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The 7 Best Food Photographers in Colorado Springs

“Saratoga of the West” and “Little London” are affectionate nicknames for Colorado Springs, one of the most beautiful cities tucked away in the Centennial State. But did you also know that the region, including the rest of Colorado, is known for fantastic food? Lamb, elk sausage, and bison burgers are just a small sampling of what the area has to offer. And the most effective way for your restaurant or brand to establish itself from the pack is to partner up with one of the most noteworthy Colorado Springs food photographers. Check them out!

1. Stephen Martin of Explore With Media

Stephen Martin is an accomplished landscape and product photographer and videographer who spends as much time outdoors as possible. However, we’re glad when he finds time to work in the studio or on location with Colorado Springs restaurants and bars because his food photography happens to be top-notch.

He uses an intimate, up-close style with macro images that allow the viewer to savor fine details like texture, dustings of powdered sugar, and the promise of fresh flavors in fruit and vegetables. In addition, he captures aspects of the venue in each of his shoots, letting us know precisely what sort of dining experience we’re in for. From fresh ingredients to people enjoying their meal in a lifestyle take, he tells the entire story of how each dish comes to be. 

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2. Don Jones of Studio 9 Commercial Photography

Colorado Springs commercial photographer Don Jones has spent the past 20+ years creating high-quality images of food, beverages, portraits, and products for local residents and businesses. With dozens of ADDY Awards to his name, as well as three National Awards, Don has built up Studio 9 Commercial Photography into a leading agency. 

Don’s food photography covers both in-studio and on-location shoots, often using an intimate, close view that brings out sensory elements like taste and smell. His photos often play with shapes as well, especially from above. While rich, his color palette is natural, and his studio lighting control so fine that shadows are often nonexistent, giving the images an idealized character we love to see in food photography.

3. Bobak Radbin Studio

A gifted multimedia designer, Bobak Radbin finds himself traveling around the world to Ireland, Italy, France, Turkey, and beyond. And by exploring international cuisine during his travels, he’s polished his skills as one of the top Colorado Springs food photographers! Small wonder his portfolio is one of the most multicultural we’ve come across. From biryani to ma po tofu, there’s something to titillate the palate of even the pickiest eater.

What’s more is that his compositions fit the cuisines so naturally! Bobak includes props suitable for each country. Turkish baklava includes tasteful dinnerware straight out of Istanbul, and American-style sandwiches are laid down on picnic tables. His eye for nuance, detail, and artistic presentations help him stand out from the pack. Bobak hopes his photography conveys the sense of curiosity and wonder that comes from stepping off the plane and immersing yourself in a new country and culture. We certainly feel it and hope you do, too.

4. Rebecca Stumpf

Editorial photographer Rebecca Stumpf shoots a little bit of everything, from travel and portraiture to documentary work. However, her thoughtful food images are what caught our attention! As an incredibly talented Colorado Springs food photographer, some of her satisfied customers include household names like the Food Network, Starbucks, and Kraft, to name a few.

Rebecca is as talented at capturing the process of how good food comes together as she is at portraits of the final product. Her documentary background allows her to expertly capture action: people laying out meat into the pan for roasting, as well as ingredients both fresh and parcooked being placed in their respective pots and pans. She tells the entire story of food in a photojournalistic style. We also love Rebecca’s still-life studio shots of fruit and other ingredients — an exploration into the form factor, color, and other elements of fresh food.

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5. Caroline Schaefer

As a specialized Colorado Springs food photographer and restaurant marketer, Caroline Schaefer aims to cover both good cuisine and the connections it encourages. In her own words, “I grew up loving photography and loving food. I see food as a connection between new cultures, new people, and great memories.” Having formerly been employed in the restaurant industry, she also brings an insider knowledge of preparation, process, and arrangements that result in satisfied, smiling clients.

We find that her diverse experience as a specialist food photographer and marketer gives her immense flexibility and knowledge in the most effective way to present a specific brand. From startup coffee companies to fine-dining establishments, she’s seen it all. Caroline often finds herself shocked by the sort of mediocre images otherwise great brands use to represent themselves, and she has taken it upon herself to correct these mistakes with vibrant, well-composed food images that captivate.

6. Christy DiPaolo of Handsome Cat Productions

Christy DiPaolo, film photography graduate and transplant to the Centennial State, is a talented creative and one of the best food photographers in the state. Her eye for background elements, such as outdoor environments for barbecue and wooden cutting boards for fresh steak, ensures that the emotional elements and greater story behind a brand gets carried by the image. 

We’re transported into a summer backyard picnic when looking at her images, waiting for hot dogs and fireworks! By getting extra close to her subjects, Christy also engages sensory elements like texture, smell, and flavor that compel the viewer that much more.

7. Ella Moyer of Ella M Studio

With a background in graphic design and years of experience in the field, it’s no surprise that Ella Moyer has a meticulous eye for composition and style. Looking through her website and portfolio, we’re impressed by how cleanly her work comes together. The earth-toned color palette, logos, layout, all of it. And while her wedding work shows up more often than her equally impressive food photography, the two are clearly the vision of a single creative.

If you’re a Colorado Springs restaurateur struggling with branding, design, visual media like photography and logos, or other aspects of your brand, Ella is the creative you should be calling. Her food images are laid out with a contemporary aesthetic that fits perfectly into the layout of any branding project, with a special emphasis on shapes and lines within the frame. 

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