The 11 Best Fashion Photographers in Melbourne

Known for its sunshine and beautiful locales with a unique vibe all its own, Melbourne is home to many artistic superstars. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our hunt for the best Melbourne fashion photographers. We were blown away by the level of talent out there and think you will be too. If you are a client looking to up your advertising game or a model who wants to find the perfect photographer to help you stand out from the rest, the following experts are sure to exceed your expectations. 

1. Peter Coulson

Peter Coulson is more than a Melbourne fashion photographer — way more, in fact. He is an internationally acclaimed artist, winning AIPP’s Australian photographer of the year and AIPP’s fashion photographer of the year three times. He is also a photographic educator, inspiring photographers worldwide with his dynamic workshops and otherworldly talent. Best known for his black and white fashion portraits with expert lighting and emotive style, we also love him for his playful streak. When only the best will do, it has to be Peter. 

2. Karen Woo

You might catch Karen Woo shooting street style at Melbourne’s fashion week or shooting a campaign for an international brand, but what you won’t catch her doing is sitting on her laurels. As one of the top Melbourne fashion photographers, she is constantly working with models, wowing her clients, and oh yeah, she also makes films and teaches women how to run their dream businesses. Her style is polished with an edge — creating trendy editorials that tick all those fine art fashion boxes. We super love her work! 

3. Kayleigh June

We don’t know what it is about Melbourne that makes it such fertile grounds for amazing fashion photographers, but we do know Kayleigh is one of them! Known for her beautiful photography, she is a lighting master and is a professional photo retoucher, elevating her beautiful portraits to a whole other level. Thoroughly modern and all kinds of gorgeous, her portfolio is a sight to behold. If you want to work with one of the greats, work with Kayleigh, and if you are a photographer who wants to be one of the greats, work with her as well — she is a dedicated educator. 

4. Alex Pott

Alex Pott is at the top of his game. As a Melbourne fashion photographer, he is regularly featured on magazine covers, and as a portrait photographer, he often works with celebrities. As a product photographer, he helps top brands tell their stories. His glamorous, fully editorial style is the stuff of dreams — for both clients and models. His posing is the epitome of fashion photography, and his studio work is impeccable. Check out his work if you don’t believe us! 

5. Katie Fergus

Inspired by her love of street style and fascination with human faces, Katie Fergus can be found creating magical images throughout Melbourne, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. Locally adored and internationally known, she shines brightest in her outdoor work — expertly lit by both the Australian sun and her strobes. Rich with color and with a penchant for quirky fashion, her portfolio is simply stunning. Editorial at its best. 

6. Tiffany Yang

Working with her clients to portray the exact image they want, Melbourne fashion photographer Tiffany Yang has a minimalist aesthetic that we adore—fine art lines with gorgeous designer pieces is perfection in our book. There is an almost relaxed, easy-going feel to her images. Nothing too forced—think model off duty. The simplicity of her compositions proves her mastery—without background distractions, the focus is truly on her models and their finery. 

7. Tracey Lee Hayes

If you love the avant-garde side of fashion photography (and we do), Tracey Lee Hayes is your dream. Expertly sculpted, painted, and coiffed, her portfolio reads like a master class in posing to accentuate the beauty of their attire. Often working with advertising clients, her work has the flawless finish they crave and all the ultra-modern styling we adore. Full of bright colors and colorful people, the creativity in her shoots is unmatched. Check out her collaboration with artist Donna Adi; it’s amazing. 

8. Joseph Brabet

Joseph Brabet was a graphic designer before becoming one of Melbourne’s most sought-after fashion photographers, and it’s this background that informs his expert compositional and color choices. While focused on clothing and beauty, his work has a more lifestyle vibe to it, and it’s this natural feel that caught our eye. If you want an elevated everyday feel to your campaign or product shoot, give Joseph a peek. You won’t regret it! 

9. Eliza Harrison

Blurring the lines between fashion, commercial, and lifestyle photography, Eliza Harrison has it all—over ten years of experience perfecting the technical aspects of photography, a creative eye for details that give each of her portraits their own je ne se quois, and hundreds of happy brands loving her campaigns. Effortlessly working outdoors and in the studio, she knows how to tame the lighting conditions and create exactly the photograph you want. 

10. Jess LaFrankie

Australia’s coastline is some of the most beautiful in the world, and when used as a backdrop to Jess LaFrankie’s skillful eye for fashion photography, it is even more stunning. We can’t get enough of the dramatic aspect to her photos—using the clothes to add a fantastical element blowing in the wind or clinging to beautiful bodies in the sea—toss in a good dose of sex appeal, and you have one of the most sought after artists in the Melbourne area! 

11. Rebecca-Marian Irene

Rebecca-Marian Irene has experience working with international clients, including American Express, and is a preferred Melbourne International Fashion Festival vendor. Her list of published work is long, and publications include Fashion Journal, Cake Magazine, Respect Victoria, and Just Magazine. While her work speaks for itself, all these publications are surely an indication of the quality of her work. A lover of analog cameras, she has a retro and trendy style at once, and she carries that same charming vibe into her digital work. If you are looking for a lookbook photographer or an editorial, her style is sure to delight. It’s unique! 

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