The 8 Best Fine Art Photographers in Vancouver

We can witness the world by exploring on our own or experiencing it through the eyes and lens of a professional photographer. There is something unique in choosing the latter—these explorers create stunning images to show us how they view the world. And that is where a fine art photographer makes the experience unforgettable. The city of Vancouver boasts its own artists of the lens. They don’t just capture that defining moment, but also create magic by turning that moment of spontaneity into a striking piece of art, or they may even craft stunning scenes in a studio. Without further ado, let’s dive into our favorite Vancouver fine art photographers working today. 

1. Rachel Topham Photography

Rachel occupies a niche in the photographic world—she is an artist who brings the work of other artists alive through her photographs. Her documentation of fine art, exhibitions, and performances breathes life in, while interspersed with intimate portraits, and images of herself at work.

It is clear she bears the responsibility of two levels of artistry—that of the artist whose work is being exhibited, and her own, the artist capturing it. She carries it with just the right balance of grace and intimacy, while sparking in me enough curiosity to want to experience those arts and performances myself. 

2. Ian Harland Photography 

Vancouver fine art photographer Ian Harland has one of the most unforgettable Instagram feeds you could find, since he brings together two genres most do not expect to see joined—wildlife photography and portraiture. Many of his most notable photographs bring you majestically face to face with wild animals in their natural habitat, and this elevates his work above everyday landscape and nature photography.

How do you expect to survive looking eye-to-eye at the fierce predators of the wild? Ian makes it possible with enviable breathtaking skill. His images put you in his shoes in front of these creatures, and as for the feelings the images evoke—that’s an impact to write home about. 

3. Marzieh Mosavarzadeh

Perhaps one of our more eclectic choices is Vancouver fine art photographer Marzieh Mosavarzadeh. As a student of the finer arts, a visual artist and a photographer, her work brings together many nuances of her and her work. She finds beauty all round—be it the streets of the city we love, or the joy in everyday things—and her Instagram feed is warm, intimate, and a treat to follow. Witness her experiments with mixed media art, her glimpse into daily life and celebration of her Middle Eastern heritage in the city of Vancouver, crafted with love and creativity. 

4. EJ Nickerson

There is not just one kind of portrait, a scan of EJ Nickerson’s Instagram reveals. This prolific photographer creates imagery around just about anything. Her work ranges from intimate, personal photographs to hyperreal, fantasy characters and imagery.

She doesn’t just photograph people—she brings out their inner character. Her skill allows her to effortlessly cross the lines between personal and professional, and her diverse work is testimony to it. It’s clear to us that she will continue to surprise and delight her followers with what she chooses to capture next. This is a fine art photographer worth looking out for! 

5. Mark Benson Photography

Mark Benson can’t get enough of the natural world, and neither can we, which is why he’s among our favorite Vancouver fine art photographers. His lens captures expansive stunning vistas that exude a sense of balance and majesty. The varied locations and landscapes he captures can truly transport you to a different time and place—no ticket needed. His vibrant, moving photography has the kind of beauty and attention to detail that could keep you hooked constantly, leaving you in a state of mindful zen. It’s all a much needed visual treat for homebound travel lovers. 

6. Suzanne Goodwin

Monochrome magnificence: the first words that come to mind when we take a look at Suzanne’s stunning Instagram feed. Every one of her pictures is well-framed, thoughtfully intentioned, and artistic. While she mostly plays with black and white, the rare color photograph that pops up in between brings with it her trademark style. This includes exquisite textures, rich color, and a whimsical quality to the mood.

Her photographs bring poetry and classic stories to mind. Perhaps what we can say best about Suzanne’s work is that every image leaves behind a feeling that stays with the viewer, long after we’ve scrolled past the image. And that is the hallmark of a true artist. 

7. Sharon Tenenbaum Photography

Studies in form and shape, repetition and pattern, and all manner of geometry characterize the work of Sharon Tenenbaum. For our money, the crisp black and white work is her strongest, but she also crafts handpainted multimedia images. This drive to push her own boundaries not only solidifies her position among the best Vancouver fine art photographers, but it’s also earned her awards and international recognition. She also enjoys teaching, and her website contains useful resources, as well as ways to sign up for her regular workshops.

8. Barry J Brady Photography

Barry calls himself a photographic storyteller, and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. This avid Vancouver fine art photographer literally tells us a progression of stories through his lens. It’s a story of his life, of his experiences and travels woven through a series of poetic photographs. 

The hum of a city, the quiet of a snow-covered vista, the smell of coffee from the shops and the solitude of a quiet evening, the texture of leaves and the bold colors of autumn—everything finds its way to us through his lens. This avid chronicler is sure to create the romance and nostalgia of storytelling with every successive picture you experience. 

When photography becomes more than simply pictures

Fine art photographers let you experience the world through their artistic vision and make the impact of a moment felt without the barrier of words. These are more than simple pictures snapped thoughtlessly. They leave you loving the moments depicted, and they foster an appreciation of art all around.

Most importantly, they are testimony to just how unique an individual’s own vision and expression can be. We’ve seen a small sampling of some brilliant artistic eyes and minds from the city of Vancouver. So when it comes to us sparking our own artistic vision, a good beginning is to take out our own devices and start shooting. 

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