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The 7 Best Fine Art Photographers in El Paso

El Paso is a massively underrated city in far west Texas on the border with Mexico. Chucotown’s delights include access to incredible outdoor spots like Big Bend and some of the best Tex-Mex (and Mex-Mex!) you’ll find this side of the Rio Grande. A decent number of talented fine art photographers call El Paso home, creating stunning artwork suitable for walls, photo albums, and more. If you’re in need of fine art prints, worry not! We’ve assembled a list of the most adept fine art photographers in El Paso as of 2019.

1. Sazhrah Gutierrez of Studio Gemini

Editorial, commercial, and fine art photographer Sazhrah Gutierrez is a studio and on-location photographer in El Paso with a stunningly well-defined style all her own. There’s impeccable studio lighting control that gives a dramatic character to her work. Combined with carefully chosen makeup, wardrobes, and poses Sazhrah’s work covers themes from moody and classic to more whimsical sessions. We especially love how well she embraces shadows and non-standard poses that impart individuality to each portrait session. Rest assured if you need someone to cover your next portrait session, Sazrah is one of the best fine art photographers in El Paso today.

2. Cindy and Alex Solon

Wedding photographer duo Alex and Cindy Solon started both their relationship and business in the city of El Paso. This connection and their shared love of photography naturally grew into wanting to document portraiture, couples, and weddings for others in their adopted city. The Solons mix timeless monochrome styles and color photography with effortless ease. In their color photography, they readily use a variety of styles ranging from a desaturated color tone that imparts a classic flavor to bright, bold hues that give an entirely different character to their work. By collaborating with their clients, they have the ability to co-create exactly the professional vision they’re looking for.

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3. Luis Romero

Event, fine art, and wedding photographer Luis Romero caught our attention through the stunning wide-angle take to most of his images. Most photographers prefer standard and telephoto lenses that bring you up close and personal as a viewer. Luis does use these, but also mixes in quite a few environmental portraiture shots that ]help him stand out from the other fine art wedding photographers out there.

His composition, use of natural and added light, and outdoor location or venue choices offer even more diversity to his wide-angle style. Luis uses a very natural color grading style that gives a true-to-life take on his subjects. His subdued documentary style compares nicely against the more highly edited images that are standard to today’s wedding photography. If you’re looking for a photographer with a unique yet straightforward approach, Luis Romero is one of the best fine art photographers in El Paso today.

4. Chris Sollart

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Fine art wedding Chris Sollart brings over 20 years of experience in the industry to each wedding. One note that really sticks with us is how special he views each and every one! In his own words: “I’ve photographed nearly a thousand weddings. It continues to amaze and inspire me that every wedding is completely unique and heartwarming, as are the people in it.” For someone who will see far more weddings than the majority of us ever will, it says something that Chris can continue to bring wonder, joy, and a fresh creative perspective to each shoot.

As a seasoned professional, Chris brings a finely honed style all his own, with a mixture of classic portraits, environmental portraiture, and documentary photography to fully tell the story of your wedding day. His color palette favors earth tones, skin tones, and highlights, ranging from natural whites to golden-hour hues that glow with warmth. Chris also touches on monochrome photography on occasion as well, using dramatic lighting and monochrome tones for a classic, film-like quality.

5. Charlene Batres

Charlene Batres covers several genres, including newborn, maternities, boudoir, senior portraits, and event photography in El Paso. Her work employs a distinct style, with a vibrant color grading that flatters skin tones. In addition, she uses a mixture of natural and studio light as needed. Charlene pays special attention to clothing and skin tones that work with her backgrounds, showing a strong knowledge of color theory.

Her natural poses are especially adept at showcasing natural feminine beauty, from seniors to maternity shoots. Her studio sessions with children are just as vivid and cheerful, with whimsical outfits that create a sense of delight and freedom to go along with the smiles of her subjects. Charlene’s portraiture goes far beyond simply taking portraits and truly embodies the spirit of “fine art!”

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6. Mayra Razo

Mayra Razo reminds us of the fleeting nature of each and every moment of your child’s lives. She puts it best in her own words: “The reality is that our kids grow up faster than we realize. One day they’re crawling all over the place and putting things in their mouth and the next thing we know they are going on their first date… The best way to keep these memories fresh in everyone’s mind is by having portraits at key stages of a child’s life.”

This way, you, your children, or your grandchildren will never struggle to wonder what your children were like at each phase of their development! The sheer diversity of outfits, lighting options, styles, color grading, and natural poses she offers in her work is incredible! Her newborn images have a fine art take that would look fantastic on a wall, in an album, or gracing a magazine cover. Mayra also does family portrait sessions in the area, using scenic outdoor locations and natural light for gorgeous environmental portraiture. Her fluency with both studio and outdoor shooting makes her one of the most talented El Paso fine art photographers.

7. Brian Wancho

Brian Wancho covers portraits, commercial, architecture, and landscape travel photography in El Paso and the surrounding area. His portraits are a mixture of classic portraiture, corporate headshots, and environmental portraiture that’s well-suited for business and brand requirements. Brian also offers fine art prints for interior design showcasing El Paso’s skyline in a style that shows the expansive sprawl of the city in a natural manner. His editing uses a light tough that, combined with his elevated view, creates art suitable for any residential or commercial space.

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