with real laughter, and her fashion photos capture the intersection among the many creators it takes to pull off any fashion photo –– the designers of the clothes, the makeup artists, the models themselves, and the art director’s vision.

10. Meggan Shoberg

Meggan Shoberg is a Kansas City fashion photographer with a story to tell. Her editorial shots do a fantastic job of connecting her human subjects with the urban and rural landscapes that surround them, showing how fashion is not just some arbitrary invention of modernity or urban life. Instead, it’s part of our human connection to each other and the natural world. She plays with duos like warmth and cold, light and shadow, loneliness and connection to tell a story of the whole world, not just some small slice of it. And that’s just part of the reason we love her work. 

KC is more then just a city –– it’s an entire ecosystem. There’s a niche for everyone here. Cool restaurants, dope bars, awesome little venues to see amazing indie shows. And if you are an artist that’s exactly what you want: to be in a city full of excitement and surrounded by other artists doing inspiring, genre-pushing work. So as fellow creatives, we want to thank the artists in KC — particularly these 10 Kansas City fashion photographers — for the work they do to keep Kansas City inspiring. Much love, y’all.

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