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The 8 Best Fine Art Photographers in Houston

Houston, the most populous city in Texas, is a thriving metropolis home to more Fortune 500 headquarters than any American city (with the exception of NYC, of course), 7 million people spread throughout the metro area, and sports teams, like the Astros! It’s also considered the most racially and ethnically diverse major metropolis in the country. Houston has something for everyone — and, if you’re looking for fine art to grace your wall or computer screen, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled the top fine art photographers in Houston for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Alexander Gubski

Landscape artist Alexander Gubski is undoubtedly one of the best fine art photographers in Houston. We love that Alexander is entirely a one-man show; he does all the work, from capturing the image to post-processing. From there, he prints, mounts, frames, and crates each piece himself for shipment. Being an army of one helps keep his prices competitive despite each work being limited edition. In his own words: “I really get a kick when I mount a huge high-resolution print and relive the experience of being in front of wonder of nature once again.” Alexander’s images are full of richly saturated tones and spectacular skies full of color. No part of the composition is wasted; he pays attention to each detail. Places as diverse as Greece, California, and Venice can be visited via a glance through his portfolio!

2. Kathleen O. Ryan

Kathleen’s years of journalism, fashion modeling, and portrait/events photography have all played a part in shaping her into one of the best fine art photographers in Houston. Her photography is centered around cityscapes, nature, and cities, such as Paris, France. Looking through her images in France, we love that she manages to capture scenes from such a bustling metropolis without people. There are plenty of hints of humanity, but the architectural character is wonderfully isolated. And in nature, her images showcase greenery: trees and plants that capture the eye through color, patterns, blooms, or rows. Kathleen’s portrait work also has strong artistic elements; her journalism background definitely shows. Images often have backgrounds with storytelling elements, such as a barn or horse. And, instead of a blurred, shallow depth of field, we get a sense of who each person is in her work.

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3. Tim Herschbach

From vision to viewfinder to final print, Tim is in control of each and every aspect of his landscape photography. His fine art is exclusively landscape photography in a mix of both color and monochrome. Both styles work equally well; monochrome is great for bringing out patterns in sharp detail, and color’s perfect for appreciating pastel sunsets or fall foliage. Huge expanses play a central role, with many images dominated by the sky looming over a small strip of land, rocky plains, or distant mountains. Tim’s locations include iconic landscape settings like Mono Lake or El Capitan, as well as unnamed views caught on the road when the light and angle are just right. In Tim’s words: “Remarkable detail, thoughtful composition, and a full range of contrast are my favorite tools that I utilize to create my expressive fine art prints.” And his images absolutely prove the truth of his words.

4. Christina Kujanpaa

Christina is one of the most talented maternity, child, newborn, and family fine art photographers we’ve seen in the Houston area. Her color palette of pastels and whites coupled with strong white lighting gives a sense of purity and joy to her images. She also uses both candid-style images, as well as natural poses to create artwork with lasting impact. As Christina and former clients will both tell you: she has a natural gift for making people feel relaxed and spontaneous during her shoots. She also brings expert advice, such as what weeks are best for maternity shots, how to pose your baby, props, and more to the table.

5. Sontera Mader of Lighthouse Boudoir

Boudoir specialists are not common, and photographers as talented as Sontera even rarer. You can choose to shoot a session at her own home studio, with exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and large windows to suit the mood. Alternatively, she’s more than willing to shoot at your location of choice, and she welcomes additional women interested in capturing themselves in their sexiest and most confident selves! We love the quality of her images, slightly muted tones to monochromes that suit the studio lighting and textures. Her poses are natural, yet emphasize all of the best features of her clients. As a proud member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers and Do More Photographers, you can rest assured Sontera is one of the most thoughtful fine art photographers in Houston.

6. Mabry Campbell

Mabry is a fine arts photographer with an incredible eye for monochrome photography. He has an eye for bringing out sharp details and subjects from unexpected, interesting angles. His skies are especially intriguing, as long exposures help create washed-out clouds for an almost surrealist presentation. Landscapes and architecture worldwide play a prominent role in his fine art: New Mexico, Texas, and Iceland are some of Mabry’s favorite shooting locations. His list of shows, awards, and honors is far too long to list; and, if you’re especially a fan of black-and-white landscapes, check out Mabry’s incredible portfolio.

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7. Marsais

Covering weddings, portraits, and editorial fine art, Marsais offers quite a bit among the Houston photography scene. She is a fashion major turned photographer with a fierce love of film. Indeed, many of her images have film-esque influences, assuming they were shot digitally. Monochrome with delightful grain makes an appearance occasionally, and a lot of her work has an environmental portraiture style, with backgrounds like the sea or forests to help emphasize the beauty of the scene. Muted color palettes with natural skin tones round out her classic photography style.

8. Jeff Myers

Jeff has a massive portfolio, covering food, fine art, architecture, portraits, industrial shots, and more. He has an eye for storytelling, diversity, and rich color grading. His food images seem ready to roll off the monitor — condensation, sharp details, and sauces are all in perfect focus. In his own words, he “has honed his skills to a fine craft for corporations large and small, international and local — individuals, famous and not-so — all with an eye on developing visual images that can communicate and compel on diverse levels.”

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