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9 Best Fashion Photoshoot Ideas in Dallas

A lot of photographers might opt for a coastal city when choosing a shooting location — overlooking the largest inland metropolitan area in the country, possibly mistaking it for a small town overrun with cowboy hats and boot spurs. But we know everything is bigger in Texas, including fashion photoshoot ideas in Dallas. With a whopping 7.3 million people in the metro area, there is no shortage of spacious rentals, artwork, and outdoor attractions to inspire the pioneer spirit that lurks deep within the hearts of photographers on sandy beaches. So, how do you choose from the wealth of locations in this fashion-forward, urban cowboy wonderland? Stick with us. We’ve got you covered.

1. Explore a modern Mediterranean townhome

modern mediterranean home rental dallas
Source: Peerspace

Expertly-curated accessories and fixtures give this spacious townhome a modern Mediterranean feel — with a touch of polish. While you can rent this space for a business meeting, we’re more interested in the winding wrought iron staircase and fully-tiled, earthy shower (steamy). Use the natural light to illuminate your subject’s face as they curl up on a sharp wing chair, or wait for the sun to drop and take advantage of the unique accent lighting throughout this fun and sophisticated home.

2. Indulge in romanticism in a bright, glamorous downtown studio

studio rental dallas
Source: Peerspace

This dreamy studio is dripping with delicate style and visually-striking walls. Victorian seating paired with pop-art-inspired backdrops makes it easy to frame subjects without a lot of prep-work — saving valuable time. Walls of black and white stripes, turquoise damask, and 3D paper flowers allow for plenty of negative space to be used without losing visual interest. Large windows and sheer curtains make capturing roomy silhouettes a cinch, with the option to include or exclude the chandeliers.

3. Saddle up at Pioneer Plaza

dallas pioneer plaza
Source: Pixabay

Grab life by the horns with a visit to Pioneer Plaza, where your subject can pose alongside 49 oversized bronze steers. These six-foot tall beasts are sturdy enough to climb on, making them perfect for displaying long, flowing garments and unique footwear. Placing your subject in between the sculptures creates an effect that can only be described as the wild west version of Jurassic Park. But you know what they say: “Go big or go home!” A fashion photoshoot in Pioneer Plaza is definitely going big.

4. Show off in a sunny yoga studio

yoga studio rental dallas
Source: Peerspace

This crisp, Texas-sized yoga studio is all you need to make your favorite poses double-tap worthy. The sunny and neutral palette is a refreshingly simple background — ideal for showcasing physical fitness and dance. Use the serene, natural lighting during the day or experiment with colorful lighting outside the windows at night! Bright neons, whites, and bold red fashions work best in a space like this, but you can also use earth tones and neutral colors — just be sure to use enough contrast and fill-lighting.

5. Dive into Deep Ellum street art

deep ellum street art dallas
Source: Pixabay

If you’re looking for fashion photoshoot ideas in Dallas, Texas, head to Deep Ellum. The Deep Ellum entertainment district is home to vibrant street murals that can give even the most straight-laced subjects a whimsical flare. Keep it simple and lean back in a cool pair of sunglasses, or add more meaning with visual puns and contradictions. Murals give you the opportunity to say something meaningful in your photographs without a lot of effort. And, of course, they look great on the ‘Gram.

6. Do downtown right in an airy studio

Take a walk on the sultry side in this modern and seductive studio. The black velvet diamond tufted bed makes bright outfits pop, while the headboard adds height and a natural symmetry to any composition. After a roll in the photographic hay, your subject can head over to the wall of crystal beads for some playful shots against the most perfectly lit, thick horizontal stripes. With 15’ ceilings, feel free to bring your tallest props and stands.

7. Get some super-sized snap shots in a secluded luxury retreat

secluded luxury retreat rental dallas texas
Source: Peerspace

When they say everything is bigger in Texas, this is what they’re talking about. This extremely private space can accommodate over 30 guests. That’s room for your entire crew and maybe a few barnyard animals. The interior features stunning rock walls and floral details. The fireplace is a great spot for portraits with its accent lighting and large, brick bumper. Along with the extravagant interior comes a three-story treehouse, 150-foot water slide, a rockwall, and a pool with hot tub — giving you the option to shoot multiple styles in one location. You’ll never run out of ideas here.

8. Dream big at White Rock Lake

white rock lake dallas
Source: Pixabay

Sometimes a great photoshoot is as simple as heading to the water. White Rock Lake is a tranquil escape from the city with its dreamy marina and big Texas skies. Use this location for romantic, all-American styles. Then head next door to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden for a taste of regal Texas. The perfectly manicured hedges and lawns are great for adding interesting lines to your compositions.

9. Go pro in a sun-drenched production studio

production studio rental dallas
Source: Peerspace

Calling all pros and experienced shutterbugs! Shake up your photo routine by stepping into this private photography studio in Expo Park. Here, you’ll have the ability to create compelling shots with a rolling backdrop wall, astroturf wall, and four giant windows with gauze curtains that provide beautifully filtered natural light. If that’s not enough, you can also rent professional lighting from the studio and set your backdrop up anywhere you please.

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