The 9 Best Fashion Photographers in Long Beach

There are few places in the world with more fashion talent than Los Angeles. And Long Beach in particular, with its mixture of cityscape and seaside environments, is the perfect place for a collaboration with the nation’s top talent! Our favorite Long Beach fashion photographers all have years of experience bringing brands to life through evocative photography. Take a look at their work, and let us know what you think!

1. Elizabeth Jean

Long Beach fashion photographer Elizabeth Jean has created a visual diary of her exploration of subjects and the world on her feed we think you’ll love! Her work with film photography gives her images an instantly recognizable classic flair that only adds to the stories on display.

Elizabeth expertly poses her models to best take advantage of dramatic lighting and lets the subtle highlights of film bring out delicate tones in her subject’s skin. And each clothing choice brought into the frame adds story elements ranging from vintage to contemporary in nature!

2. Yitzhak Dalal

Yitzhak describes himself as a “classic yet contemporary fashion photographer,” and we agree 100%! From classic studio poses to outdoor lifestyle-inspired shots he’s constantly exploring how form and apparel mesh within the frame while finding ways to highlight the best features of his models.

Yitzhak partners up with some of the largest clothing and editorial brands in the fashion world. And they seek him out for both his color and monochrome styles. We especially love how Yitzhak manages to combine both deep blacks in his clothes and subtle highlights in the subject’s skin in an especially dramatic way!

3. Kayla Mendez

The strong lifestyle element that courses through Kayla Mendez’s fashion and commercial images is especially captivating. Wine, a book, and a sunhat add so much to a series of images featuring earrings, a model, and casual clothes.

Kayla’s personal style tends to shine forth in all of her collaborations as well. Her signatures are a warmer color shift, soft shadows, and earth tones that make her work instantly recognizable. Los Angeles, including Long Beach, as well as most of California and Florida, are where she partners up with businesses and engaged couples soon to be married!

4. John Allan Studio

John Allan works with both digital and film in order to bring his fashion, beauty, and lingerie subjects to life! As a well-established Long Beach fashion photographer John uses a unique style featuring extremely well-controlled lighting and color choices that helps skin tones practically leap out at the viewer.

Yet, through clothing and background choices rather than harsh post-processing. And his intimate compositions coupled with direct eye contact add a strong emotional element to the scene!

5. Antonio Francisco Gonzales

Antonio Francisco Gonzales is a Long Beach fashion photographer whose love for health and beauty inspired him to also open a salon in the region! His images convey the best elements of the fashion and portraiture worlds, often exploring fine art and lifestyle stories in the process.

Antonio often works on location and in the outdoors, particularly on California beaches. And his expert combination of natural light with tasteful flash gives his work a well-balanced, editorial appearance that we think you’ll adore.

6. Dasha Denger

Dasha Denger is a big name in the Chicago and Los Angeles fashion photography world! They have seen publication in major magazines like Vogue Italia and Moevir Paris. Brands, businesses, and models seek out Dasha thanks to the many hats they wear all at once. From photographer and retoucher to stylist and editor in chief, Dasha is a one-person photography brand whose perspective ranges from classic to fine art in character!

7. Shiloh Cinquemani

Digital photography and analog film are the twin mediums Shiloh Cinquemani uses to bring her images to life. When it comes to fashion, her eye for dramatic and directional lighting along with outdoor cityscape environments adds a strong LA flavor to her work. However, she often takes her subjects into the natural outdoors where the fractal, wandering patterns of nature contrast with the orderly lines and patterns that fashion apparel creates!

8. Kaori of Suzuki Photography

Kaori Suzuki is a Los Angeles freelance photographer who has worked with diverse yet major brands, including Microsoft, New Balance, and Cosmopolitan. She works both in-studio and on-location in churches, the outdoors, and any other location that best emphasizes the stories told by her fashion subjects. Kaori has an eye for compositions and backgrounds that emphasize the form of her subjects as much as their clothing, speaking to her roots as a portrait photographer.

9. Brittney Christie

Brittney Christie is a fashion and beauty photographer with a style that embraces subdued tonalities. From subtle earth tones to monochrome images, Brittney allows texture, freckles, hair, and form to inform her work as much as color tends to. We also love the intimacy that her working distances often invoke, leaving the viewer feeling much more present within the scene as opposed to a distant observer!

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