The 7 Best Fine Art Photographers in Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s sandy beaches, blue waters, and offshore islands provide a fabulous backdrop for outdoor photography. Whether you’re looking for portraits for yourself or others, you not only have the Florida sun but hundreds of talented creatives to choose from! But what if you’re looking for more of a fine art approach to a project? That takes a specific vision — one not all photographers possess! That’s why we’ve assembled a list of the best fine art photographers in Jacksonville for your consideration. Each one of these photographers has something to offer through their unique fine art approaches.

1. Deremer Studios LLC

Deremer Studios in Jacksonville covers a wide range of photography, from automobile and racecar competitions to aerial images taken via drone. However, the studio’s fine art images are centered squarely around landscape and abstract photography. The abstract work in particular is striking and explores two central themes: Time & Motion, as well as Color Shift/IR photography.

These fine artworks take us on a beachfront exploration of the interplay between long exposures and the natural world. We’re treated to frozen time; images that showcase the pounding surf and endless rustle of grass in the wind. In addition, from Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia to Key West Lighthouse in Florida, Deremer Studios visits each of North America’s most iconic lighthouses.

2. Norman Kent Photography

Norman Kent is a gifted photographer who finds inspiration through love, courage, creativity, and passion for the art and his subjects. Norman’s fine art photography has particular elements we rarely see in this genre: silhouettes and wide-angle fields of view. By embracing the complex light behind silhouettes, we’re treated to the bare essential qualities of the human form in conjunction with the storytelling landscape. And in using a wide-angle view, Norman has much more in the scene to control or exclude, as well as lens distortion to manage. Wide-angle images are quite challenging compared to cropped fields of view.

3. Kristina Risinger of IBAM (Izzy Bee & Me) Photography

Kristina Risinger’s fine art approach is a celebration of the quiet, timeless beauty of nature. Textures, form, and portraits of humans and animals alike fascinate us as much as they do her. Kristina finds herself drawn to the calming aspects of the natural world, often taking macro images of flowers and insects for an exploration into the diversity that shapes Mother Nature.

Her fine art portraiture showcases film, classic, and contemporary influences that celebrate dance and the female form. When feeling inspired to do so, she will use a mixed-media approach, bringing the paintbrush into play to further hone the fine art vision that prompted the photo to begin with.

4. Christina Block Photography

Rather than focusing on only the extraordinary moments of life, Christina Block’s fine artwork is an expression of intimacy in day-to-day living. With decades of experience developing her fine art vision, she seeks to capture emotion through the visual medium. Her style mixes monochrome and a subdued color palette that embraces earth tones that allow form and detail to sing without intensely distracting hues.

She tends to shoot in a photojournalistic style, treating us to authentic, candid moments rather than strictly posed portraiture. Her nuance and preference for letting color take a back seat to form and composition makes her one of the most talented fine art photographers in Jacksonville today.

5. Oswar Photography

Oswar “Os” Nieves’s photography extends across genres. Dabbling in a little bit of everything, his fine art approach extends strongly into his newborn and maternity shoots. Celebrating new life, motherhood, and the purity of both mother and infant, his fine art vision ranges from classic to whimsical in its expression. Os’s style takes the viewer on a journey with his clients to beaches, sunflower fields, his own studio, and more.

Punchy and vibrant colors are his preferred way of expression, which suits his subjects particularly well. And above all, Os strives for the wordless preservation of each experience, as he says himself, “A photograph can speak a thousand words, can say what words can not, can talk quietly and transport us to a memory… your memory.”

6. Jennifer Tallerico of JT NOIR Fine Art Studios

Jennifer Tallerico is the artist behind JT NOIR Studios, specializing in fine art boudoir, underwater images, and children’s photography across Jacksonville and beyond. Her studio, located in Palatka, FL, is an airy loft with ample natural light, plenty of curtains to control the mood, and classic furniture that adds to the ambiance. Jennifer’s underwater photography is an incredible venture into the fine art world that everyone should try at least once. Her subjects wear clothes ranging from modern to fantastical and float, submerged in both water and ethereal light.

7. Tiger Gomez Photography

Tiger Gomez’s fine art photography is a celebration of one’s “best self,” the highest expression of each of her subjects. She focuses on the fashion, portrait, and editorial side of photography using her fine art approach to not only show us the beauty of her clients but her own particular take. Her images tend to be monochrome or desaturated with emphasis on the form, eyes, and lips, as well as the energy her subjects exude.

Strength and self-esteem are constant themes throughout her work, both in men and women. One of the best fine art photographers in Jacksonville, she brings her years of expertise to her shoots, as well as a crew of hair and makeup artists. Through this collaborative effort with her clients, Tiger leads them in creating stylized, intimate art with lasting impact.

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