The 10 Best Fashion Photographers in Vancouver

Fashion photography can be many things: It can tell the story of a brand or capture the personality of a model, as well as be completely styled and polished, or barefoot and carefree. The medium combines many elements on a technical level, and so the most talented Vancouver fashion photographers will know their off-camera lighting, photogenic spots in which to shoot, and much more. Plus, they should be able to capture consistently great photographs. Listed in no particular order, each and every one of the following artists on this list does just that and more! 

1. Kyrani Kanavaros

Kyrani Kanavaros is one of the best Vancouver fashion photographers for her contemporary style, and we’re not the only ones that think so! She has been featured in publications ranging from People Magazine to the Vancouver Sun, and has worked extensively with local celebrities. Her work is editorial and modern—full of gorgeous faces and stunning locations that enhance, rather than detract from, the awe-inspiring fashion on display. Seemingly everything about her work is perfect—creating lighting that fits the mood of the story she is telling—and we can’t get enough of it. Check her out and be inspired. 

2. Jamie Mann

Jamie Mann has an international fashion photographer vibe to his work—with good reason, as he works with international clients. Based in Vancouver but working in sun-drenched locales like Dubai, Mexico, and LA, his work has a tropical feel to it. It probably helps that his models are sizzling as well. Regularly working with Fashionably Male, Fashionisto, and Desnudo Magazines, his work is a sensual celebration of the human form. His mastery of the art of photography is present in every single shot, as is his extremely polished editing. It’s no wonder why photo editors regularly choose to work with him—his work is beyond captivating.

3. JuMi Photography

Jun and Miya are one of the most dynamic photography editorial teams we’ve seen. Recognized year after year for their creative photography, Jun serves as the creative director, and Mia the strategist. Together they design and plan their shots so an entire story is told through photos. They mainly work with couples planning their weddings, but their work is heavily informed by fashion styling. If you’ve ever flipped through pages of designer dresses and thought, “I’d love to be styled like that,” this is your perfect duo. 

4. Eva Grace Photography

Eva is among the most thoughtful Vancouver fashion photographers with a candid approach. While her photographs feature all of the expected elements in a fashion photograph—gorgeous light, poses that highlight the clothing or jewelry featured—they also sometimes seem to allow a peek at the personality of the model. Her photos are not exclusively utterly cool fashion shots—they have an element of the carefree in them, an element of play—that makes them hard to resist.

5. Vanessa Mayberry

A blend of branding, fashion, and portrait photography makes Vanessa Mayberry’s work feel up-to-the-minute fresh—as does her warm, slightly contrasted editing style. Her work is perfect for those looking to capture amazing editorial portraits of themselves rocking cool outfits and for those looking to tell a specific story. Her work is minimalist—golden light and simple backgrounds—in order to focus on the narrative of her photographs. 

6. Caroline Charlotte Ross

Fun fact: Vancouver fashion photographer Caroline Ross was also a fashion photographer for the TV show The Whole Package. She caught our attention with her stunningly produced editorial portfolio. Equipped with a portable studio and adept at working with both natural light and strobes, she produces breathtaking photos. Her impeccable portfolio has also caught the attention of several countrywide magazines and brands. In short, her work is gorgeous—check it out. 

7. Alex Waber Photography

Alex Waber is one of those multi-hyphenate types. He’s a cinematographer, fashion photographer, owner of the photo and design studio Doris, and he’s involved in the music scene in Vancouver. Our guess is that being immersed in creative pursuits feeds his creativity even more because his portfolio is definitely something special. Working mainly in studio allows him complete control over the finished product so he can create the exact mood he wants—from cleverly cool photographs to fine art.  

8. Koby Photography

Ian Kobylanski is a Vancouver fashion photographer with a decade-long passion for the medium. His portfolio has a combination of street and portrait photography, imbuing a candid, spontaneous feeling that we love. Using the city as a backdrop adds an urban element—with models sometimes juxtaposed against their surroundings—and the result is a vibrant body of work. 

9. Anick Violette

Anick Violette combines fitness and beauty photography for a portfolio that has a different vibe than any of the others on this list. Her photographs have more dynamic elements—a runner in motion, a HIIT participant in midleap—that give energy to her work and really bring it to life. Straddling the lines between fashion, portrait, and commercial, her genre-defying photos are entirely about capturing the beauty of her subjects. 

10. Tom Hawkins Photography

Tom Hawkins is driven by his creative pursuits, and his boundless energy shows up in his photography. Working with a top-tier team, he creates fashion and branding photos that look like they were pulled straight from a centerfold—perfect hair, makeup, posing, lighting, editing—we could go on and on, but it might be overkill! A true professional, Tom tailors his style to his clients’ desires to deliver his own special blend of artistic and beautiful photos. 

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