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The 7 Best Fine Art Photographers in Buffalo

Buffalo, NY, is one of many American Rust Belt cities experiencing a revival and cultural Renaissance; young creatives are flocking to this Upstate New York destination in droves to take up residence in former warehouses and business districts. The Queen City is reinventing itself through art, and Buffalo in particular boasts many talented and forward-thinking creatives. Check out the top fine art photographers in Buffalo working today.

1. Alana Adetola Fajemisin of Alana Adetola Arts Photography

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Alana Adetola Fajemisin’s work as a fine art photographer reaches across diverse genres to find the purest expression of her vision as an artist. Rather than being defined simply as a portrait or commercial photographer, Alana transcends any labels or typecasting and produces thought-provoking images that tell a story. And while the narrative in her pictures is at times true to life, it’s also shaped by her refreshing world view. She often creates intimate closeups of her subjects that fill the frame with candid moments of connection, revealing the beautiful complexity of each person.

As she describes it, “Truly gratifying, extremely meaningful, & very raw moments are much too precious to guide. I lead with intuition, so I will guide when I feel it’s necessary. I will kick back when I feel that it’s not.” Her individuality and refined approach is why we’ve chosen her as one of the most talented Buffalo fine art photographers.

2. Jessica Ahrens Photography

Jessica Ahrens is a gifted photographer whose film roots are evident in her love of the elegance and subtlety of monochrome. A fine art photographer, Jessica boasts impressive work that has a definite character to it. Instead of merely documenting the moments during an event or portrait shoot, she creates a visual masterpiece, applying careful consideration to her use of shadow, space, and background. She embraces the dark as another manifestation of light, employing silhouettes and shadows to create a mood. Backgrounds can be the venue or even the subjects themselves, depending on her creative expression in the moment.

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3. Colin Collins Designs

As one of the top fine art photographers in Buffalo, Colin Collins covers a myriad of subjects, from weddings to landscapes. In general, fine art photographers aim to convey their distinctive world view using their subjects as a template. Colin’s vision is a vivid one, rich with emotions and care. He weaves stories of couples celebrating the new life of an infant, lighthouse views on a sunset shoreline, and more — all with a subtlety that goes beyond simple portrait captures. It appears Colin prefers using a color profile that’s as vibrant as his vision, without using the washed-out highlights and desaturated tones that are the norm in today’s photography world.

4. Jeffrey T. Barnes Photography

Professional photographer Jeffrey T. Barnes has been behind the camera lens in Buffalo and beyond since 1992. With his master’s degree in photography and membership in the esteemed Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Jeffrey is the real deal. Fun fact: He’s a collector of vintage photography and cameras, a passion that occasionally shows through his fine art. His monochrome captures of classic cars, skylines, and abandoned buildings are a prime example. Jeffrey’s fine art vision also shows through in his portraits, with subjects striking poses that emphasize strength, emotions, or simply playfulness.

5. Chelsea Victoria Photography

Fine art portrait and wedding photographer Chelsea Victoria uses a novel approach to find inspiration in candid moments, weaving a meaningful vision of the world for us to enjoy. Golden-hour light, waves pounding the coastline of Lake Erie, and expressions of love are some of her favorite subjects to shoot. She employs a consistent earth-tone color palette that allows textures, light, and form to stand out a bit more.

We love how diverse her subjects tend to be; couples, children at play, animals, pets, and nature are just a sampling of the work she’s curated over the years. Chelsea’s signature style of mixing contemporary, classic, and unique elements makes her one of the most thoughtful fine art photographers in Buffalo.

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6. John Angelo Photography

Buffalo photographer John Angelo Lattanzio has extensive experience in the artistic world, starting in 2003 with his university education at Full Sail University, and then at L’Accademia di belle arti in Florence, Italy, under the wing of acclaimed photographer Leonardo Degli Innocenti. As a master fine art photographer, John works on both sides of the Atlantic to capture breathtaking and often dynamic scenes with a drone’s-eye view, as well as at street level. In his own words, “My goal as a photographer; Shoot what hasn’t been shot or shoot what has been shot differently providing my clients with not only an image but a work of art.”

7. Nick Rider of Strange Maka Photography

Native Hawaiian Nick Rider is a whimsical fine art and commercial photographer living in Buffalo. It’s no wonder he named his biz Strange Maka — maka being Hawaiian for “eyes” — his strange eye makes him one of the most insightful Buffalo fine art photographers. Film, literature, music, and other cultural aspects are a large part of his work, as is his playful nature as a conceptual artist. Nick’s work is never simple — even his portraits show us something new through a color profile, expression, plane of focus, or other compositional element. He’s constantly shaking things up in an interesting way, and it’s this approach that gives his work real character.

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