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The 5 Best Fine Art Photographers in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is a smaller area compared to a city like Phoenix in neighboring Arizona, so that means it can be quite a challenge to find a visionary photographer that goes above and beyond. Regardless, there are working artists whose refined eye and sensibilities lend their work a refreshing perspective. If you’re looking to work with some of the most talented creatives in New Mexico, take a look at the best fine art photographers in Albuquerque.

1. Zak Coker

Self-taught photographer Zak Coker combines his love for travel, adventures, and photography to create breathtaking landscape images. A consistent visionary, he employs muted earth tones, embracing deep shadows and a moody ambiance. While Albuquerque is his home, his portfolio takes us on travels across the world at large, including Havana, the deserts of the Southwest, and beyond. One of the top-tier Albuquerque fine art photographers, Zak uses both modern digital and film-like editing styles to show the diversity inherent in the simple interplay of air and light. 

2. Kim Jew

Kim Jew’s fine art portrait style is a blend of commercial and classic portraiture techniques. Considering his clients include every American President since Bill Clinton, as well as celebrities like Robert De Niro Sr., and Picasso’s mistress, Francoise Gilot, there’s no question Kim is one of the best fine art photographers in Albuquerque right now. Despite working in studio, Kim and the photographers trained in his style look for candid moments over posed ones, seeking authentic breaks through the sometimes rigid masks we present to the world. He even encourages his subjects to bring their favorite music, clothes, and any other props that bring a sense of comfort — all the better for finding moments of truth through photography.

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3. Tony Gregory Photography

Tony Gregory is a seeker of connection, emotions, empathy, and he’s immortalizing it all through his photography. Operating in studio, in the outdoors, as well as on location, he’s a versatile and dynamic photographer who takes on a little bit of everything, from sports to product images. But his fine art approach really shines through in his portraiture. Here, Tony captures not only the beauty of form, but also employs a variety of editing styles that add or take emphasis away from aspects of his subjects as needed. The portraits go beyond simple documentation and showcase an individuality that’s the mutual collaboration of subject and artist.

4. Tricia Capello

Tricia’s latest work, 11:11, has a dark/light, yin/yang quality to it that compels the viewer to contemplate her creative thought process and inspiration. By exploring unplanned moments that speak to her fine art vision, she raises consciousness within herself as well as that of onlookers of her work. She’s represented by Richard Levy Gallery, which is based in Albuquerque, and spends the majority of her time north of Boston.

As Tricia describes her approach, “We are in a shift, a collective shift towards self realization and connection. I like many, I am being drawn to help raise consciousness, awaken and open hearts. My work is one part of this unfolding, it explores the expansiveness of the human condition and peeks behind the veil of metaphors existing in our everyday.” Her work often has a minimalistic character that invokes silence, stillness, and the sacredness of everyday miracles and form.

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5. Anthony Lopez of Duke City Pix

Covering a little bit of every genre, from events to automotive images, Anthony Lopez infuses all of his work with a touch of his own fine art approach. He embraces glowing highlights and punchy, high dynamic range (HDR) captures in much of his work that creates a “beyond real” quality to his work. Almost as if a veil were being lifted from his subjects, so we see them as they are, a hallmark trait of many fine art photographers! He often uses this style in his landscape images as well, which pairs nicely with the bright desert skies and stark sandstone mounts. Many of Anthony’s fine art environmental portraiture involves classic cars and fashion-forward models, hearkening back to simpler eras and a whimsical style of photography. 

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