The 6 Best Fine Art Photographers in Memphis

As the culture capital of blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll, Memphis, TN, has some of the most talented creatives in the United States. While music is what the Grind City is known for, there are loads of talented photographers here as well! We had to look through tons of talented art to find the best of what Memphis has to offer. So if you’re in need of a fine art take during your next photoshoot, we invite you to consider the top Memphis fine art photographers working today.

1. Chip Chockley

Chip Chockley is a Memphis-based photographer who covers an extremely diverse range of niches. His passion for the artform extends to weddings, family portraits, real estate, headshots, food, engagements, and editorial photography. Chip’s work has been featured in publications including The Commercial Appeal and many others. We love how many of Chip’s portrait images convey a sense of individuality in the poses and expressions of his subjects. His portraits cover both classic and environmental portraiture, with lovely outdoor backgrounds using fall leaves and golden-hour tones to create warmth. Plus, earth tones in the background bokeh works incredibly nicely with skin tones.

2. Shoot Me Dash

Dash has an incredible portfolio of wedding, event, portrait, and fashion images that we strongly recommend you look through! In particular, his fashion images range from trendy to whimsical, with fine art takes on cosplay, modern fashion, and a range of other individual styles. Dash also excels in environmental portraiture, using elements within the scenes to create emphasis on a subject, create a story, add drama, and more.

Each element in his environmental portraits is carefully considered for its impact on the subject as a whole. His color palette is quite diverse, ranging from a very natural, true-to-life style to more eclectic ranges of fantasy skies or monochrome takes. By collaborating with his clients, Dash uses his artistry to pull off nearly any sort of image they’re looking for. Dash’s skill with cameras, composition, and digital editing makes him easily one of the most thoughtful Memphis fine art photographers.

3. Kaitlyn Stoddard

Educator, artist, and photographer Kaitlyn Stoddard uses her work to explore the relationships humans have between each other and their physical environment. We see this exploration in her portraiture, wedding, and personal projects. Her personal style glories in bold natural light that bathes her subjects in a warmth that gives a sense of freshness and spaciousness to the image.

We also enjoy how many of her couples’ portraits incorporate aspects of playfulness over formal poses. Flowers and dresses are great, but how often do you get to see a portrait portfolio with helmets, canoes, and horses? This sort of playfulness is the mark of an artist with loads of creative ideas that help her stand out from the pack.

4. Susan Heard

Portrait photographer Susan Heard works with individuals, families, couples, and pets in the Memphis area. She uses both contemporary and classic takes on portraiture to craft exactly the image you’re seeking, including a fine art painted-portrait style that would grace any living space. Susan’s portrait style incorporates studio backgrounds and furniture, as well as advice on clothing choices that mesh well — especially important for group sessions. Susan’s portfolio also includes fine art and cityscapes that take viewers on journeys across Europe and the United States. 

5. Heather Strickland

Heather Strickland is a fine-art fashion, portrait, and lifestyle photographer who considers passion and intent to be essential to her personal style. In her own words, “Every image is intentional. I strive to exhibit a true craftsmanship, filled with creativity and undeniable passion, while also celebrating the true nature of my subject. Everybody has a story. I seek to tenderly, yet deliberately, portray each story, and bring it raging to life.” Looking through her work, we’re struck by the truth of this statement.

Her portraits show an individuality in the poses and expressions that give her work the mark of authenticity we love to see, even in classic posed portraiture. Her images’ backgrounds are quite diverse, ranging from urban landscapes to a park bench to forest glades. And her natural light style is a delight — warm without too much afterglow and always at a very even angle that’s flattering on skin. 

6. Allison Rodgers

Allison Rodgers is a family, maternity, and child photographer in the Memphis area. With over 14 years of experience behind the camera, Allison’s work has been recognized nationally and internationally, including two features on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with Ty Pennington. We’re drawn to several aspects of her work; looking through her child photography, we love that she shows us children as they are — silly, slouching, and playful despite their formal portrait clothes.

We get to see the poses their parents want, but we also get to see the children’s whimsical side, that which is most essential to notice and nurture. Her Shadow Story series is especially striking, using side profiles and unique lighting take to create images that explore her subjects from an unexpected portrait angle. Her skill in capturing the whimsy of photographer and subject alike is why we’ve chosen Allison Rodgers as one of the best fine art photographers in Memphis.

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