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The 7 Best Fine Art Photographers in Orlando

When you have the beach, several big cities, and Walt Disney World right on your doorstep, you have a recipe for creativity that few cities can hope to match. Orlando truly lives up to its nickname: the “City Phenomenal!” Such a phenomenal city demands the finest of photographers for its residents, and Orlando is home to several who bring it. If you’re looking for something beyond regular portraiture, we’ve got you covered here. We’ve curated a list of the best fine art photographers in Orlando for your consideration. If you choose to work with one of these shutterbugs, we hope you have phenomenal time at your next photoshoot!

1. Chris Carr

When the rain comes through, many photographers put up their cameras. But Chris Carr sees this as an important stop in his artistic vision. Chris’s Puddle Reflections series is an intriguing take on what’s often seen as mundane and beneath one’s notice. As the artist himself describes it, “Puddle Reflections show new, surreal landscapes captured from reflections in puddles existing in the environment. The naturally occurring subjects are not altered, and the images are never edited or digitally manipulated. Each image strives in its own way to evoke an idea of two worlds colliding in one small, fleeting view.”

Looking at the subjects through the lens of a puddle, can we really say which vision is the correct one? Each mirror image contains all of the details of what we’d call the real version. And in some ways, it brings even more detail through wavy form and light distortions.

2. Jaime Rivera of JAR STUDIO

Fine art wedding and portrait photographer Jaime Rivera is one of the most skilled environmental portrait shooters we’ve seen so far. He showcases the venue as much as his subjects, and he uses just enough of both for a balanced image with a clear story. His Disney weddings use environmental portraiture that takes us right among the fantasy castles, staircases, and other scenic backdrops made for a princess.

Other times, we’re transported to a church yard or piney woods. Jaime’s backgrounds feel considered and chosen for their relationship with the subjects as much as their beauty. His editing style varies as often as his backgrounds, ranging from a true to life color style with minimal retouching to moody, fantasy grading that works perfectly with the interior of a Disney castle.

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3. Kati Rosado

With more than 200 weddings under her belt, Kati Rosado still brings a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to each and every wedding. Her work has been featured in several top wedding publications, including Magnolia Rouge, BRIDES, and even gracing the cover of Weddings Illustrated magazine. Kati’s embraced both film and digital photography, using a color palette bordering on pastel with a soft, timeless flavor.

She is quite adept at using background elements of interest, such as mossy trees and ocean views, along with her glowing couples. Kati captures each wedding with a mixture of classic, environmental, and documentary shots so the entire story can be seen for decades to come.

4. Julie Lee

Julie Lee has a diverse taste in fine art subjects, ranging from macro and landscapes to infrared and abstract photography, with a constant thread of love and appreciation for the natural world. Julie’s photography is thoughtful and carefully considered in order to find exactly what element creates impact and how to express that.

In her own words, “I enjoy studying a scene to see what is constant and what is changing (light, water, wind, people). I then strive to capture that feeling in a photograph so the viewer gets a sense of what it was like to be present in that moment.” Her work captures the feeling of beauty through form, color, and decisive moments of time. Nature never ceases in its creativity, and each one of Julie’s photos presents another angle of that constant, formless dance.

5. Spectacle Photo

Rich Johnson, Caleb Morgan, Ace Noguera, Jamess Stryganek, and Triet Nguyen are the five incredibly talented photographers who are collaborating to make Spectacle Photo the success it is today. Spectacle Photo covers headshots, branding, musicians, senior portraits, action, and more in the Orlando area. What caught our eye about their work is how well they convey the individuality of their clients.

Even in a genre as normally straightforward as headshots, we see poses, color grading, lighting, and backgrounds intentionally chosen to give a sense of uniqueness, playfulness, and character to these images. Instead of a headshot, we really get to see individuals in a refreshing light. Their musician portfolio is even better, capturing a wide range of emotions, styles, and lighting environments through working with clients and their own creative vision.

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6. Misty, Nelio, and Jordan Miotto

This team behind Misty Miotto Photography works as a family to capture the best elements of each wedding from as many angles as you could ever need. They specialize in shooting some of the best Disney fairytale weddings we’ve seen, bringing wide-angle views from personal carriages, castles, and other Disney venues. The Miottos also employ a gorgeous, fine-art monochrome style using wide-angle takes that show us flowing tresses, oriental rugs on stairwells fit for a princess, and more. Their mixture of classic and environmental portraiture is striking and solidifies their place as some of the most talented Orlando fine art photographers.

7. Kate McLean

With so many family photographers out there nowadays, it’s hard finding a fresh take on the entire genre, but Kate Mclean has managed to do just that. Kate describes this best in her own words: “No posing, no directing, nothing fake. From the moment your children wake up, feeding them breakfast, fighting them into the car and all the moments in between — these sessions are designed to tell the real life story of family life. Whatever it may be, Kate will be there for every moment to document not only your kid’s true personalities, but also the hard work you put in to raising them.”

We can’t think of a more fascinating take on family photography than “a day in the life.” Instead of posed portraiture, you get to see your life and family from the eyes of a professional who captures the moments of play, emotion, and connection from an angle of authenticity.

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