The 8 Best Fine Art Photographers in Boston

Boston is world-famous for lighthouses, a big-city skyline, and its very own regional accent. Boston has enough charm for visitors and locals alike. It’s no wonder nearly 20 million people from around the world pass through the Cradle of Liberty each year. Whether you’re new or a transplant, if you’re in the area and looking for fine art photography, you’re in even more luck: Boston has hundreds of talented photographers to choose from. But which are the most talented of all? We’ve narrowed down the top fine art photographers in Boston for your convenience!

1. Juergen Roth

Juergen’s work is a mixture of both natural and man-made wonders of New England. He shoots cityscapes, landscapes, oceanside, flowers, insects, boats, and anything else that catches his eye. His color photography displays vivid tones that remain tastefully true to life and are especially well-suited to outdoor and nature photography. His insect macro fine art photography is especially captivating, and it’s a testament to his patience considering most of it was shot in the outdoors! Juergen runs two galleries, Juergen and Roth Gallery, both of which operate out of Natick, MA. And as a member of the New England Photography Guild, he’s an active participant in the Boston photography scene.

2. Ann Lyle

If you’re looking for fine art newborn and baby photography, then Ann has you covered. As one of the most creative fine art photographers in Boston, she brings her own refined style to each photoshoot. Using natural poses and studio lights, Ann captures your child wearing adorable photoshoot outfits (provided, if necessary) with studio props, including handmade baskets and beds. Newborns, milestone cake-smash sessions, and maternity shoots are all available. Her color choices are a mixture between earth tones, bright, eye-catching colors, and pastel shades to suit the tastes of her clients. Soft diffused light flatters the fresh skin tones of each baby. And their outfits complement each backdrop and prop in the scene; every element gets carefully considered for the portrait.

3. Keitaro Yoshioka

Keitaro is an educator, as well as an architecture/interior design and fine arts photographer. During his studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, he won the Boston Globe Photo Contest Award and Best of American College Photography Annual Award. Keitaro’s work was also displayed at the New Wave International Photography Exhibition in Paris, France, as well as galleries across New York City. His style ranges from commercial/editorial to posed portraiture with a mixture of both on-location and in-studio work. We love the sharp, bold coloring Keitaro favors, as well as his capacity for capturing interior design angles that show off the artistry of a space. The complex lines of a stairwell or marble accents of a bathroom can sometimes be overlooked in favor of the entire space. Instead, Keitaro’s compositions use every element of the scene.

4. Karin Dailey

Karin divides her art equally between natural light and studio photography. Her clients include M.Gemi, Marshalls, Touchstone Crystal, TJ Maxx, and others. Her work is mostly editorial, commercial, and fashion fine art photography with largely female subjects. Karin is incredibly talented at finding natural poses that flatter each subject’s best features as much as their wardrobe. We especially love how well she fills the frame with her subjects, finding unconventional angles and poses that draw the eye. An equal mix of true-to-life and vivid colors are her favorite choices to work with.

5. Bob, Lauri, and Ariel Priestley

This family photographer team operates a boutique studio north of Boston. The Priestleys shoot weddings, portraits, events, high school seniors, real estate, and business headshots. Looking through their portfolio, we’re especially enchanted by their outdoor portraiture, with vegetation framing subjects and fill light perfectly complementing the warm natural light outdoors. They shoot almost exclusively color photography, choosing tasteful, natural grading over overly processed, “digital-looking” art. Their children’s portraits also include delightful outfits for milestones and holidays. Even their pet portraits are noteworthy, with optional doggy outfits and family sessions with the dog as part of the package. The Priestleys cover nearly every base possible for photographers today.

6. Stefanie Lynn of The Pouting Room

Boudoir photography is the fine art Stefanie specializes in. Her work is a natural outgrowth of her desire to help people understand and appreciate themselves. In her own words: “As women, we are so hard on ourselves, especially with society’s unachievable standards of beauty. My sessions and the resulting photographs allow my clients, from all walks of life, to take time to appreciate just how beautiful, desirable, strong, and sexy they are.”

Her Upton studio features several rooms tastefully decorated to suit the mood of your photoshoot, but Stefanie also works on location. She then guides each client through natural poses if needed and creates stunning works of fine art. Stefanie’s lighting ranges from bright and bold to subdued and shadowy. Both work to create images that showcase the inherent beauty of each of her clients. If you’re looking for classy boudoir, Stefanie is one of the best fine art photographers in Boston who shoots in this style.

7. Roberto Farren

Boston-based landscape photographer Roberto finds himself capturing images across New England. His portfolio takes us to Maine, many parts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and beyond: iconic seaside lighthouses, docks, the thundering surf, and more, all in glorious color. Roberto is especially fond of long-exposure images that create beautiful soft smears of clouds and waves. Motion is frozen in each photograph. Foreground interest points like rocks and boats help seal the composition as 100% intriguing from start to finish. Most of his fine art landscapes are wide-angle shots that tell the story from a sense of spaciousness.

8. Bob Avakian

Bob’s work unites his love of architecture with the evening hours of the day. His photography is an expression of the exploration of the solitude of the night and the rural environment. Looking through his portfolio, we see single buildings standing solo on a hill or corner street. A large, dark sky sits above, with lighting provided by the moon or lights from within the house itself. The color palette ranges from sepia and monochrome to subtle shades of gold and purple that lend atmosphere to the dusky twilight scenes. Bob’s work is part of the collections of the Boston Athenaeum, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, the Danforth Art Museum, and other distinguished locations. If you’re looking for fine art to give culture to a residential or commercial space, Bob is a top choice.

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