The 6 Best Fine Art Photographers in Nashville

Tennessee’s capital and most populous city has been a hub for the arts for generations. While the Music City has an obvious focus, even musicians need to collaborate with photographers for album covers and headshots! Nashville fine art photographers are some of the top creative talent in the nation, covering a range of fine art categories from portraits and animals to natural landscapes.

1. Craig Brabson

Craig’s eye for the world of closeup textures is one of the best we’ve seen. Craig himself says he has a “passion for rust.” Yet something so simple can, with the right perspective and vision, transform into art worth exploring time and time again. His work has an abstract character separate from the metal, wood, and stone canvas it originates from. Old paint, metal, cracks, and crevices contain a world of hidden beauty; it takes a skillful eye to find artistic arrangements in something so mundane. Colors range from muted chrome to vivid, eye-catching spraypaint hues. Craig also provides custom metal frames suitable for a variety of room styles. 

2. Scott Schrecker

As a documentary photographer, Scott specializes in capturing unrehearsed moments in time. His fine art prints transport the viewer directly into the scene without a sense of a setup. Each of Scott’s framed, matted, museum-quality prints also includes the story of the image, how it was taken, the creative vision, and more. Scott also handles weddings, children, family portraits, seniors, and commercial photography in the Nashville area. His mixture of color and monochrome speak to different elements in photography. Monochrome brings out skin textures, patterns in his subjects and their environments, and fine details. Color speaks to emotions and helps paint in seasons, time of day, and other story elements. Scott’s expert use of both is especially impressive. It’s no surprise he’s one of the top fine art photographers in Nashville!

3. Morgan Franklin

Fine art wedding photographers need quite a bit of talent to stand out in this hyper-competitive field! And Morgan succeeds in a very big way! Her way of using space in her images is truly noteworthy; we love how she either fills the frame entirely with her subjects or juxtaposes them against a spacious background. It shows how keenly aware she is of her subjects in relation to the environment, giving her work a hallmark style of her own. Morgan uses a classic wedding color palette of pastels and muted tones that imparts a timeless quality to her photography. Whites, blacks, greens, and skin tones leap out from each image in a vibrant fashion, accented by bright-white natural highlights. Her natural poses range from looking at the camera to a more documentary style.

4. Michael Gomez

Michael is a commercial photographer in Nashville with a talent for shooting music- and equine-oriented images. Having organically grown his Nashville business since the 1970s through connections and word of mouth, Michael recently opened his own studio (Westlight Studios), located in Franklin, TN, next to The Factory. His equine and outdoor fine art prints have a tasteful, subdued quality to them. The catch lights in the dark eyes of the horses really draw our eyes right into the scene. And his mixture of monochrome, sepia, and subdued colors create a dramatic mood that stands apart from the more vivid tones employed by a great number of fine art photographers. Many of his photos include vintage themes like old musical instruments and farm tools, which the subdued color palette nicely complements.

5. April Hollingsworth of Harmony Designs Photography

As a fine arts photography major from the University of Ohio, April brings both passion and formal education into her studio work. Her boutique studio is set up for fine art newborn, pet, and family photography. April’s pet photography is especially lovely, with adorable hats, carefully chosen carpets and backgrounds, and cute poses as part of the package. Given how uncooperative pets can be in posing, it shows just how talented April is in her chosen field. She also takes beautiful newborn images, using natural poses and providing outfits if needed for each shoot. Her bright, cheerful color palette and bold studio lighting come together to create images suitable for a variety of fine art uses, including calendars, wall art, photo books, and much more!

6. Eddie and Connie Hill of Hill Fine Portraits

Eddie and Connie are two internationally recognized fine art portrait photographers in the Nashville area. As recipients of the Kodak Gallery awards, it’s clear just how talented this duo is. Their focus is environmental portraiture and studio portraits. Their backgrounds are simply incredible, using shallow depth of field and impeccable digital post-processing technique to create a scene reminiscent of a fine art painting. They work on location at your home, local parks, campgrounds — wherever works best to capture the mood you’re looking for in your environmental portraits. And their studio images use either classic mottled or vintage backgrounds combined with carefully directed poses to create fine art that never goes out of style.

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