The 8 Best Food Photographers in Cincinnati

The best thing about Cincinnati’s food photography scene is how incredibly capable the talent of the Queen City is. Whether you need a creative collaboration of multiple photographers or do-it-all photographer/stylist/videographer types, there’s someone to help your vision find its voice here. Let’s check out the most talented food photographers in Cincinnati as of 2019!

1. Teri Campbell of Teri Studios

Recognized as one of the 200 best digital artists in the world by Archive Magazine, Teri Studios specializes in producing visual media for food and beverage companies, including household brand names like Kellogg’s, Hershey’s, KFC, Burger King, and many others. What draws us to Teri’s work is not only his immaculate compositions but his creative use of lighting. His use of flares is something we rarely see in other food photography styles, helping to create a distinct atmosphere. As one of the best food photographers in Cincinnati, Teri also gives advice and speaks at national and international events, such as the International Conference on Food Styling & Photography.

2. OMS Photo

Operating out of a Northside studio in Cincinnati, the spacious 12,000 sq.ft. building is home to OMS Photo, featuring three shooting spaces, each one containing a fully stocked professional kitchen and client workspace for you to view the progress and co-create with the photographers. Distinguished clients of theirs include Starbucks, Brookside Dark Chocolate, and Teavana. Whether it’s baked goods, raw foods, or drinks, OMS Photo has an innovative approach that will work for your branding needs. Each project is a collaboration of your vision combined with food stylist input, assistance from the production management team, and the artistry of a skilled photographer.

3. Allison McAdams

Professional portrait, product, and food photographer Allison McAdams covers clients across Cincinnati, OH, as well as Northern Kentucky. Having studied visual communications and fine art at Ohio University, Allison has developed her photographic style around compositions that attract and play to each of the five senses.

In her own words: “I help brands create holistic photo strategies for both digital and print media. In addition to my technical photography skills, I also enjoy directing and producing photoshoots in collaboration with designers and business owners.” We love the bright, airy style she usually employs, with cheery white lighting that gives emphasis to dishes without glare or glowing highlights that’s become an overdone trend in modern food photography.

4. Gina Weathersby

Cincinnati-based lifestyle, portrait, and food photographer/stylish Gina Weathersby decided in 2011 to extend her lifelong love affair with food to her photography business. Studying both traditional takes while developing her own personal style, Gina quickly established her studio in Camp Washington’s warehouse district, where she creates stunning images for local and national brands, including Hebrew National Hot Dogs, Cincinnati Magazine, Dewey’s Pizza, and Carriage House Farm, just to name a few.

We love how masterfully Gina features what goes into the final dish as much as the dish itself — fresh vegetables, busy hands in the kitchen, and iced fish are some of the ways she tells the story of a dish on its way to tableside. Her mixture of documentary and editorial photography makes her one of the best food photographers in Cincinnati right now.

5. Jeffery León

After discovering a love of film photography in high school, Kansas City native Jeffery León continues to carve his creative niche out in Cincinnati’s photography scene. Jeffery uses a documentary approach to his work that shows off the best of a venue, client, and dish from the perspective of authenticity and attention. Playing with shadow and light, he composes thoughtful and aesthetic images of prepared food. In his own words, “I want to create photographs for you that are authentic to who you are and works of art. I don’t want to just be your photographer, but your friend. When I show up to document you, I’m not just physically there, but I’m also emotionally there.” 

6. Tonya Espy

After discovering photography in 2013 as a hobby, Tonya Espy quickly found a natural proficiency that helped her grow her newfound passion into a successful business. Tonya uses a bright, vibrant style reminiscent of modern wedding and portrait photography, with subdued tonalities and highlights that suggest picnics under a summer sun and backyard cookouts. She is especially talented at capturing images from above, using arrangements artfully considered, an approach that also extends to her portrait and lifestyle photography. Her food photography places us tableside or picnic-side, a unique perspective that makes her one of the top Cincinnati food photographers.

7. Claudia Hershner

With a BFA from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, Claudia Hershner is one of our favorite food photographers. Her clients include local brands like Cincinnati Magazine, the City of Cincinnati, and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, among others. Claudia’s work catches our eye thanks to the incredible attention to detail she displays, with every element carefully thought-out and arranged to create a fine-art or still-life flair. We think many of her images would look just as great on a residential or commercial wall space as in a cookbook or menu! 

8. Marlene Rounds

If you’re unsure of what direction to take your brand, Marlene Rounds is the right photographer for you because she has experience in helping her customers find their voice through the visual medium. In her own words, “They may have ideas, a sense of the style and goals for the audience, but they are looking for a short term partner to bring their idea to life. They need a creative problem solver, they need results and unique image(s)… As the project advances I aim to guide, consult, flex and in some cases direct to keep us moving toward the goal.”

And with a roster of freelance stylists, producers, and assistants waiting in the wings to help keep the timetable flowing, Marlene guarantees your brand will establish a distinguished voice. Her food photography drives this point home, with sharp, punchy images full of visual cues for temperature, texture, flavor, and more. In addition, her diverse choices in backgrounds, props, and lighting prove she can cater to your needs, regardless of personal vision.

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