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The 7 Best Fine Art Photographers in San Jose

San Jose is the thriving center of Silicon Valley, as well as part of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Despite the obvious tech focus, San Jose is also home to a vibrant creative scene, especially in the world of photography! It turns out that fine art photography is a very competitive arena for the residents of this Northern California city. Rest assured we’ve managed to find the top fine art photographers in San Jose for you to collaborate with. Enjoy!

1. Ken Nguyen of Ken Fine Art Photography

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Tears of joy in grandmas’s eye.

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Fine art photographer Ken Nguyen creates some of the most awe-inspiring images we’ve seen for couples in San Jose and the Bay Area. Using a signature blend of film, documentary, and vintage influences, he produces lasting impressions through his photography. He carefully employs the template of his subjects’ intimacy, connection, and joy to showcase their special moments in an artistic fashion. His documentary coverage is especially beautiful, with authentic moments between guests and the couple closely cropped to place the viewer directly in the scene.

2. Ellie Honl Photography

Adventurer Ellie Honl is a fine art photographer in Morgan Hill who covers the Bay Area and beyond. Her photography journey began in the darkroom in college learning the ins and outs of film before spending a semester abroad in Southeast Asia. Portraiture and watching film develop into lasting memories has left an indelible mark on her soul. For even in the digital age, she prefers using medium format film for the classic look it creates. To produce her signature work, she uses a mixture of classic and photojournalistic styles, as well as includes candid moments of intimacy that tell the story of her clients’ life journey.

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3. Liza Head of Juniper Spring Photography

A fine art boudoir and portrait photographer, Liza Head not only takes on this challenging genre but she sets herself apart by incorporating her own refreshing world view. She inspires body positivity, sensuality, and a love of the female form that her subjects universally embody through her art. Her flower-and-milk bath photography is especially noteworthy for lending her work a fantastical, surreal quality.

Liza invites her subjects to lie in a pool of water with milk, flowers, and other decorations to create a playful scene that can be interpreted as fresh, spring-like, and whimsical, depending on your collaborative desires. Her dedication to both her fine art vision and her subject’s desires makes her one of the best fine art photographers in San Jose.

4. Vivo Photography by Breanne & Fernando Rojas

Breanne and Fernando Rojas are the photographer couple behind Vivo Photography. This powerhouse duo describes their style as vibrant, romantic, and timeless. They mix candid and classic posed photography with color and monochrome, creating a diverse and breathtaking portfolio of fine art wedding images. Much of the fine art approach comes from compositional aspects of their work like lens flare and alternative portrait styles, including silhouettes and clasped hands. 

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5. Sergiy and Galyna of Two Wanderers

Two intrepid trekkers who explore the deserts, mountains, forests, and coasts of the world, Sergiy and Galyna are among the most talented fine art photographers in San Jose. They bring beautiful views to your home or office space through stunning landscape photography that’s founded on a philosophy of honoring the connection between man and nature. According to the pair: “With years and gradual development of our photography, we’ve come to understand that the essence of a human life is intrinsically linked to the natural world and started photographing the landscape.”

They try to find ways of exploring emotion and thought through the physical landscape, inspiring viewers to respect the incredible yet fragile world we all share. What amazes us is the diversity of their shared vision as fine art landscape photographers. Their work ranges from abstract to realistic and closely cropped to a drone’s-eye view. Moreover, from the arctic to the mountains, Sergiy and Galyna continue to surprise us through their wanderlust.

6. Karla Mejia of Lasting Memories Fine Art Photography

Karla Mejia is the genius behind the lens of Lasting Memories Fine Art Photography. A graduate from the New York Film Academy, she brings both formal training and raw enthusiasm for her art when she works with clients. Karla is attracted to the fleeting moments in between big life events, and some of her influences include Ansel Adams and Steve McCurry, both of whom sought to capture moments of maximum impact and emotional attunement. Serving the Greater Bay Area, Karla produces fine art images that take full advantage of the incredible diversity in scenery available to her. She tells stories through abandoned train tracks, backyards, sunset walks on the beach, churches, and even the intimacy of her client’s home.

7. Amanda Quintana-Bowles of Oralia Creative Photography

Santa Fe native Amanda Quintana-Bowles seeks, above all else, to inspire joy in people through her art. Be it music, pen drawings, or photography, she’s always seeking to create something fresh and delightful. That’s why we find ourselves adoring Amanda’s fantasy portrait sessions! Even as adults, who doesn’t want the chance to dress up and play a princess, baroness, or other imaginary fancy that’s normally beyond the bounds of traditional portraiture? The playfulness of a moment is something we all sorely need in our rigid, often stressful modern lives. Her fine art vision breaks the bounds of tradition to let you see yourself as an entirely new person.

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