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The 7 Best Fine Art Photographers in Kansas City

Kansas City, split between the two great states of Kansas and Missouri, is a Midwestern gem with tons of character. The City of Fountains includes such urban charms as Swope Park, museums, Crossroads Arts District, and more. And if you’re looking for a fine art photographer to document your destination wedding, downtown graduation, or lifestyle shoot, you not only have plenty of good backgrounds to choose from but a host of fine choices for photographers. Take a look at the most talented Kansas City fine art photographers working today.

1. Adrienne Maples

With work featured in The Knot, Modern Bride, KC Weddings, and more, Adrienne Maples is clearly one of the top wedding photographers in Kansas City. We adore her documentary style of shooting; while Adrienne does use natural posing for classic portraits, many of her top images showcase emotions, venue, family, and other elements that all come together into the story of the day.

She also shoots with equal proficiency in color and monochrome, using a true-to-life color grading and natural light style over more boisterous lighting or tonalities that appear artificial. Her client feedback is positively glowing as well, with one saying, “Her Southern charm mixed with her spunk, pizzazz, and enthusiasm is a perfect match for creating such beautiful memories during weddings.”

2. Brianne Elizabeth

Brianne’s style revolves around an editorial/documentary take on the big event. In her own words, “My philosophy is to keep it simple, timeless, and candid. Your images should be a reflection of you and your loved ones when the moments matter most.” Posed classic portraiture is kept to a minimum, allowing you and your loved ones to go about appreciating the event while she captures moments organically.

She uses a tonal range that’s a bit subdued in order to emphasize skin tones, textures in clothing and the background, imparting a timeless flavor to the image. If you’re looking for an editorial/documentary take on your next wedding, Brianne Elizabeth is one of the best fine art photographers in Kansas City today!

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3. Mike Jensen

Master photographer Mike Jensen covers landscapes and educational classes on the artform in the Kansas City metro area. Shooting with intent and purpose is a major part of Mike’s photography philosophy. As he describes it, “To be a purposeful photographer you have to get up early a lot, and stay up late a lot and continue to go back until you get the shot you envision.  You have to study the weather, the skies, the stars, the moon as well as the effect of the light on the terrain and other features.”

The artwork generated by his focus and intent takes us on journeys from the Serengeti to downtown Kansas City. His emphasis is on a true-to-life color palette that’s rich and brings out fine landscape details, such as flowers, sky tonal ranges, and more. Mike’s long-exposure night photography is also striking, taking advantage of the lack of light pollution in the remote areas of the US to showcase the Big Dipper, the Milky Way, and other celestial wonders normally hidden from urban dwellers.

4. Angie Harris

Former portrait and wedding photographer Angie Harris has turned full-time fine art wonder worker! Her photography is inspired by a love for finding beauty in simple things easily missed. Landscapes, plains buffalo, abandoned vehicles, and the Milky Way all make an appearance in local galleries and fairs in the Kansas City area. Angie is particularly adept at telling the story of spaces and objects abandoned and forgotten: old farm houses on the prairie, cemeteries, and tractors are fascinating with the right perspective. Anyone can take pictures of flowers and waterfalls, but it takes a creative eye to show us the innate beauty of the forgotten.

5. Tony Thompson

Architecture and interior photographer Tony Thompson offers a well-curated and consistent portfolio of fine art images centered around the Kansas City metro area. His work consists of high-contrast monochrome photography that brings out sharp details and tonal differences in the skies, shadows, and highlights of each scene.

Balanced compositions and a mixture of snapshots and long-exposure takes that create an almost painted look to clouds and water are more hallmarks of his style. Each image is available as an archival fine art print, framed print, canvas, metal, and other options to suit your interior decorating needs. If you’re looking for an artist skilled at showcasing the City of Fountains, Tony Thompson is among the best fine art photographers in Kansas City right now.

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6. Kelsi Kliethermes

Engagement and wedding fine art photography Kelsi Kliethermes is fully committed to her style of heirloom artwork, as she believes in the power of physical prints over digital media. You, your daughters, and her daughters in the future will look on with wonder at each piece. In her words, “Just like you, she will cherish your portraits, because they are real, because they are mesmerizing, because they create the first chapter of your life together as husband and wife. Those memories will remain with you, forever a wonderful piece of history, throughout all of your walks of life.”

Her signature style represents the very best of contemporary wedding photography. Kelsi’s color palette uses a soft pastel tone for a classic, flattering appearance, as well as bright highlights to create an even glow throughout. Her environmental portraiture does an incredible job of showcasing the venue, background elements, and bringing emphasis to the bride and groom. Lastly, we love how she uses soft focus techniques on many up-close images of the bride for an intimate, dreamy take!

7. Callista Bond

Family portraiture and wedding photographer Callista Bond has incredible talent in capturing connections and intimacy between her subjects. Some of our favorites are the tender images of parents holding their young children. The way she fills the frame with them reinforces the sense of safety and love. And whether it’s a bride and groom, family shot, or couple’s day in front of the camera, she’s always right up close getting the image.

This shows us just how adept she is at creating a relaxed, comfortable shooting space for her subjects. Callista uses a range of color choices, from monochrome to true-to-life color, and a diversity of color adjustments ranging from vivid to subdued, whichever best fits the creative vision of her clients. As an expert in color grading, connection, and composition, Callista Bond is one of the best fine art photographers in Kansas City for your next photoshoot.

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