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The 7 Best Fine Art Photographers in Miami

Miami is one of the central hubs of both Florida and American culture, and creatives from all around the world have flocked to the city. Blessed with blue skies, turquoise waters, gorgeous beaches, Cuban influences, and classic cars, Miami is virtually begging to be photographed. Whether your fine art needs are cityscapes, landscapes, weddings, or portraits, there are plenty of fine art photographers ready to cater to your wishes. Check out the top fine art photographers in Miami.

1. Nelson Tirado

In his own words, “[I want] for people to appreciate the beauty of the world and leave a legacy of consciousness to preserve its natural resources.” As a landscape photographer that loves cities and architecture as much as the outdoors, Nelson boasts a portfolio that contains a surprising diversity. His renditions of New York are as eye-catching as the deserts, mountains, and forests he frequents. Most of his work centers around telling the story of the particular space he’s in — but a few pieces stand out due to the human element added. They give a sense of scale and transport the viewer into a new reality. Nelson is fond of vivid color palettes, with mineral veins, autumn foliage, and winter ice all coming together on a bold canvas fit for a wall or calendar. Nelson’s landscape expertise makes him one of the most insightful fine art photographers in Miami.

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2. Roman Gerardo

As a mixed-media fine art photographer, Roman brings 15 years of art consultation experience to his photography career. His focus centers around seascapes, classic cars, contemporary architecture, and aerial fine art photography. We love looking through the classic teal and pink palettes, pastel grading, and bright, bold Florida sunshine that soaks through every one of his works. Roman celebrates Miami the way only a photographer can, and no matter the angle of the image, you’re almost certainly going to see a vivid splash of blue sea or sky. Sugar white sands make a stark contrast to the colors surrounding lifeguard stations and picnic tables. Roman’s work is a festival of color photography that any Miami native or newcomer can enjoy!

3. Sandra Canning

Sandra’s work truly stands out from that of many other fine art photographers. For starters, she emphasizes an extra dimension in her images: time. As a long-exposure specialist, Sandra loves showcasing the movements of clouds, waves, dust, leaves, and other elements usually fixed in most people’s photography. We also really enjoy her freedom with color grading. She rarely uses normal coloration, preferring instead to explore monochrome, sepia, tricolor, split tones — anything that best showcases her intended vision. Architecture, vintage cars, seaside scenery — all of it is fair game. Sandra showcases human works but prefers telling the story of a space without people, which is a unique challenge, because in photography, humans carry so much weight. Nevertheless, her work is fresh, fascinating, and well worth getting to know!

4. Cheryl Maeder

Cheryl is a fine art photographer and video installation artist based in Miami. Her work has been recognized worldwide, notably by the Dove Campaign on Real Women, Real Beauty, which transformed the way women are viewed in the global media. In her own words: “The core of my work has always been about ‘connection.’ The innate connection to the self, each other, and to all other life forms on this planet. I am not separate from nature. I am nature, the environment and the infinite universe.” Something unique to Cheryl’s style is her out-of-focus rendering. Rather than placing her images in sharp focus, many of her works, including landscape and figurative art, are in a hazy, dreamlike focus. We see the outline, the suggestion of each subject.

5. Enrique Muñoz

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As a wedding, quinceanera, maternity, and portrait fine art photographer, Enrique has a lot of competition in Miami! Yet his work absolutely stands out from the pack. Instead of stale backdrops and canned poses, he ventures into colonial architecture, vaulting cathedrals, and shaded glades, finding the best possible expression for every one of his subjects. Enrique’s style ranges from classic to environmental portraiture, standing back to capture backgrounds that are almost as fascinating as his clients. He fills the frame with captivating beauty; nothing is wasted. As a fourth-generation operation, Enrique Muñoz Studio has the experience, as well as the expertise needed to give a fine art touch to your special event. We highly recommend Enrique as one of the top fine art photographers in Miami.

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6. Lara Rios

Lara is a fine art wedding photographer who mixes color and monochrome photography. She is a strong adherent to the documentary fine art photography style, and in her own words: “I truly believe that ‘classic’ is always in style, and my photographs are infused with a relaxed glamour and elegant intimate feel that is timeless. The focus is on the emotions in every situation to capture the real life moments, real laughs, real tears to tell a genuine and beautiful wedding day story.” In short: she’s out to show the world the real you. And as soon as you see her portfolio, you understand how truly she upholds this standard. Her subjects are all in the moment, looking at their partners, laughing at someone outside the frame, embracing, and just being in the moment. Lara is a master of capturing intimacy in all its expressions.

7. Paul Marcellini

Paul’s self-taught photography experience stems from a natural love of the outdoors, a decades-long love affair with photography, and both the Everglades and the ocean just miles from his doorstep. His work is so striking that in 2016, one of his Everglades images was used for a USPS stamp celebrating 100 years of US National Parks. Having been viewed by millions of Americans already, Paul’s work is way above par, as it’s focused on the natural beauty of South Florida. Wildlife, macros of plant and mineral textures, long-exposure seaside images, and the grassy expanse of the Everglades are just a small part of his oeuvre.

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