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The 10 Best Fashion Photographers in Pittsburgh

We are always keeping our eye on the best photographers our country has to offer, both big names and up-and-comers. Often times, the most talented local photographers are fashion photographers, which we suppose may have something to do with the fact that fashion is inherently creative and inherently philosophical. And, of course, fashion often ends up being the intersection of many aspects of culture: art, music, street culture, and so on. So, who are the Pittsburgh fashion photographers we have an eye on? Well, the ones who made our list today are really just a few of the amazing fashion photographers the city has to offer. Allow us to introduce them.

1. Kaela Speicher

Kaela Speicher possesses a myriad of interests and her style is extraordinarily varied. Yet, whether she’s shooting something retro and narrative — or something glamorous and product-centric — everything she does shares an impeccable magazine-quality and sheen. When stylists, makeup artists, brands, or local models want to add work to their portfolios that helps them stand out, Kaela is the photographer they trust. Her work shows up again and again on Pittsburgh’s fashion Instagram scene — so you know it’s not just us who considers her one of the best Pittsburgh fashion photographers. 

2. Kelli Beavers

Kelli Beavers shoots fitness, lifestyle, and editorial portraits in a clean, natural style that ranges from retro and glamorous to futuristic and mysterious –– along with plenty of straightforward classical work. What makes her photos stand out is the affection with which she captures her models. That type of talent takes a certain patient personality and a lot of time, and we can’t help but appreciate the love and effort she puts into her photography. 

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3. Juan Carlos Silva

Pittsburgh fashion photographer Juan Carlos Silva is renowned for his cinematic fashion photos. He is also a highly trusted and sought-after retoucher for other Pittsburgh fashion photographers. We love that his photos brim with movement, and even when they are mysterious, there is some narrative force at work behind each of his shots. We love his super-contemporary style and mastery of the emotional impact of color choice.

4. A.J. Smith of High-End Concepts Photography

Founder of High-End Concepts Photography, A.J. Smith takes a classical-portraiture approach to shooting fashion photos. His work is exceptionally beautiful without being explicit or manipulative, and his editing is stylish without being garish. A.J. is really approachable, and he’s available for fashion and portrait work for individuals as well as companies. We’re sure you’ll enjoy working with him.

5. Alexa and Sara of Wild Native Photography

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Alexa and Sara are the talented photographers behind Wild Native Photography. They are perhaps best-known for their work as wedding photographers, but they’ve also built up an extensive portfolio of gorgeous, glamorous editorial portraits and fashion shots. Their style is joy-filled and occasionally almost raucous. They’re always chasing the perfect light and set of contrasting colors, making their photos brim with a special type of dynamism.

6. Margo and Bronner

Margo and Bronner are experienced Pittsburgh fashion photographers, and their résumé includes international fashion photography and ample branding work for some of the best local and national brands. They shoot clean, contemporary editorial photos with just a hint of futurism. They don’t rely on tricks to capture your attention, and instead rely on good modeling and expert photography. In other words, though their style is modern, they still do things the old-fashioned way. 

7. Thad Ciechanowski

Thad Ciechanowski is a talented photographer, videographer, editor, and director, with a remarkable ability to create evocative, iconic images. His work both captures the eye and evokes a whole series of curiosities. He’s an artist first, and so he’s always aiming to outdo himself. If you want to work with a passionate visionary, check out Thad’s work.

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8. René Michele 

René Michele is a Pittsburgh fashion photographer with a real talent for intimate portraiture. Her photos capture something of the hidden self-within-the-self — that person we are when we think no one is looking. And we quite admire that skill, as there’s something about seeing someone totally disarmed that makes it impossible not to form an immediate personal connection with them. And she manages to do so much with the empathy she creates between her audience and subject matter.

9. Jeremy of Shots by J.E.

Jeremy of Shots by J.E. is an incredible storytelling photographer. His fashion photos and portraits tell tales of family, the ups and downs of life, individuality, and beauty in all of its forms. Jeremy is versatile and highly technically skilled, just as adept at taking beautiful, evocative landscapes, as he is at capturing the allure of the latest trends in streetwear fashion. Jeremy just understands the people he works with, and this is why he can take his work to points others cannot. 

10. Jenna Taddeo

Jenna Taddeo is a trusted portrait artist, wedding photographer, and Pittsburgh fashion photographer with a style that is ultra-contemporary, moody, and mysterious. She’s a dedicated student of photography, whose art shows a remarkable range of inspirations. Any artist this committed to always chasing something new would be an invigorating partner to work with. Hire Jenna and see if you can resist being swept up in her passion for her work.

Stay beautiful, Pittsburgh. There’s nothing more gorgeous than the gray light shining on your industrial landscapes or shimmery rivers. We have enjoyed getting reacquainted with the city through the eyes of some of your best artists. It’s one of the many perks we get to experience in our venture to review the best working photographers around the country. These Pittsburgh fashion photographers are out there doing your city proud.

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