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The 10 Best Fashion Photographers in Milwaukee

The Midwest, with Milwaukee in particular, is beautiful and aglow with light. To those of us in the know, it should come as no surprise how many amazing fashion photographers there are in Milwaukee. The city is home to enough breathtaking landscapes and fun attractions to inspire an artist to a lifetime of experimentation and exploration. The creatives who made our list of the best Milwaukee fashion photographers all share a commitment to rendering the truth just the way they see it. We are very proud to present these artists to you today.

1. Aliza Rae

We’re pleased to discover Aliza Rae during our deep dive into the Milwaukee fashion photography scene. She’s a well-known wedding photographer in the area. We love her for her fine-art portraits and fashion photos. She is one of those photographers who genuinely lives up to the title of “painter with light,” though she is too humble to ever heap such praise upon herself. We also love that she’s clearly searching for something in her work — something deep and abiding. Check out her portfolio, which is alternatively joyful or else plaintive and mysterious. You will not be disappointed. 

2. Tif Cohen

Tif Cohen’s portfolio is filled with remarkable fashion photography and lit album art. She takes elegant photos with a remarkable attention paid to the faces of her models, the micro expressions with which they express the truth behind the truth. We love that she’s willing to experiment and play with all the tools at her disposal, sometimes taking extremely natural photos, other times playing with unique post-production effects, and always, always producing something new and startling. 

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3. Aliza Baran

Milwaukee fashion photographer Aliza Baran is in demand –– always traveling from city to city for some new job, and to capture her next masterpiece. She’s clearly a student of fashion photography as her work demonstrates a remarkable awareness of the moment, of the current trends in the genre, and then she is able to subvert or else push these trends to new heights. She’s an unpretentious photographer who produces some of the best art around.

4. Jocelyn Feest of Paper Raven Photography

Jocelyn Feest of Paper Raven Photography is an extremely in-demand Milwaukee fashion and wedding photographer, who was certainly born to be a portrait artist. She makes incredible use of the landscapes of the city and the natural beauty that surrounds the city to capture unforgettable portraits. Stylistically, she’s also one to use every tool available to her. Her photos are sometimes natural and minimalistic, and other times dramatic and highly stylized. Whatever your vision, Jocelyn can help you capture it. 

5. Jamie Berg

Jamie Berg is a Milwaukee and New York freelance photographer who does a fair portion of her work shooting fashion shots for Kohl’s. As a versatile product and fashion photographer, Jamie features work that communicates friendliness and an all-American ethos that makes for really pleasant viewing. In her personal work, she extends herself to more dramatic and more unexpected realms.

6. Jessica Kaminski of The Refinery

Milwaukee’s premier contemporary portraiture studio, The Refinery, is headed by talented Milwaukee fashion photographer Jessica Kaminski. Her photos are full of personality: real joy, real ambition, real kindness. The people that she photographs are mostly just like the rest of us, and yet she makes them into singular works of art. We love photographers who are able to see the beauty in everyone, because we believe that is one of the first orders of business for any artist. 

7. Jennifer Brindley

Jennifer Brindley is a portrait, maternity, personal branding, and fashion photographer, living and working in Milwaukee. She is highly sought-after for her personal branding work, which is narrative, engaging, welcoming, and just a little edgy –– everything you need to stand out and win hearts. She has a real eye for color, light, and shadow. And there is a clear sense of adventurousness at work in every photo she takes, even the most friendly.  

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8. Tuan Dinh

Tuan Dinh is a Milwaukee fashion photographer with perhaps the most natural gift for capturing and incorporating landscapes into his fashion compositions of any person on this list. His photos are able to tell stories with seemingly little effort –– often just through framing and symmetry, or through the smallest gesture of his models. So given that he’s a natural storyteller and landscape artist, it should be unsurprising that his photos cover a wide range of narratives, showcasing the beauty in the lives of many different types of people. 

9. David Szymanski

Commercial, editorial, and Milwaukee fashion photographer David Szymanski has built his career finding the dignity, integrity, and universality in people from many walks of life. The stories he tells are stories of surpassing one’s limits, taking care of one’s family, facing down one’s fears, and simply enjoying a good brew now and then. We appreciate the unpretentiousness with which he approaches his work, and his amazing ability to distill and capture something essential about humanity in everyone he photographs. 

10. Autumn Mack of Amarie Photography

Autumn Mack’s Instagram motto says she doesn’t use her camera to capture your beauty, but to set it free. And this is obviously just as true in her wedding and boudoir work as it is in her editorial fashion work. She does not need to search for something beautiful in her subjects. She simply sees them for who they are, for what makes them unique and valuable, then presents this in a simple, elegant manner. She takes some of the most natural shots of anyone on this list. No matter the subject matter, whether it is the delicate movement of a dancer, the cuteness and hilarity of a dog dressed in a Halloween costume, or a beautiful model who is in touch with the latest trends of fashion –– you can trust Autumn to deliver timeless photographs. 

Fashion is the confluence of art, music, and culture, situated close to the beating heart of every creative community. The work that the top Milwaukee fashion photographers produce really matters, as they set trends and inspire other artists.

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