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The 5 Best Fine Art Photographers in Denver

Denver is a thriving hub known for eclectic residents who enjoy embracing the outdoors and frequenting world-class artistic venues. The Mile High City beckons to creatives around the world, and established photographers have called it home for decades while new transplants continue to carve their own niche. When it comes to the most talented and innovative Denver fine art photographers, there are several who stand out among the rest. Check out our top picks.

1. Patrick Andrade of Relic Fine Art

Patrick Andrade is a former conflict photographer who pivoted into becoming a fine-art specialist. His heirloom-quality portraits use plates of aluminum (tintypes) or black glass (ambrotypes) instead of photographic paper or digital media. These timeless physical works can last centuries if well-kept. Wet plate processing is one of the earliest photography technologies, and it’s a complex process that was used to document the American Civil War. His creative approach to image reproduction is unique and, if you’re looking for vintage gifts for yourself or others, Patrick’s work is absolutely mesmerizing.

2. David Balyeat

As a landscape photographer, David Balyeat has made a career out of creativity, curiosity, and exploration. A self-taught artist, he has ventured to desert landscapes, seasides, and cities around the world to capture his vision. We love how well his images tell the story of a space. Be it a mountain range or the sea, he rarely uses foreground elements that distract, and only occasionally does he include human elements in his nature images. His images are of a pure wilderness in bold color or stark monochrome that reveals textures, forms, and shadows for our enjoyment. His cityscapes are just as interesting, with an emphasis on golden/blue-hour lighting and night photography. David’s large-format prints ensure that fine details are preserved no matter how much of your wall you want to cover. David’s easily one of the best fine art photographers in Denver.

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3. Anthony Camera

With a name like Anthony Camera, can there be any doubt about his ability to photograph fine art? As a commercial, editorial, environmental portrait, and fine art photographer, Anthony has a number of diverse styles that influence his work. Looking through his fine-art portfolio, we see an urban edge that threads the entire body of work. Portraits, both studio and environmental, have a quirky, almost whimsical quality to them — there’s a playfulness that goes beyond simply documenting each subject. Anthony often uses muted tones to suggest color without allowing it to detract too much from the form, expression, and character of his clients. Other times, he uses color to bold effect when it adds to a work.

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4. Melissa Brielle

Melissa Brielle is one of the few photographers today who has the ability and technical know-how to shoot both film and digital media. She offers the best of both words for her clients. As a documentary-style fine art wedding photographer, she seeks to capture moments in the most authentic way possible. In her own words: “The goal is to capture your wedding day as it unfolds without being obtrusive, in the most beautiful, and organic form.” She works in the background capturing every emotional embrace, laugh, and tear-jerking moment. Her colors are a delightful, classic wedding blend of muted color tones, pastel shades, and bright highlights that give a warm glow to the entire image. By bathing her subjects in light, Melissa breathes a sense of freedom, spontaneity, and fresh new life into fine art wedding photography. 

5. Megan Anderson of Graphique Photography

Megan Anderson’s passion lies in beauty, fashion, portrait, children, and senior portrait fine art photography. Her work has even graced the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine. Bringing gentle guidance through natural poses and a thorough understanding of both natural light and studio lighting, Megan’s photography is vibrant and eye-catching. We especially enjoy how well Megan fills the frame with her subjects. In her studio work, Megan gets up close and personal, displaying comfort with her clients and empathy that reflects in their natural, relaxed smiles. We also enjoy the sheer diversity of her studio poses; sometimes shoulders lead, other times people stand front and center. Megan is incredible at finding the best expression of her subjects, and it’s no surprise she’s one of the top fine art photographers in Denver!

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