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The 5 Best Fine Art Photographers in Baltimore

Fine art is a very subjective genre, and it can sometimes be hard to pick out true fine art from traditional photography styles. Not to mention, the Baltimore fine art photography scene is incredibly competitive, as one might expect of Charm City. So, how to find the best photographers to create images suitable for commercial and residential wall art? Don’t worry, we’ve done the legwork for you and curated a list of the top fine art photographers in Baltimore! Check out their impressive work.

1. Fred Silber

Fred Silber is a fine art photographer in Baltimore whose work has found homes in many private collections and exhibitions, as well as displays at institutions, such as the University of Maryland. Some of Fred’s most distinguished clients include former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, and Itzhak Perlman. One thing we love about Fred’s fine art is how diverse his subject matter is. He photographs everything from wildlife to architecture. The chaos of a junkyard might catch his eye one moment, and the next, he gives an abstract take on a building. His facility with various subject matters is a rarity but somewhat expected, given his background as a photography instructor. Most of Fred’s work is in vivid color, but he occasionally delves into monochrome photography as well, using fine detail, form, and exposure time adjustments to carry the subject’s story.

2. Alysia & Jayson

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This husband-and-wife photographer duo knows exactly what it takes to capture fine art wedding photography. Alysia & Jayson have mastered classical portraiture, environmental and landscape shots, and documentary-style shooting for an all-inclusive style that — combined with their dual shooting — meets every need a client could want! Classic portraits are collaborations with artists and subjects in a moment of perfection designed to convey an exact emotional and visual vision. Environmental portraits that use bridges, greenhouses, and meadows to enhance the feelings of spontaneity, freedom, and joy. We also love their editing style — a tasteful, muted tonality that enhances earth tones and golden-hour lighting, as well as flatters skin tones.

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3. E. Brady Robinson

Robinson is a former associate professor at the University of Central Florida School of Visual Arts and Design, as well as a former faculty member at the Corcoran College of Art & Design, Georgetown University, and UGA Cortona, Italy. Her work covers a very diverse range of subjects, from documentary photography and photo essays to culinary arts images. Robinson’s It’s Complicated series is especially impactful, taking personal experience and sticking to small-format cameras like smartphones to fully capture the life of a single woman in the 21st century. She’s a fan of on-camera flash, great natural colors and skin tones, and filling the frame with her subject matter.

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4. Kimberly Zerfas

Kimberly is a talented fine art wedding photographer covering the Baltimore area. While she’s always loved photography as a means of expressing the splendor of the world, she has a special love of weddings. In Kim’s own words: “Whether I am photographing a groom’s first look at his bride walking down the aisle or grandma getting down on the dance floor, I am honored to be along for the ride!” One of the strongest points to Kimberly’s photography is her eye for background elements. Trees don’t just look pretty — she arranges her subjects so they frame them from behind. Textured barn doors, brick walls, railroad tracks, all of it contributes to the story, and not a single element is left behind in her work. She uses a subdued color palette that’s at the leading edge of today’s fine art wedding photography.

5. Jordan Marsh

Fine art aerial, ballistic, and landscape photographer Jordan Marsh covers two photography genres that rarely intersect, and he shoots both with incredible faculty. The bold colors and frames filled with his subjects laughing, crying, kissing, and singing are a delight to look through. His work often takes on a film-inspired grain and color tonality, while other times a rich, saturated look all his own. Jordan’s landscape images run the gamut from destinations like Iceland and Norway to abstracts, featuring sand dunes, vegetation, and water. Jordan’s eye for detail and his ability to use color to convey his artistic vision are unmatched, making him one of the best fine art photographers in Baltimore!

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