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Our 15 Favorite Female Photographers on Instagram Right Now

We come to you with some of the best female photographers on Instagram. We can’t say definitively because who are we to decide that? However, these 15 women have unique and striking work that really stands out as special.

In this list, we have photojournalists who document life all over the world in vibrant, spirited photographs; artists who unerringly take sideways glances at daily life; expert photographers of the human form; and more. If you’re looking to be inspired or wanting to add some additional beauty to your Instagram feed, give these 15 photographers a look.

1. Kelia Anne MacCluskey

Kelia Anne MacCluskey’s photographs create a sense of being outside of time by using muted color, close-up portraiture, centralized figures often with the backgrounds masked out, disembodied photos of hands and mouths, as well as juxtaposition of materials. Her photos explore color in a very elemental way. And she often manages to catch beauty in a variety of emotions that are relatively unexplored in photography.

2. Felicia Simion 

Felicia Simion’s photographs say a lot. Located in Bucharest, Simion takes photos of a variety of subjects, ranging from muted, highly textured portraiture to wild and strange conceptual pieces. There are also some fairly adorable and highbrow cat pictures. Give her page a gander and see a part of the world you have yet to experience.

3. Diana Mehrez

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Diana Mehrez is a self-taught photographer based in Lebanon. Her photos of architecture, people, and natural landscapes exhibit her profound interest in symmetry, patterns, reflection and shadow, and, perhaps most of all, absence. They capture something about the way our lives are layered over each other and yet how briefly those connections come into focus. 

4. Carlota Guerrero 

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Victoria y Sofía ⚖️🔗🖇

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Carlota Guerrero is a photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. Her photographs are extremely varied –– photos of the human form at rest or in poses of dance, as well as photos that incorporate myth or seem to pose questions about gender. All of the photos are so self-assured, though, that they never appear to be trying to tell you anything in particular — they exist merely to show you something.

5. Renell Medrano

Renell Medrano has taken a lot of photos of well-known individuals, but her portraits and photos of the outdoors, nightlife, and everyday life –– of friendships and relationships –– are all stunning. Her photos manage to cut through expectation in a way that exposes the subject’s vulnerability, and she does this consistently.

6. Danielle Villasana

Danielle Villasana is a photojournalist based in Istanbul, Turkey. Her photos encompass a variety of real-life subjects, including the lives of everyday people in her country and that of displaced people. Her photos are occasionally heartbreaking, but they’re all taken with compassion and focus, such that her subjects are never diminished by her photos. Check out Danielle Villasana’s Instagram to see a part of the world you may know little about.

7. Tammy Volpe 

Tammy Volpe is a photographer out of both Bali and Tokyo. Her Instagram feed is a mixture of photographs from her personal life with her family, as well as pictures from her professional shoots, such as the one above. All of her photos have a tongue-in-cheek, youthful color. And oftentimes, her optimism is quite contagious.

8. Becca Alfafara 

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winter is winning the battle. #fallvswinter

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Becca Ralfafara lives at Glacier National Park; she is unique among the photographers on this list in that her photos are primarily of the landscape and wild animals. She’s a natural photographer, surrounded by unlimited natural beauty. Follow her if you’d like to see pictures of snow-covered mountains reflected in pools of water or snapshots of animals, such as enormous shaggy mountain goats or bears just chilling.

9. Joyce SZE NG

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Better together. Inclusive pleats.

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Joyce Ng is an awesomely weird photographer with an amazing eye. She manages to be narrative and surreal without diminishing the beauty of her models, their clothes, or her props. If you’re looking for material to spark your creativity, definitely give Joyce Ng’s Instagram a look. It’s equal parts cheeky and mesmerizing.

10. Jessica Lehrman

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Happy Valentine's Day.

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Jessica Lehrman is another on the list who has taken plenty of pictures of famous people. She also snaps stunning editorial photos, and her daily and candid photos are creative and can have a pretty humorous bent. Everything she does seems to be done with great attention.

11. Caroline Mackintosh

Caroline Mackintosh’s photographs are warm, subtle, and quite loving. She’s known for her nude art and has produced a large number of them — which are incredibly shot and well-modeled photos, with beautiful subtleties of emotion. If you like photos that find awe in the mundane, check out her Instagram.

12. Elizabeth Wirija 

Elizabeth Wirija is an Indonesian photographer currently based in NYC. Her fashion photos are fierce, bursting with color. Her staging and direction are alternatively whimsical and sensual, and her choice of models is always spot on. 

13. Lissa Rivera 

Lissa Rivera’s photos are stunning and otherworldly. She seems to have an incredible emotional connection with her subjects, seeming to always be able to make the photos what the subject needs them to be. This is proof of her subjects’ talent and depth of feeling, as well as proof of the artist’s own unique gift.

14. Emily Beaver

Emily Beaver is an experienced music photographer with a distinctive style. After years on the music scene in Nashville, she’s now based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Her photos create a sense of timelessness, capturing today’s world in an extremely retro way. Give her work a look if you like action-filled, black-and-white photos, as well as muted photos with a grainy retro vibe.

15. Stella Johnson 

Stella Johnson is a documentary photographer of the very top order. Her photos capture the big and small details of a variety of peoples, cultures, and cities. They’re filled with scenes of love, industry, awe, gritty truths, and with the unabashed joy of youth, which seems to be present everywhere there is peace in the world. Check her work out if you consider yourself a lover of the real world.

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